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  1. @Oathbreaker Yes, "Every Ice Shield [...] restores 35 life points [...]". I'm aware of the unfortunate wording, but it is intended behaviour that the ice shield and not the unit restores hit points. Note: If it were regeneration it would be stated as "Every unit/entity [...] regenerates 35 life points [...]".
  2. Looks like a DC after the crystals were destroyed, probably connected to the common lag when this mission is completed and the next state is loaded.
  3. Ice age doest grant health nor health regeneration, it grants shield (frost affinity) or shield regeneration (nature affinity).
  4. What reaction do you expect? In what language do you play? Might be a descriptive error. Will put that to the test, thx for the report.
  5. A Mediocre Challenge Win 20 campaign scenarios on advanced difficulty or higher without playing any units except for units of size M. Reward Titel "Perfect Mediocracy" Portrait "Mauler (promo)"
  6. @Oathbreaker I couldn't replicate any issues with Ice Age (g), both with the regeneration and the extended duration. What was the exact issue you had?
  7. We'll confirm the bug report and try to resolve the issue. Thanks @Oathbreaker 🙂
  8. @Maze I added the issue to the card issue trello, thanks 🙂
  9. @dougfir "copies=0" does work, but sonce you're probably using it in your inventory it doesnt show anything. Reason is, the inventory shows only cards you own. However, if you use "copies=0" in the Marketplace you will get results. The json file needs to be named as described in the tutorial post. It also has to be in the directory mentioned, anything else will not work. To use custom filters the json file cannot have any syntax errors. If you have trouble debuging your file, you can post it here. To use custom filters, you have to use these stars * to indicate a custom filter
  10. I'll be frank, maybe you guys need to select your team members properly instead of complaining to lose with strangers in the hardest content the game has to offer. Random rPvE 10 is the highest difficulty content. Preparations have to be done, be it on a personal level or a party leader level. The same applies for expert maps like Ascension or Titans. As a party leader, you can lay out the goals of the attempt. If you cannot afford to lose, make sure your team is up for the task. Yes the gap between 9 and 10 is big, SR tries to close this gap, but the players also have to act accordi
  11. @MephistoRoss you can always use "copies<1" in the auction house. Not a guarantee to have all cards listed there, but a solid workaround. I'd like to add to the suggestions to track cards in statistics (as suggested here: https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/9614-collection-information/) rather than an achievement which is kind of weird when it reopens upon expansion.
  12. Hey @zviel Could you add the log files to this report? Thanks in advance 🙂
  13. I can only comment on this section and say we try to improve the game on this front: clear and easy to grasp visuals as well as accurate descriptions are being worked on Especially for new releases and reworks. I hope this shows in past releases and will show in future ones too.
  14. @DefAnske Nowadays you could include your deckcode for ppl to import it. 😛
  15. @Timatijs To put it in other words, you'd like that the achievement also counts for sub-categories like 2 player completion on a 4 player map? But else the achievement is working as described, right?
  16. @Kayrie Just an FYI: The term "entity" is used to describe "units", "buildings" and "Amii strucutres". From a status-effect point of view it makes sense to use "entity" since it hits all bases, no matter what kind of entity the status effect is on. That said, we'll look into it, thanks for the report. 🙂
  17. Alms Collect all the gold from chests from a campaign PvE map. Reward: Gold Type: Endless (maybe daily limited to X times)
  18. Missing classes: Spell Arcane Enchantment Raven Statue Legacy classes (can be removed): Thugs
  19. One Trick Pony Win a rPvE difficulty 5 or higher while only playing one card. Reward: Pony (Avatar)
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