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  1. That´s what I thought as well xD This one should then have another different Layout, where 2 players start next to each other and have to have decks that complement each other to deal with the differet kinds of enemies - that would be cool
  2. Amazing work guys! Love all the changes, my favorite QoL addition is the Pause function 😄 The balance changes are really good too (and in contrast to some others posting here I really like the change to Shrine of War and Breeding Grounds) It's really epic that you also listen to the community and even add another feature I suggested - to nox Carrier "push the cart" 😄 And the QoL to frost mage is very nice too. And the tower changes. And you even managed to actually implement the new reassemble ability to Abyssal Warder? You guys would really deserve to actually get payed for al
  3. Turns out I didn´t find the map because I expected it to be named in english, while it actually got translated to german and it was listed as "Der Osterbaum" instead of "The Easter Tree" for me.
  4. Hi, unfortunately I wasn´t able to find the latest Community Map alongside the other community maps. I went back and forth and searched within all 3 difficulties when suddenly also the game crashed (froze and I had to shut down my pc to recover). I think I´ll reinstall the game, as that most of the time did the trick.. That´s what was written in the Error-Log: 12:10:12.689 INFO 13148 from_server::pregame::PreGameMessage_GetUserGeneratedMapsAvailableForDownloadRMR:28 received msg: 0x7:28 GetUserGeneratedMapsAvailableForDownloadRMR 12:10:13.725 INFO 8004 proxy::logging:139 src="UI (
  5. No idea, but did you try reinstalling the game yet? If yes and it still occours, maybe posting the error-log would help identifying whats the problem (tho I´m not the one who would know then, but kubik maybe)
  6. Oh wow these times again, well played guys ! Was great fun, thanks for hosting Kapo 🙂 And I wasn´t that bad apparently, top 10 out of the 68 MagmaHurler-runs and Top15 in total. I tried both once because at first my little Ashbones were sad that I didn´t take them in the first place, tho I can´t help and like Magma Hurlers better 😄 That´s why I send my Hurler entry even tho I kinda knew after I tried both once that Ashbones are faster and if I would have done a second run with Ashbones I might have had an even better time than 9.40, because my first Ashbone run was already 10.17 and th
  7. Yeah I like it, because I like to express my opinions on such things as well 😄 But I´m not sure if you guys like to read all opinions on such things, bec they can be quite ngative like mine 😄 I literally have plenty ideas I´d like to see implemented ingame but its always a bit of a letdown if others don´t like these ideas at all, although I can totally understand that everyone has different opinions and mine wont be liked by everyone for sure, thats just life ^^
  8. Sounds also Fun yeah, would like to see you deck 😉
  9. Amazing infos as always, you guys never disappoint 😉 imo the wormlings should be 4-unit-squad that cant mount on walls (m-sized could also work), because it would look weird to put Wormlings on Walls either way, even if their tail wouldn´t stick out. Like, how are they supposed to bury through the wall without breaking it? And how do they manage to climb up there otherwise? Even when Small worms are on the walls they´d have to lay their tail somewhere, that would need a complete reskin of the model
  10. btw. what is weird here is that Twilight Minions count as Orcs - so the group-up ability of Thugs and Strikers gets activated if the minions are around, but they don´t group up with them 😄 Would be cool if that would work
  11. Good Idea, I updated the original Post
  12. Hi, here are some fun decks based around a certain card-synergy: Bandits Indestructable irrepressible: (PvE allrounder, with an properly adjusted name) (hoping this one doesn´t gets copyright-striked by Kapo lol) Synergys: - Commandos+RiotersRetreat. Super-fun T2. +Bandit-Lancer on T3 - Waystation+Oracle-Mask. Quickly deploy stations to make your Units indestructable when activating the Mask´s ability. - T4 Buffing Up your Banzai-Lords with unity OR Bloodhealing (as I read somewhere they don´t work properly together) and use birds to be indestructable. MEUaFCNGahUhKlUUZFZgY
  13. This Post would fit better under the "cards" section I think. So your idea is to basically copy Stikers but make them stronger and stonekin T4? I´d prefer some uniqueness here. Maybe make a Squad of 4x medium Strikers (recolored to stonekin). And they would always need steadfast to compete in T4 yes.
  14. Thx for the feedback. Would be interesting to know how the majority of the community would think about the change of healing-spells to be more orb-restricted. But yeah, I can also see this being unpopular and can imagine people saying "if you don´t want to use one green orb for heal simply don´t and get creative. Well I already do so, maybe that change wouldn´t be welcomed by many. Icefang Raptor is an interesting one, because this already got changed by the Skylords a few times. It didn´t have stampede before, nor the speed when ice-shielded. But I can´t help but still feel like the un
  15. 😄 I know it´s a lot that I want to see changed slightly But what do you mean by 'completele different propositions' ?
  16. Xamos

