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  1. Mynoduesp

    Shadow Insect - typo

    NAME: <Shadow Insect> typo DESCRIPTION: <Shadow Insects> ability <Steadfast> misses a space or enter. REPRODUCIBILITY: Yes, both live and test server. SCREENSHOT: https://imgur.com/YTf3pZQ LOG: No logs required. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: None.
  2. Mynoduesp

    Inventory Searchbar improvements

    I'm very much interested in a keyword searchfunction as well as further improvements. In addition to searchable <unitsize> and <bonus damage> (counter), I'd wish every effect/ability could be searched from the searchbar. I'd suggest following keywords to be added (with declining priority): - Siege - Swift / Slow - Ultra Rapid Construction / Rapid Construction / Slow Construction (for buildings with 500 / 1000 / 3000 building speed, 2000 is default) (Slow Construction not mentioned at all atm) - Steadfast / Stalwart - Flying (not mentioned on cards at all atm) - Linked Fire - Life Stealer - Adamant Skin / Adamant Alloy - Transformation (only activated ability in this list) - Stomp - Charge - Resilient - Earth Dive - Protector / Agility - Fury - Slam - Looter - Shared Pain / Pain Link - Multishot I could go on close to forever. Making the searchbar looking at cards abilities/text would make searching for abilities a lot easier too. Additionaly I'd suggest mearging the keywords <Steadfast> and <Stalwart> (Giant Slayer), since they mean exactly the same. And since this is kind of on topic adding <Crippling> as one wouldn't hurt. Especialy if there are future plans for new cards, I'd suggest propper abilitywordings and consistency. Edit: If it's not doable in the current game, at least the CardBase-page (https://allcards.skylords.eu/) could implement those improvements.
  3. NAME: Shield Building - Ice Shield buff description incorrect DESCRIPTION: The spell Shield Building grants an Ice Shield buff to a building. The buff description seems not to update the increased amounts of U1/U2/U3 and stays at 1300 on every upgrade. However, I tested the shield amount which is definitly 1650 on U3 and not 1300. Did not test U1/U2 on shieldamount, but the faulty text remains on all upgrades. REPRODUCIBILITY: Consistant. SCREENSHOT: https://imgur.com/YlbMpJ6 https://imgur.com/YxBCyal LOG: No logs required. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: None.
  4. Mynoduesp

    Treefiend purple affinity faulty description

    Couldnt find a report of it on the forum, probably because its super clunky to find stuff in here. xD Thanks for the fix
  5. NAME: Treefiend purple affinity DESCRIPTION: The description gets faulty after appling U3 on the card; <Tainted Acid Bath (p)> gets mistakenly changed to <Linked Fire (p) ***>. Removing it (going back to U2) will restore the corretc descritpion. It's despalyed even in the "Card Upgrades" preview window. Green affinity seems to be displayed correctly. REPRODUCIBILITY: Consistant. SCREENSHOT: https://imgur.com/zuEXw2F https://imgur.com/w6BTGXy LOG: No log required. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: None.
  6. Mynoduesp

    Solo/Duo/Trio All-Time Fastest Speedrun Rankings

    Guns of Lyr solo 6:34.3 in collaboration with wanky.
  7. Mynoduesp

    Solo/Duo/Trio All-Time Fastest Speedrun Rankings

    Happy to hear this, we'll see what I can do the next couple of days :^)
  8. Mynoduesp

