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  1. Greetings Skylords! We have implemented a new way to message the Skylords Reborn moderation and administration team on Discord! Until now we had been using another system, however, it had become too unreliable for us to use. Please note that all your messages are only visible by the moderators and administrators and will be handled confidentially. Starting today, you can open a ticket by reacting to the message in the #contact-staff channel on Discord. Please use the ticket system for: 1) Ban appeals - You can appeal a forum/ingame ban, if you are unable to post in the forums. 2) Moderation questions - You can ask general questions about moderation that you would like to have clarified. If you have a question specifically for a certain staff member, you still can DM them directly. 3) Ingame reports -You can provide evidence to supplement ingame reports. For evidence relating to reports ingame, please write the ingame name of who you are reporting and your own ingame name. 4) Event sponsorings - You can contact us to get the prize pool of your event sponsored. Please DO NOT use the ticket system for: 1) Technical support - We have the #technical-support channel in Discord and the Technical Support forum section for any technical issues. 2) Bug reports - We have the #report-a-bug channel in Discord and the Report A Bug forum section for any bug reports. 3) Questions about BattleForge - Usually the community is more knowledgable about the game, since the moderation team is quite busy with moderation issues, and do not have a lot of time to play the game. Therefore you should try to use #battleforge-talk or #questions in Discord, or any of the subforums in the Gameplay forum section. STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE FOR USING THE BOT Step 1: React to this emoji in the #contact-staff Discord channel. Step 2: A ticket will be created in a new channel. You will receive a notification from this channel. Step 3: State your concern. Please also include your ingame name, forum name, or e-mail so we can identify your account. Step 4: Be patient! The Skylords Reborn Team is working on this project in their free time, and each staff member has real life responsibilities. It might take a few hours or, in the worst case, days, before someone responds to your ticket. Step 5: Use the lock emoji, and then the tick emoji when you are satisfied with the outcome of your ticket and would like to close it. Step 6: Continue to enjoy Skylords Reborn! đŸ™‚ Thanks for reading this far! We hope we were able to explain how you can contact us using this bot, and are looking forward to your message! Best regards, Skylords Reborn Team.
  2. While that's sad, as we always said, real life comes first. I wish you the best for the things still to come
  3. Sure, I didn't take it as such, still its prohibited to post an issue publicly naming a player.
  4. Hello there, As frustrating as this matter maybe, please refrain from public reporting/badmouthing players. This is against our rules. Therefore I have deleted your attached video naming the player. To the matter at hand, while this practice may be unpleasant, it's not against our rules for now.
  5. Hello I have not been able to see any ban appeals on forum nor on discord. Could you try contacting us again either through SR staff mail on discord or sending a message in the ban appeal section please.
  6. Hello, BF requires a constant connection, even if your internet cuts out for a millisecond you will disconnect from the game. We have found that it has helped some people to use a VPN service when there network is unstable. You can try ptotonvpn for this
  7. Hello there was a first and final reset on 18 december 2020. All accounts were reset
  8. You can pm us your son and your own in-game account name so we can make a note in the system. The preferred method of contact is through discord. Especially since you are using 2 machines it should not be a problem, if you play normally and don't have suspicious trading activity like many one sided trades.
  9. Hello I'll be sponsoring 200 bfp for every other participant from 8th place onwards. This is a personal sponsor, which means I'm sponsoring from my daily bfp rewards
  10. Not a tournament mod, but I'm still unclear whether it's the rank at point of registration or rank at point of tournament? Definitely it's not highest rank though.
  11. Anglais svp. English please Anglais svp. English please Do you still need help?
  12. It is only a visual display error
  13. It just says that cuz I'm mod, I mean the blue 3 dots circle aka patriarch 2991
  14. Abit sad that only 9 signed up so far, presumably because of no free booster
  15. Ultrakool


    It is resolved?
  16. Hey, very cool guide once again Some feedback: I wouldnt say void power "very slowly" refunds power. For every 50 power in void, thats an additional 1 power per 2 seconds.. Thats as much as an extra power well. "Due to the rigid aspect of Battleforge mechanics, micromanagement can have often produce a neutral or negative result, therefore there is no point in microing all the time." Not really sure I understand this statement. It might be good to elaborate what you mean with "rigid aspect" and how it(microing) can have a "negative effect".
  17. Ultrakool

    Frost Sorceress

    At high unit counts frost mage can instant kill ice guardian before it gets close, plus splash damage
  18. Message contents are automatically collected upon deletion of bfp
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