    Lost Warlord

    Hi Skylords, as you may have noticed, I recently wrote a topic about cards that bother me / should also receive a change at some point. When Lost Warlord came to my mind, too many things came up which made me think that maybe I should write this in a different post to make it more readable. Lost Warlord: An ultrarare, with the most-restrictive orb requirements that a card can have. He should be faction T4 core unit, but doesn´t have any ability to strenghten neary Lost-Soul units. This card should do something that LostSouls doesn´t have yet and be a supporter+frontliner -&
  17. Wow that is epic! Thank you! 🙂 This was the one thing that I missed on the Website, that I wasn´t able to see the card´s abilities. And even both affinities are shown, with different colored text-parts of what is different to the other aff, wow. One thing I´d now wish for would be that if a card has an ability that only affects a certain unit type, that all cards of the unit type would now show up in the "related cards" section *-* (F.e. all Beasts would show up on Amazon(g)´s page; thugs would show up on striker´s page and vice versa) but no stress, maybe you already had this in mi
  18. Xamos

    Ice Guardian

    Hi, I think the card Ice Guardian is quite cool and stuff, but he does rely on having Ice barier in your T1 as well. Deckslots are very limited and thus this card often gets left out - at least in PvE decks for sure. (In PvP he is still frequently used I think because he is a good Powerwell-defender - probaly due to the fact that it got this extra ability in a Skylords update: Home Advantage If the unit is played out within a 20m radius around a friendly Monument or Power Well, it will enter the game with Frost Ward already active.) But what if he could be more deckslot-efficient? What
  19. Xamos

    Lost Wanderer

    Oh well that was nothing new to me, my problem with Lost Wanderer is that he doesn´t have preferred Targets himself like shaman does. Shaman somehow (almost) always wants to heal the unit that has the least hp left /most damaged one - when you set shaman on "hold" (F-Hotkey). Lost Wanderer doesn´t care and just gives shields to anyone if not ordered otherwise. And that ordering is quite tedious if you want to have your army shielded.
  20. Xamos

    Lost Wanderer

    Hm yeah Lost Wanderer is not easy to use or rather annoying. What makes him worse than shamans is that as you stated he shields units completely random and not the ones with low hp first (not 100% sure if that´s correct but I think he doesn´t have preferred targets right now). Also if you command him to attack, he wont even use his shield ability when its ready again. Your idea is an interesting one - that Lost Wanderer would first shield every (other?) unit that is in the same group as him, and only if there everyone already has an ice shield, he starts shielding random. But that does so
  21. Xamos

    thunder wagon

    OR it would also be cool if the ability would get a bonus effect: [Feed the beast: Every friendly beast gets 40% increased movement speed] So while activated, it could enable cool strategies with slower units like Moloch. But this would need an additional requirement, that f.e. units which have "slow", would receive a much higher speed boost than units that are already faster by themselfes. No idea if that would be possible tho (affecting a certain type of unit should be doable, because the new ability from Mutating Maniac only affects twilight-units for example. But affecting unit
  22. Aren´t these messages red? But I like your Idea - an optional third tab. Maybe even customizeable which messages go there?
  23. Wouldn´t it be easier to set the constraint of 4p rPvE 10 to: Before you can play 4p rPvE 10, you have to win 2p rPvE 10 once. And before that, you have to win 1p rPvE 10 once. (Just like campaign-maps are only enabled by beating the other first. Because 4p is easier than 1p right? so it would require a certain lvl of skill to win that)
  24. Sounds fun. I think this topic came up before already in discord, but I dont remember what the outcome was. Some liked it, others not so much. Could be really interesting but I´m not sure what implications this would have in the entire game - quite a lot probably.
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