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  1. Any updates? Will it be part of or after the anniversary stream? Can't wait
  2. If multiple pings could get more accessible throug good UI design like in League of Legends, I'd actually use more than the default.
  3. @Volin Clarification from @Metagross31 Just a quick clarification, because there have been misunderstandings: If you want to complete objective T in the current event, you have to clear 12 tents within 30 seconds of killing the first one. I. e. a maximum of 30 seconds may pass from the first camp being destroyed to the last one being destroyed for the objective to count. source: https://discord.com/channels/173414671678832640/839900345638453338/1044735183603122256
  4. @Metagross31 Do you use the arithmetic, geometric or harmonic mean for the time score? I'm guessing arithmetic, just want to be sure.
  5. Yeah, but you see... it doesnt make much sence. I'll wait for @Metagross31 for a definitiv answer. ^^ (proofreader didn't do their job right :C)
  6. Promo Rogan and Lyrish Knight crying in the Marketplace - unsold - while Promo Swamp Drake, Grinder, the other Grinder, Juggernaut and the white Juggernaut clearly had something better to do than taking a group picture.
  7. Awesome stuff and I feel terrible asking for more features already. One of my most common use of the advanced filters is for reforging. Usualy I reforge 3 Commons + 1 Uncommon/Rare, but see myself copy-pasting the same two filters for every reforge-quartett. The filter command "rarity" is technicly already there - just in the UI, but all build in (UI) toggle filter options do not allow for advanced filtering queries. tl;dr: filter command "rarity" please @Kubik@Kubik edit: filter command "rarity" confirmed, developed and soon™ implemented. As soon as rarity gets t
  8. One of the most broken cards that never seen any use. Hope this helps.
  9. Bo3 and double ellimination? You guys want to play until Monday it seems. PvP Gigachads!
  10. Nice changes and not over the top with additional Steadfast. Wouldn't be opposed to enlargening the unit from M to L either since 6.4 m/s is default L-speed. Instead of adding pseudo-Swift. That's wrong right? Field immunizies most likely will cleanse every existing effect on units, therefore it can be applied after units got paralised. Not 100% on this, but close to especially after the couple of tests with Greenpeace. Doesn't really hurt the card and flaire IMO. It's still very different Disechant (g) since it is a channeled field effect rather than single target and
  11. @Kubik Theres no option to filter by Energy cost yet, right?
  12. One reason every tier diversity is low-ish is, that decks are limited to 20 slots and almost all maps revolve around starting T1 and reaching T4 (notable exceptions Bad Harvest, Convoy). This restricts players into just 5 cards per tier on average, but since bound energy exists, the distribution is heavily favoring massing T1 units. And supporting them wirh stronger and stronger spells while sprinkeling in a couple of higher tier units while progressing. Only when a hard wall or T4 is reached, the army gets cycled. Dedicated T3 phases pretty much don't exist in cPvE and if they exi
  13. Meanwhile I'm sitting in the S-Worm-Squad waiting room.
  14. The achivement still says "with all players in your team" after Patch #400036.
  15. The achivement still says "with all players in your team". Bugreport:
  16. I'm looking forward to more high power, low durability (since S-size) T3/T4 archers. Frost has already very good support cards for mobile and static defenses. And now I'm curious to see what shaenanigans we'll see from Fire archers.
  17. As someone who never worked with disasembly I'm reading this like: Yes... gotcha... mhm... good... ok... yeah... alright, I don't understand what's going on.
  18. So... the deck isn't dead, but now has a narrower usecase? I wonder, how good is it's performance in this usecase compared to other decks? If it outclasses other compeating decks in this usecase you can't make an argument that de deck is dead. However, if it's performance in this usecase is now also lacking behind many other decks, you have a valid argument for it's demise.
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