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  1. I mean the maps are semi random, on my runs to replicate radicalx replay I encounter many times random events that also made it impossible, and I knew it already early in. Given that it is not meant as a guide to Nightmare Shard that works in all cases, but just a showcase of 3 speedrun strategies that worked under their particular circumstances, I dont think it is an issue here, especially cause the twilight bug seems not to always have that effect (in Prits run it reaches the center?!) and also does not always take that route. There are many similar cases, with leeches attacking my orb etc.
  2. As with the last speedrun contest I archived the winners on YouTube! Rank 3 Rank 2 Rank 1 Hope you like it Best, LEBOVIN
  3. It does feel more like achievement kind of thing
  4. Option 1 has been implemented. /close and move to implemented.
  5. I mean where do u see upgraded versions of cards in the auction house ? The only option I see is to give players a third selection up here: and call it Unowned. Then they could go there and a) directly play these cards in the Forge (hence for U0 no need to go the auction house or whatever, to then play in the forge) and b) rightlcik on the unowned card to get to the upgrade window and using the now available feature above to then play out the upgraded preview card if the upgrade is owned. Whilst the whole "have all cards in an unowned tab" might certainly be nice fo
  6. Hey, I believe this is the last window where u see cards that doesnt work yet, that u can play out the cards directly into the forge. Hence I suggest to add it for that last one aswell. Best, LEBOVIN
  7. @Maze You can find a list of those I caught in the wiki aswell https://skylords-reborn.fandom.com/wiki/Patches (basically scroll down to the bottom as most of it happend there). e.g:
  8. same for shadow mage's bomb and very likely sandstorm
  9. Really like it a lot too, but the lower filter row of the image above is gone now? (Or maybe I just cant find it) Edit: got it
  10. The solution is easy, toggy simply donates all his earnings in the first few weeks post reset to buy us boosters the free PvP decks cover for his fire deck needs
  11. Hey, I suggest to change the color of selected text in the deck rename window (and every other occurence like mail) to the same as in the auction house and in the inventory search bar. The blue hurts my eyes. Best, LEBOVIN
  12. Well I guess the first balancing patch then will have something around 2935 small balance changes
  13. I know but u can just print screen and cut the card out. (All card images on the wiki are composited so the images do not have to be reuploaded when balancing kicks in.)
  14. Just for comparision in the wiki on the mainpage we got it like this: Only if u hover over card icons they show the actual card image, making the loading process faster. Clicking on them links to the content page but only about 20% exist so far. https://skylords-reborn.fandom.com/wiki/Skylords_Reborn @Maze you should be able to get ur missing images from there too.
  15. New all time record 12 players: Passage to Darkness 03:48.7 Damo + DeleriuM + Emmaerzeh + Hirooo + LEBOVIN + Luschy + Mynoduesp + Pritstift + Sheepmonster + SylarXXI + Treim + Wanky November 2020
  16. Hey, given that we already made changes to Promo Cards on the Test Server it would only make sense to also give players these cards there for testing out interactions too. Best, LEBOVIN
  17. Hey, I 'd like to propose yet another Gold Sink for this game. For a price X (let's say 100k) you can purchase 10 more decks you can have concurrently. I am not quite sure how many more decks the client can handle, but presumably 150 (50 more in total as of now) should be fine. This option to increase the deck count limit is naturally something that only matters to veterans and hence is ideal to give them more liberty in having custom decks for all kinds of scenarios and also offers another option to spend the resource gold on without creating an unfair advantage. I personally
  18. Well as I pointed out already, they should have done what they did for Giant Slayer also for Corsair.
  19. Possibilities have changed. Emberstrike has received changes over multiple iterations and is now considered fine for now. Fore more information visit the balancing discord. The actual emberstrike changes u can find here on the wiki https://skylords-reborn.fandom.com/wiki/Balancing on iteration 1 and 2.
  20. Reasoning: Slowing down overall gold progression to open up possibility of introducing new ways to earn gold Counter the map favouring influence of the currently thematically fitting upgrade distribution Campaign is more close to rpve and PvP gold earnings Edit: regarding 1, indirect gold buffs coming in hot
  21. Well the wiki is far from finished, the gold page is already created in a way, that eventually it will be possible to have the gold data for specific modes also on the specific mode pages, without having the need to maintain all different pages if changes occur. For now the gold page is where u find all info about gold that has been collected and only there. Feel free to approach me in Discord if you'd like to help expand the wiki.
  22. You should have found something tho, as the image is from the wiki page: https://skylords-reborn.fandom.com/wiki/Gold there u also find information about the gold chests and campaign
  23. Well at current balancing state one should play on the test server ^^ For all that are not so familiar with the differences: https://skylords-reborn.fandom.com/wiki/Balancing Here you can find an overview of all changes, perhaps one of the cards in your deck has been buffed already (check out all 3 iteration tabs).
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