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  1. Maybe you can provide us with a screenshot or video of it actually happening? As I read this, ALL of your quests' rewards changed not just one. That does not seem to be intended by the wording of the patch notes.
  2. Solution: Lower RPVE starting well capacity πŸ˜› Make that Juice Tank viable !!!!! ❀️
  3. I do get that this randomness is annoying because it is only discovered later where these locations are. I could imagine we can briefly reveal them for 0.1 seconds at the start of the game and hide them right afterwards again. This should leave a visual clue of removed fog of war on the minimap where to expect them, allowing for instant restarts.
  4. Updated - please let me know if I missed something. πŸ™‚
  5. Hey, simply play siege of hope according to various speedrun guides, anyone can get rank 1 there.
  6. I never liked the life stealer default in DE. Would prefer to change it to the structure used on something like Twilight Brute and establish that as new default: Also tooltip is wrong iirc, I don't think monuments get the effect (if pvp approves, I would say let's add that πŸ˜› ) @Mynoduesp
  7. Still something caused it to occur only after the patch released, was player lobby separation internally removed this patch?
  8. Same for replies or mail you have send, accessing them I would love to see included in that archive or another tab.
  9. I don’t see the low performing computers as that much of a concern either. Once you surpass 100 decks I would just have it display a little exclamation mark in the bottom next to the deck count that shows on hover a tooltip stating something like : Having more than 100 decks might impact performance.
  10. I personally favour Amii ritual for literally indestructible amii structures 😞
  11. The problem can now be fixed with the proven solution. Many cards have already been addressed in the past patches. However, due to balancing reasons, some prominent cards have been excluded from the fix so far. The bug report topic itself is therefore resolved and over time more and more cards will follow.
  12. @undead4ever Root Networks have been substantially improved over the past patches and the card tooltip descriptions got reworded. I will move this to resolved, if any new issues arise, please do not hesitate to file another report.
  13. Root Networks have been substantially improved over the past patches and the card tooltip descriptions got reworded. I move this to resolved, if any new issues arise, please do not hesitate to file another report.
  14. @RedMush @Kapo @Velorio With Patch #400035 this has been changed to now also work with a building in range. I therefore move this issue to resolved. If you encounter a new issue please open another report. πŸ™‚
  15. @Riviute Until then, you could check out the map editor section in the forum, then you could spawn the Stonekin Gemeye in a custom map. In the map editor itself you would find the ids and such:
  16. @WindHunter @Role029 or try https://skylords-reborn.fandom.com/wiki/Rebirth_EditionπŸ™‚
  17. NAME: Stonekin Grinder's Damage Distribution remains active for former allies after his ownership changed. DESCRIPTION: When a Stonekin Grinder [ID: (2000)515] is next to an ally he transfers part of the incoming damage to himself. After being mindcontrolled into a new team, the passive damage distribution still takes damage into account that is inflicted onto his former allies. REPRODUCIBILITY: Always. Have a mind controlled Stonekin Grinder stand next to a hostile unit, that is being damaged. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: This is a bug report to archive an issue reported by Xanax en
  18. Hi myraezel, please join the translations discord https://discord.gg/WMqvMVYgCH and send a message there, so you can be assigned a trial role. πŸ™‚
  19. These are still planned, but they would require a little bit more testing (actually someone please verify if it works for crusade πŸ˜› ) and the focus of the patch was not really to spend too much time on map changes.
  20. Doesnt sound bad to add the option to enable timestamps for system messenges.
  21. @chickennoodler Hey, where have you publicly explained your idea years ago, based of which you assume it was patched out? Do you still have a replay from back then which we could use to compare. And what is the issue precisly ? As far as I understood some (which?) bandit battleships have leader immunity or have got it added? I am sure this can be worked out. Edit: At least those I can see at the beginning dont have Leader Immunity.
  22. I don’t think anything regarding slavemaster map was touched yet. So I am not sure what you mean. If something was changed during EA times what has that to do with SR. Lastly the guy who patches stuff out and the guy who decides to do this change are not the same.
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