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  1. I very much appreciate your efforts and I love the new update and announcements. I mean The Raven Walker, how cool is that!? Another Community Map, amazing! Great to hear that you Majora get assistance with the moderator role - but does that mean this was your last community update?
  2. Well I do agree to that: being able to hit air would imo be something necessary if Rageflame wants to be able to compete for the deckslot with simpler freeze-cards like coldsnap. On that regard, its fire counterpart unit - Vulcan - should then also be able to hin air. Would be a nice QoL (and since it has a different attack multiplier than Magma Hurler it should be fine) For the supportive units there are still 2 groups, either being spammable or not. Agressor, Grim Bahin, Winter Witch, Shaman, LostDragon, Gemeye are all spammable. The others you mentioned ar
  3. I am not sure if that is the right way to go here. Tho applying a freeze that does not have the dmg reduction sounds nice on paper, it still takes very long time to actually freeze the enemy unit, can be interrupted and is unable to affect air units. So why would I include a pure supportive unit-card in my deck, that takes up a precious deckslot while I only play the card ~ twice a game? And while being mostly inferior to other freeze options like Volin pointed out. If it would be spammable - either by changing the way its freeze applys to enemies to benefit from more of its kind,
  4. Oh well that´s pretty cool then! Thanks for clearification.
  5. So from this and your OP description, it is now still not clear to me whether Sylvan Gate can also provide support to your frontline that is 100m away from the gate, which was pulled from other battery-units 100m away. I am quite certain that it will only be able to provide support to units in a 25m radius around the gate, right? At least that was what I read on discord a while ago - pls correct me if I´m wrong now. Meaning you have to place it next to your front line, but the battery can be 100m away or even another 100m if there is a second Sylvan gate in between. So it should def
  6. Wow all of this news are so epic. Thanks for all the hard work and passion that is flowing into the Forge! Would nominate this for all Steam awards
  7. The thing is, that going pure nature or even 3 nature currently isn´t rewarded enought by more/better card options. So by buffing the card but increasing the orb-requirements you do exactly that: reward players that want to go 3 Nature with a more powerful option. The only bad thing is that this also means that this also influences other current decks, that don´t have any other good 2-Nature option, like Metagross mentioned 2 N 2 Shadow. But that can and should in my opinion be counterbalanced by adding a new Amii T4 ranged unit that fills that role. (Stonekin- and Twilight-decks don´t
  8. I´d vote for the "spawn treespirits while attacking" option. But spawning them on every attack would be insane. Could it be random? Like every spore has a 0.25 chance to spawn a treespirit?
  9. Very nice! I hope to find some time to do this one (the time frame seems to be quite small here, is there a possibility to extend it to the weekend maybe if more people agree? ^^) Was a bit surprised that a CCC can be that big and contain Promos as rewards *_*
  10. Hm so reading this I understand that if I do insanity and Master I get only one booster anyway. or master and iron = no chance for booster on iron. But then you wrote that So only possible for the 2 expert ones and not additional (booster) rewards for lower ones I guess?
  11. Thank you very much for these updates! And the new artwork from SpiritAlpha does look amazing. For me it's perfectly fine if you guys share upcoming stuff early - in the case of the tower rework I like that you are involving the community and opinions on discord
  12. I don't play much PvP lately (hardly any actually), but as a main fire player I can very much relate. Would have loved some changes to the obviously weak fire cards that could in theory counter pure Frost - like global warming and gladiatrix. I tried to suggest things on the discord but nothing got accepted. I also find it very hard to fight against Frost: War eagles + Stormsinger + Area ice shield beats everything fire t2 has. Only global warming can theoretically help here but isnt very practical. Global warming got reduced in power cost and aoe size. But as you mentioned it
  13. Oh this is so 3015 i like round numbers
  14. Hi, I think it would be nice to see how many players that are in the pvp-channel are actually searching for a game. A small Icon next to the player-name on the top-right would be nice.
