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  1. 1. Description for Shrine of War: "Whenever a hostile unit is killed 12 / 12 / 15 / 20% of the current void power will be transferred to the actual power pool." Description for Infernal Chain: ".. if a target enemy dies while bonded, 12% of the current void power will be transferred to the actual power pool" Description is quite similar. Where for shrine of war its affecting all players, and infernal chain affecting only the caster's void power.
  2. Following the math, here are 2 examples + the math for Lost Vigil Ironclad att 4680 every 3s, 544 up to 860 average dmg between target and aoe is 702, comes by subtracting the 2 dmg points and dividing by two. 860 - 544 = 316, 316:2 = 158. Now add that to 544 to get the mid point and you get 702. Then, divide 702 by the attack speed to get dps, 702:3 = 234, multiply it by 20 and you get exactly 4680 Shadow Worm att 4400 every 2.5s, 440 up to 660 mid dmg point is 550, divided by 2.5 (attack speed) = 220dps, times 20 equals 4400 Now for Lost Vigil att 1290 every 2s, 90 up to 135 dmg difference between the two is 45, divided by 2, equals 22.5 90+22.5 =112.5 mid dmg point, divided by the attack speed 112.5 : 2 = 56.25 dps, multiplied by 20 = 1125 , which is not 1290 Btw i did the math for Giant Wyrm and Grim Bahir and it also seems to be off. I wont post all the caluclations. Is it the case only with flying units? - well no, at least not all of them. For some the math is quite damn close so i assume its rounded up to the nearest 5 (e.g. Skyfire Drake, Lost Dragon), which is perfectly fine and makes sense. But for some its really off. Am i missing something ? And for flying creatures firing multiple times like Battleship - Math is inconsistent, maybe it was actually timed with a stopwatch who knows. e.g. if all 8 turrets of LSS shoot, its att should be 7200, theoretically only 2 can shoot at 1 target, which means 1800, but the att value is 4050. It was calculated by taking 4.5 guns on average. as a mid point for the amounts of guns shooting because its an even number of turrets (8). But this math doesnt work for battleship, there an average of 3.25 guns was taken. why?
  3. Greetings, With the recent update, a change has been introduced to infernal chain, making it a very viable spell. 2 things i noticed that are a bit impractical. 1. Missing info whether the void power restored is for all players or just the caster. 2. When infernal chain is applied to a unit from a group, it would not be displayed as a skill next to the portrait as with other skills. Meaning you manually have to find the unit and click on the skill in the melee. This is very difficult especially when quick reaction is needed and you're fighting many units on the field - e.g RPVE Advanced++ (9) or Expert (9.5), Expert +(10). Once all the units in a group have the infernal chain casted on them, then it appears as skill next to the portrait. However... IF both affinities of the spell are casted among units of the same group - it will not appear even if they all have it. See picture - all 3 units have Infernal Chain but different affinities and it doesnt appear next to the portrait - not the case if all have the same affinity casted on them.
  4. Greetings, I was experimenting with DPS and noticed that the attack stack on Lost Vigil is inaccurate. I did the math several times and also compared with other units, meaning calculations are accurate. I figured out how the attack stat is formulated - taking the average between dmg and total dmg (aoe) and dividing it by the attack speed, then multiplying by 20. For Lost Vigil the stat is off and should be updated.
  5. Greetings, With the latest patch, a change on Promise for life has been introduced, preventing the unit of being healed, intention being that the unit actually dies and resurrects in case your teammates heal it. However, the prevention on healing remains even after the unit is resurrected, with no buff/debuff on the unit. Units are not receiving heals from healing spells, nor wheel, however lifesteal does heal them.
  6. Greetings, For quite some time now i have this weird dark area on the screen while in the forge. It is only present while there, not during matches. It moves around with the screen so it is not bound to a specific location See area around summoning zones.
  7. I did not see this section 😮 Thanks for the suggestion, will do!
  8. Great! Thank You for the extensive answer. It seems reasonable, especially the future plans in mind, definitely looking forward to them. Thanks for the great work also!
  9. Well, hopefully there'll be a reply on this decision by someone dealing with this topic. Maybe they missed it by accident, also Archwalker was added recently so it was not considered.
  10. The Corsair T3 Bandit unit provides 60% dmg buff to surrounding Bandit units, however Ravenheart and Raven Archwalker do not seem to count as such. Yes, they are a Neutral type card, however they are most clearly bandit units... if not Blight himself, who is more bandit 😄 I find this weird and I suggest they are tagged as such to be able to benefit from such buffs.
  11. From all the main 4 factions, not including mixed (Bandits - Shadow/Fire, Stonekin etc..), Shadow is the only one with a single melee T4 unit - Overlord. All others have a fairly mixed selection pool when it comes to T4 units, where Shadow is predominantly ranged. Maybe a big undead/beast type unit would be fitting, similar to Forest Elder.
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