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  1. I noticed that Rageflame(B)'s freeze dont promit Stone warrior(B)'s active ability of blessed shatter to be used on the target, it does work on Rageflame(R). im guessing this is not intented
  2. I dont understand why you would limit the trade of gold between players, makes little sense to me.
  3. the problem with not doing a wipe is that currently it is in a kind of beta version(to get everything back up and running again), so any bugs and the like found and/or exploited will be wiped out before the final wipe but if they dont do the final wipe then some people are going to get a massive advantage from bugs and the like they found durring this period(finding them to get them removed)
  4. 1 im not saying not to play im saying to wait into after the testing is done so there are no resets and the game is ready to play, there is a difference. 2. why try to change their minds? makes no sense as its a beta and generally when you end a beta and go over to retail(or what you would call it) you make a rest for everybody and they start over. 3. you said it yourself the Beta is to test nothing more nothing less. 4. we have this phase to test the game but if you dont like the rules under witch the test is conducted then you should not test the game but wait into the finished version
  5. there is a big difference tho, you know when you join the beta that there is a hard reset coming at some point, why try to change that when it was told from day one? if you dont agree to the therms of the beta why signe up then instead of waiting for the release?
  6. what about repeatable quest like play x time and get a small reward, then play x time again and get the same reward. or play some gamemode x number of times for x reward. the thing would be that the quest never ends and never resets so people always has some small reward to play for if that is what they want
  7. that is what I was refering to tho ^^ using the same rules as for canneling to extend the auction would be the only way it would be fair.
  8. as long as it is only for actions with no bids on them i dont see a problem, same as with canceling actions as long as there is no bid it is fair game. if you did not like the price it was sold for then you just made the starting bid to low
  9. sure if you are good at pve maps it is very easy and fast to get. but what about them that only wants to play sparing matches are they locked to not upgrade their uncommen and up cards as they cant get the rank or forced to play a style they dont want to?
  10. I have been thinking of the starter cards and i have found some cards like lave field and tremore missing in the pool, that would make the start a hell lot more bearable in my opinion
  11. korsbaek

    PvP Balance

    generally its a matter of mangetment of units and power. I never used to have problems with firedancers(i use past tense as i have still not got all the cards for my pure frost pvp deck again(but had in the old battleforge)). it is a matter of countring it. firedancers have to low life to really be a danger to a M counter that is not a small unit, i would proberly use something like a razorshard or aggesor to deal with it you do know you can also use the aura of corruption against the enemy even if he plays it, the only anoing place he can put it really is at wells and orbs but all you rea
  12. playing ranked or sparre? the thing with pvp is that it takes some pratice for it to be great fun at least that is what i found when i did it.
  13. I agree that there is not really a point with that. tho could we not use the ranks in some other way(i like the ranking in and off it self not what it was used for back in the day) we could use it for detachements for instance
  14. @kubik. given when i wrote the replay i had less then 24 hours of time from the first log in i cant say if that is true or not. but given it is the very first few hours that depermens if you are going to play the game it does show that there might be some problem there.
  15. @Ultrakool im comparing to just going trough it myself just now, think it is to limiting in options ofc that is assmuning the reward system is going to be as it is now, as the start is very hard to build a somewhat decend deck, atleast if you do not know of the tricks and combos in the game.
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