  15. You are right, that would not be much fun. So my approach would have to include a handful of 'real' core cards, that never rotate out. So not the entire twilight-edition, but rather specific cards like the mentioned eruption for PvP and T1 archers for every faction. Same approach could work for PvE. But including this, I actually think it could work. Well this one would kinda be what I want yes it would result in less options - and thus in less strategies. And of course there would some colors turn out to be superior and some strategies prove to be the best/fastest - but it
  16. @Majora What do you think about the idea now that I elaborated in more detail?
  17. @Majora thanks for the reply. I should have detailed my idea further I guess, doesn't make that much sense just as it is, because of the things you mentioned - which I am actually aware of Now the reason behind my idea was that I would have loved to relieve the process of new Editions being released for the game. It was soo epic in original Battleforge when the first new edition, renegade, got into the game. Suddenly being able to use new different stuff and expand your deck. And combine 2 colors, wow that was incredible. Got that feeling again when Lost Souls were released. Not so much
  18. Aaah yes, I feel the same! Also there are a bunch of other cards I get a very nostalgic feeling. One of them is Ice Guardian: I got into the game by watching my older brother play it (I myself did not own a pc back then, only got one in 2011 I think.) He bought the game quite fast after it came out - combining mechanics of other games we loved (AoE2 & Mtg) it was an obvious choice. unfortunately he wasn't able to pre order the game, which was the ONLY way to ever receive All the original Promo at once - except Firedancer which was handed out for every beta player. He was one o
  19. Hi fellow Skylords, I've got another idea that I would like to share. Has anyone ever thought about card rotation in BF? Would be a nice ongoing Event, similar to seasons. Just an idea, but it could work like that: before starting a match (PvE or PvP) you could click a checkbox to switch modes. Then you would only be able to use a deck that contains cards of the current editions that are 'active' (e. g. if lost souls is currently out of the rotation, if your deck would contain one card from the Lost Souls Edition, you wouldn't be able to start the game). This should then c
  20. Uh that´s nice, I think I´ll use that option! For the exitement Maybe that´s a topic where a poll could be made to ask the whole community on what should be default - random or fixed
  21. right, was just a quick idea that doesn´t really make sense if I think about it
  22. And I think we can all agree that this should not be the case right? How can a T2 spell deal more damage than a T4 spell? But yes, this could get out of hands quickly, where certain cards that are now okish would be completele busted. That bugfix would allow some cards to deal massive splash dmg, obliterating grouped enemies. Maybe because of that the sweet spot of distributing 75% of the leftover dmg to the next targets might be justified. A different approach would be, now that we know exactly how the dmg distribution works, is to upper the max total damage from cert
  23. Hello Skylords! While I´ve heard that there is a defensive rPvE in the making (looking very much forward to that!), I think the more gamemodes there are, the better! So I´d also like to suggest a new different random PvE mode that could be a lot fun. My Idea is that the monuments in the map are more randomly spread - unlike the current rPvE where you have to clear only one camp until reaching the next orb. So in the map there could be 3 camps until you reach T2, then 4 or 5 camps between T2 and T3, and then 2 bigger camps between T3 and T4. Or even almost all camps before you re
  24. Ah yes, I can very much relate - I felt the same! Also, great work! And thanks for the detailed Post here! Looking forward for that Update, tho the Impact might be huge. Strong cards like Shadow Phoenix do even get stronger? Those cards might need some number adjustment accompanied by that bugfix. Kubik, the real Hero of Skylords But if he makes it first readable for the human mind, what mind does Kubik then have? ;D
  25. Of female characters in the game you mean? I just found out that Maze managed to filter by gender on his new https://smj.cards/ ____________________________ First off - THANK YOU GUYS amazing Skylords Rebord Staff It is soo cool to finally see and play with new cards after all this time. The new sounds are stunning, couldn´t have done it better ;D Gotta say I´m impressed! And the card Arts are just awesome too, shoutout to Tweeto on that regard! And just my little opinion on the Girl-Power/Twilight Hag topic - for me it´s fine that you chan
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