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  1. Giant Slayer's Stalwart passive ability (Unit cannot be knocked back) is just Steadfast, but somehow got its own keyword. Hamstring Rage is a combination of the Rage and Crippling Bite abilities. Unlike other cards like Corsair where one ability just isnt mentioned on the card here, the original devs chose to combine them in one note. :shrug:
  2. While hunting some inconsistantcies i stumbled upon Revenant's Doom (active ability from the Lost Souls tribe). Unlike its counterpart Transformation (active ability from the Twilight tribe) from, Revenant's Doom is placed last in the ability list which makes its shortcut inconsistant when the unit has additional active abilities. Units affected by this are: - Lost Dancer - Lost Reaver - Lost Grigori (further inconsistantcies when mode switched) - Lost Warlord - Lost Spirit Ship Since it isn't a real bug, not even a real inconsistantcy, I thought I'd ask here for opinion
  3. The target for an additional money sink is not to increase booster values (which always stay the same). The taret is to reduce the pricegaps between highvalue and low value cards recived from boosters. In our current economy more and more bfp and thus cards are pumped into circulation and since boosters are boud to their value the only way for cards to retain their combined value is to increase high rarity (and demanded) card values while low rarity cards (and undemanded) drop in price until they're basicly worthless. This will generate an economy with ultra rare cards being ridiculously
  4. "All ranged attackers" In game: All ranged allied units Expection could be: All ranged units
  5. When summoning two Dryads and swith one of them to "Nature's Wrath" and then select them as a group the abilities for "Switch back." and "Nature's Wrath" aren't consistant for both affinities. While the frost affinity prioritises (shortcut Y) "Nature's Wrath", the nature affinity prioritises (shortcut Y) "Switch back.". Tested on both servers: live and PBE. Same results.
  6. Just want to correct myself, I missread this part:
  7. The rewards will be distributed on the current live server. And therefore be lost during the wipe. (edited) The booster is after the wipe, missread the original post. Other rewards are not.
  8. PvE community challenges! There's a lot of restrictions and bonus objectives just waiting to be made. Back in the days I've participated on the tutorial deck challenges like the one linked below. Love'd them and am looking forward to you as a host for these events.
  9. Befallen's Curse: Creates an near infinite loop even though the debuff states it doesnt spread further. One spell did this to poor Spore Launchers: Befallen's Curse - Infused Disease: Typo: but no longer spready the disease?! Rewrite like tainted version/disenchant: Unit loses XY live points per second and is immune to all major buffs. Unit cannot spread the diesease among surrounding units. Befallen's Curse - Tainted Disease: Debuff left displays "50%" and debuff right as well as the card state "25%". The effect is actualy 50% (tested with
  10. On upgrade 2 and 3 from Fallen Skyelf, the debuff on the target displays "150%" instead of "200%". I check the damage, the debuff applies 200% increased damage taken correctly, its just a typo.
  11. Both affinities of Bandit Launcher are missing the explosion effect/animation. Might be a resolution bug, I am using 1920x1080.
  12. Information for rapid/slow construction: For reference: Standard construction time 20'000ms 3'000ms: - Ice Barrier - Banner of Glory - Rallying Banner 10'000ms: - Tunnel - Makeshift Tower 30'000ms: (slow construction) - Worldbreaker Gun - Comet Catcher - Lifestream - The incredible Mo - Amii Monument - Flame/Earth/Ice/Dark Crystal (- Regular Monument)
  13. Devs made the choice to bind mikro progression (upgrades) to gold deliberately. A nontradable currency makes a lot of sence for a progression system, one reason would be to make multiaccounting less efficient. But there are many more. If you think of gold as some sort of experience points, the system makes a whole lot more sence.
  14. I'll forward this to the balancing discord. @Zyna@Zyna Didn't want to tag you, just cannot remove your tag on the mobile version of the overhauled webpage. (Consider this another forum bug report :D)
  15. Willzapper has a similar restriction for enemy wells (for information if the restrictions would be removed)
  16. Additional question: Can you target one squad with both affinities and only one is applied?
  17. Maybe merge with this post about cleaning up card descriptions: https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/6982-cleaning-up-and-updating-card-descriptions/
  18. Searchbar is resolved now, mobile still funky
  19. @Zyna Took the screenshot 6 minutes ago
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