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  1. Magma Spore keeps quite frequently ignoring active effect commands. It sometimes moves to the target position but doesn't fire its Ground Blast, but most often just stops halfway there. I think this has to do with level geometry I noticed this on multiple locations on Mo and Encounters With Twilight.
  2. It's three not two right? Also did you change more on Nightmares End or were those just minimap inaccuracies?
  3. System messages are red, deck locked, something like this. Dialogue is what spams the chat window
  4. Something like this. My idea is kind of inspired by two Mtg cards a friend of mine used against me once (decades ago). The Rack and Black Vise. One card makes you take damage if you have less than 3 cards on your hand, the other damages you if you have more than 4. So with both cards in play you can only safely have 3 or 4 cards in your hand. You are not enforced to have more or less cards, but you are discouraged to do so. I think this creates an interesting dynamic because most effects don't let your enemy room to act upon it. There are a a few spells like disenchant that can counter cc
  5. cc is hard to justify for fire. Especially the second point and 5 seconds sounds kind of weak. Slow might work, question is if the price of the card makes it worth it. Last one is interesting. I wouldn't make it an actual cc but similar to one of my idea, force a situation where the enemy doesn't wants his units standing close (Aura of Pain, Transcendence). When I wrote my original post I didn't realize that Transcendence and Aura of Pain would've a similar effect, but Transcendence is t4 and even at t3 is not that interesting to single out units anymore. I can imagine that it would
  6. This is really just semantics, we mean the same things. Even if it is not the same, it still is similar, redundant information. To my knowledge there are only 2 differentiations 1. effects that only affect yourself 2. effects that affect yourself and your teammates possibly 3 for effects that also affect your enemy, but I don't think they are displayed for you. I suspect there is any effect in the game that only targets a specific teammate. I'd like to know what the reason was. My first guess was pvp, but do enemies even see your buffs? Do you mean with 'only your own b
  7. I considered making all of these their own threads, but they are all rather smallish suggestions. Either way its not very beautiful. Market set the buyout price automatically to the cheapest buyout price on the market if there is one I think most people try to sell the card for about the same price, meaning you have to search in the marketplace for the card first then switch tabs to type in the price. Since the market is a bit sluggish that takes a couple of seconds for every card which can add up, if you sell a lot of cards. add the search filter/options tooltip for
  8. Would it be possible to remove duplicate buff icons, or giving temporary buffs priority? Every time someone places wheels in rpve my SoW activation suffers from it, because I don't see when it runs out, instead wheels unnecessarily take up every single icon slot.
  9. I run into a bug today where I tried to transform 'Twilight Minions' into 'Nightshade Plant' (on Insane god - expert) but the transformation process got interrupted (likely by knockback or dino anti magic zone). The minions didn't transform, the charge got consumed and it stopped recharging. I could still select Nightshade Plant for transformation but nothing happened. Sadly I forgot to save the replay. Maybe my friend still has it, will add it later then. there isn't much to see in the replay. But I think one of the dinos with the anti magic zone was the cause. tr
  10. who is stronger, 10 Promos vs. 1 Promo + 200 Mountain Rowdies + 1400 trash cards checkmate
  11. I suspect there is a way to revert to an older version e.g. Twilight Edition or would it be enough to get the game files from an older CD? Otherwise you'd have to undo every known change and only get an approximation of what it used to be. Restoring the latest EA version would probably be relatively simple, but you'd still have to set up separate servers and accounts. Of course everyone playing Skylords would have to re-acquire every card, but the original game doesn't have any means of acquiring free bfp outside that horrible old Play4Free system. So you either give everyone every card
  12. Effect seems to work as intended but the English effect description is wrong
  13. I agree with your initial sum up of what pure factions should be, but want to point out "pure" bandit/twilight/lost/stonekin is still less restrictive than pure fire/nature/orb/shadow. I also got the feeling that Batariel was only nerfed because of enlightenment. It didn't occur to me that Batariel is heavily overpowered in pure fire. Some of those issues you point out originate from old Battleforge. The single most important thing, that is often neglected, is not everyone has every card (plus full charges and upgrades). Nowadays its possible to get almost everything with some effort,
  14. irrefutable Was about to suggest bigger radius (30m) maybe even up the absorbed damage percentage ~50-75%. I think it's better Armored tower absorbs all damage for friendly entities, this way damage is absorbed where needed instead of some stray shields. Just allow it to continue attacking, since its already weaker than cannon towers offensively. I can see it work very well with the new Kobold Laboratory to make heavily sturdy defenses. Kobold Lab allowing walls to be repaired at all time makes permafrost obsolete imho. Instead of a cooldown for a passive ability I want to th
  15. overall solid changes. Since the Sunken Temple was part of the last tower changes (reduced orb cost from 2 nature to 1nature1neutral). Would it be possible to set a waypoint. You can't really use it behind walls and out in the open it requires a lot of micro-ing or it may be sniped by enemy ranged units It has the additional downside of using up a lot of unit space if they just idle around. Imho Sunken temple should work as a way to intercept attacking units (long range) or as a damage sponge.
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