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  1. who is stronger, 10 Promos vs. 1 Promo + 200 Mountain Rowdies + 1400 trash cards checkmate
  2. I suspect there is a way to revert to an older version e.g. Twilight Edition or would it be enough to get the game files from an older CD? Otherwise you'd have to undo every known change and only get an approximation of what it used to be. Restoring the latest EA version would probably be relatively simple, but you'd still have to set up separate servers and accounts. Of course everyone playing Skylords would have to re-acquire every card, but the original game doesn't have any means of acquiring free bfp outside that horrible old Play4Free system. So you either give everyone every card
  3. Effect seems to work as intended but the English effect description is wrong
  4. I agree with your initial sum up of what pure factions should be, but want to point out "pure" bandit/twilight/lost/stonekin is still less restrictive than pure fire/nature/orb/shadow. I also got the feeling that Batariel was only nerfed because of enlightenment. It didn't occur to me that Batariel is heavily overpowered in pure fire. Some of those issues you point out originate from old Battleforge. The single most important thing, that is often neglected, is not everyone has every card (plus full charges and upgrades). Nowadays its possible to get almost everything with some effort,
  5. irrefutable Was about to suggest bigger radius (30m) maybe even up the absorbed damage percentage ~50-75%. I think it's better Armored tower absorbs all damage for friendly entities, this way damage is absorbed where needed instead of some stray shields. Just allow it to continue attacking, since its already weaker than cannon towers offensively. I can see it work very well with the new Kobold Laboratory to make heavily sturdy defenses. Kobold Lab allowing walls to be repaired at all time makes permafrost obsolete imho. Instead of a cooldown for a passive ability I want to th
  6. overall solid changes. Since the Sunken Temple was part of the last tower changes (reduced orb cost from 2 nature to 1nature1neutral). Would it be possible to set a waypoint. You can't really use it behind walls and out in the open it requires a lot of micro-ing or it may be sniped by enemy ranged units It has the additional downside of using up a lot of unit space if they just idle around. Imho Sunken temple should work as a way to intercept attacking units (long range) or as a damage sponge.
  7. Didn't know, I thought you meant you specifically don't have it. I thought I read years ago when this project was in its early phase, that EA gave 'you' the source code, they just didn't give you the netcode because of potential security risks that could be revealed for their other games. temporary fog of war for like 10 seconds, maybe only around an area around the first monument. Not really related but yeah I can imagine it, its just hard to implement something like this in a physical game. Battleship and its variants do this, Stratego is chess variant that hides your units and
  8. Lacking your explanation here how this prevents stalling? I get behind the concept of stalling and generally reactive play being annoying. Sure you can't shadow your faction anymore, but still stall to play your first unit . If I understand you correctly this puts nature even more at an disadvantage, which is already one of the weaker pvp factions. @Kubik good to know, couldn't test it yesterday. What I meant is, just make a multi colored t1 card (twilight) t1 nature and then do some trickery to also allow it being played by fire. (Enlightment allows to circumvent o
  9. what does the game do if you go to t2 instantly and then spawn a neutral or multicolored unit (you should be able to do that in team maps where orbs are close or custom maps)? Ironically while pure or multicolored units are usually stronger than those with wildcard orb requirements (Windhunter - Skyfire drake), the opposite must apply multicolored t1 cards. The technically easier solution is probably just locking twillight/lost etc. cards from being spawned first, but that might be a dissatisfying solution since you could never make a pure twilight deck. Instead spawning a twilight card
  10. Since we are past submission date. Don't think I'm gonna make it far. My deck is severely un-upgraded. Even had to buy a t4 building to even being able pass the requirements I went for some style points, because I tried make all cards work as a self set goal. But was fun to try
  11. But isn't that a problem because walls against t4 enemies are little more than cardboards, just there to buy you a couple seconds. Don't see how stronger archers will fix this. Your best options would be CC, but this pretty much rules out fire/shadow. I don't even remember anyone using rifle cultist on walls (ok they are rather weak but still). Not to mention enemy abilities that just throw you off walls and deny them for some time. Higher tier archers would all need resistance against this or justify it with some incredible power/price ratio or greatly buff the walls they are stand
  12. I have some concerns... I can't really imagine how its supposed to work in the game. Will the paralyze beam stop being an auto-cast or do you intend to remove it altogether, because it isn't mentioned? I guess it would be used even less, since paralyzing would mean she can't do her new heal, immunity gimmick. Why butcher the healing song heal? Is it the same immobile dome animation? So if I get that right its 20 seconds area buff, but Woodland Blessing still only lasts 10seconds after leaving the area. How are you supposed to use it if you run into a camp with ice
  13. Just for completion. There is still a very old bug that the map never completes. Jorne and Rogan just stand there at the end doing nothing. Supposedly this has to do with building and even units blocking up the path along the way. To my knowledge there is nothing you can do it once that happens. This happened the very first time I played that map in Skylords. The game crashed after resigning (actually twice, after rebooting the game it crashed again). Not sure if this had something to do with it. I wonder why Phenomic never fixed it, its not particularly rare and doesn't sound too h
  14. Don't think the dialogue is that bad on this map, gives you some time to build some defenses. King of The Giant is worse if you manage to clean up everything before they arrive. I noticed a bug on the left side of the map. If flying units get to close to the edge of the map they disappear (visually) and become un-selectetable. When I tried to select my Windhunter by the group, the game immediately deselects them. I managed to pull them out by spamming '2' and RMB though. This could be quite painful if you play on expert and not only your units are gone but they block unit s
  15. Sacriefice

    Dying Breed

    There are a couple of cards that I feel like discussing, but I don't like collection topics and somehow this card bothers me the most recently. I have to mention that I currently don't play pvp, though this card is clearly a pvp card. I used to play some pvp back in the day though. The old Battleforge wiki even mentions that it is useless in PvE as is With this out of the way, does anyone use that card? I honestly can't imagine anyone does. The Card The cards basic function is to block enemy players from spawning more of the same unit -> shadow affinity m
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