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  1. This patch is awesome, thank you !
  2. Hello. The game crashed while i was placing ocean map. Here is the log. _log_proxy_0.log
  3. Thank you! I will try updating the drivers.
  4. Yesterday i was playing rpve and my game crashed in the middle of the match. I tried playing again and my game crashed on the loading screen. Then i played the map "The Soultree" and my game crashed again during playing. Today after logging in the forge, the game freezes after a couple minutes. I am providing the latest logs. What should i do , reinstall the game ? _log_proxy_0.log _log_proxy_1.log _log_proxy_2.log
  5. I was playing Mad God _log_proxy_0.logmap when the game crashed for no reason. Here's the log.
  6. Hello. I joined a game of the dwarven riddle advanced and my game just froze after 5 minutes. Unfortunately i did not take a screenshot. _log_proxy_0.log
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