    Solo/Duo/Trio All-Time Fastest Speedrun Rankings

    I guess my little input worked out very well then ;D
  9. Didn't expect anythinge else of you two, just wanted the confirmation
  10. Just wondering, did you (LEBOVIN) and Emmaerzeh exclude yourself from participating or winning prices? For fairness sakes.
  11. NAME: Decomposer U3 no effect DESCRIPTION: Decomposers Ability «Shred them!» adds only 50% instead of 60% of the usual power refund into the power pool. The remaining part of the power cost refund is correctly granted as void power. Ability works properly with the amount described for U0 and U2 (didn't test U1). REPRODUCIBILITY: Consistant. Tested on both community maps and story maps. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: Before and after screenshot Decomposer U3: https://imgur.com/ZcWpkqR https://imgur.com/1n7c9IR Before and after screenshot Decomposer U0: https://imgur.com/mdWqnYt https://imgur.com/9OSdBl9 LOG: See attachements. Logs of games where screenshots where taken. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: DecomposerU0.log DecomposerU3.log
  12. DESCRIPTION: The aura-ability Maintenance of the Construction Hut does not work as intended. The base construction time of any building is 20s (except monuments and those with either half-time or quater-time rapid construction as example Makeshift Tower or Ice Barrier respectifly). The keywords used to extend and shorten constructiontime are longer (from outside of monument/energy well proximity: "[...] will take 50% longer!") and faster (from Construction Huts ability Maintenance: "[...] will be constructed 50/55% faster [...]"). These keywords are important to differentiate from slower and shorter, since they will be calculated differently. As example, an effect holds 10 seconds. If the effect should be extended to 15s there are (at least) two different ways to achive this: 50% increased effectduration = 10s * (1 + 50%) = 15s Effect expire 33% slower = (1 - 33%) / 10s = 15s This in mind, construction time is calculated as follows: TIME = BASE * (1 - PENALTY [%]) / (1 + BONUS [%]) Now to the bug or as I call it "where the mess named Maintenance" beginns: The expected constructiontimes of a basic building are: Base constructiontime = 20s Construction outside of monument/energy well proximity = 30s Construction inside of 50/55% Maintenance aura and outside of monument/energy well proximity 50% = 20s 55% = 13.3s Construction inside of 50/55% Maintenance aura and inside of monument/energy well proximity 50% = 19.4s 55% = 12.9s The ingame values are: Base constructiontime = 20s Construction outside of monument/energy well proximity = 30s Construction inside of 50/55% Maintenance aura and outside of monument/energy well proximity 50% = 15.3s 55% = 16.5s Construction inside of 50/55% Maintenance aura and inside of monument/energy well proximity 50% = 10.3s 55% = 11.2s These numbers come from me timing these construction times over and over again and taking averages. Additionaly, I did not mess them up, U3 Construction Hut which is supposed to add 5% construction speed makes its slower, however U0-2 Construction Hut is allready way stronger than intended with an approximated construction speedboost of 95% (!). U3 Construction Hut reduces it to an approximated construction speedboost of 80%. I tried to come up with an explination how this is possible for litteraly hours, here's what I came up with: It's a complete mess. REPRODUCIBILITY: Consistant. SCREENSHOT: ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I'd be happy if you can fix the math in the game, but I'd be happy with a dirty solution where the equation doesnt get touched but different values are provided to match the description of the card/ability. Have fun with the mess.
  13. You might be right, I guess I gave the original coder too much credit.... I excluded this possible solution because I consistantly messured more than 10/15, 11/16.5 sec but that might just be me. :^) The right equation is this with no doubt (not as complicated as in the excel screenshot): ProductionTime = BASE * (1 - 50% [if dazed]) / (1 + BONUS [%]) (The rapid construction ability of a couple of buildings will add just another factor, either 0.25 or 0.5 for the two different abilities.)
  14. Now im really interested in how the fuck?! they managed to code this ability without breaking something, it might have been just luck tbh....
  15. Mynoduesp

    Decomposer U3: "Shred them!" not working propperly

    Wouldn't make too much sence to nerf it in this way U3 would only have been an HP increase of the building. U2 would have been untouched, just doen't make a whole lot of sence in my eyes. I can't really remember what got nerfed and what not, totaly possible U3 never really existed. In the end I really don't care if it stays that way though. As long as either the description is changed to the effect or the effect to the description I'd be happy.

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