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  1. NAME: Raven Archwalker's Corrupting Shot disables his turret permanently DESCRIPTION: After activating the Corrupting Shot ability of the Raven Archwalker, it will stop attacking forever. His turret still aims at the closest target in range, but it will never shoot again. REPRODUCIBILITY: Happens all the time, either in the forge or in mission. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I tried to unstuck him with crowd control (freeze, knockback, Green Peace), Sobering, ability block (Mauler's Slam), Mind Control, transformation (Oink!) and teleports, but in vain. I haven't tried making it use another ability (given by Santa, for example). Edit: I attached a LOG of a short session where i log in, summon the Walker in the forge, activate the ability and log out _log_proxy_latest.log
  2. maybe too much stress for the server. Same problem for me.
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