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  1. How on earth is ami monument and lss not broken. The first brakes every campaign map, makes rpve much more easier while also being cheaper to build than a regular t4 orb and the latter requiress 0 skill,easily spammable and orb requirement gives it amazing deck potential. I do agree with what some have said about the vast majority of casual players getting bored after completing the campaign since it does get boring to replay maps after the nostalgic feeling wares of. While you can argue replayability increases with a range of decks id argue what others have said about most having a favourite deck and sticking to it. Would be interesting to see some stats on cards played and the number of times players have replayed maps using difference decks.
  2. I noticed in the test server that you earn bfp even when you are in the forge. Isn't that gonna be abusable to farm bfp? Login for a few hours log out when reserve depleted then log back in after a few hours. Im sure some people are gonna even make macros to do this ingame. How are you going to prevent this abuse? Battlefront 2 had a huge issue of people farming credits in heroes v villian with people putting a elastic band over their controller to overcome afk detection. I fear people will do the same in maps such as bad harvest with their friends. This is the inherent problem of time based rewards where a few will find a way to abuse the system.
  3. Wouldnt it be better for the reserve to be weekly so that those who can play, maybe only on weekends are not put so far behind those who play multiple times daily. Also on a slight tangent but will there be bfp rewards for completing maps on certain difficulties? With the current system there is no rewarding feeling completing a map on expert since if i want to upgrade a card i can just farm guns of lyr on expert in 5 mins. I understand that you dont want skill to be a determining factor but i feel like player interaction with certain maps would be much higher if there was a goal to strive to.
  4. Fudge

    PvP Balance

    Is pvp ever gonna be balanced. Fire and shadow have such broken cards and 90% of the player base abuse it. I'd happily be proven wrong but watching tournaments feels like watching the same match been played the same way over and over again, mad boring. Firedancer is the most cancerous card in pvp, the amount of abuse you can do with her is insane. Oh and aura of corruption should not last 40 seconds with a 40 seconds cooldown,dum as fuck. Yes im a stonekin player.
  5. Fudge

    nerf amii monument

    I'd disagree. It destroys how maps are supposed to be played and makes every map way easier than it should be. You get to skip a whole entire base worth of difficulty to get to t4 at a cheaper rate than the physical orbs. Slightly is an understatement lmao.
  6. Fudge

    nerf amii monument

    Ikr bad EA! Give me my 9 stack wheel of gifts and 10,000 breeding grounds!!!!111 So much fun!!!1

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