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  1. Ultrakool

    Cant start game

    after being banned in one account, you may not create a new account to play.
  2. Ultrakool

    Login issue

    Yes it’s a known problem that can not be fixed for now, not everyone have this problem and we don’t know the exact cause for it.
  3. That sucks @Lars0viCH and indeed in our rules it’s forbidden to call someone out publicly. You can either make an ingame report through the /report feature or a report on discord through SR staff Mail. Those two are the best ways to report Also I would advise you to refrain from showing this evidence to people other than staff
  4. Ultrakool

    Use an account to play in different places

    Yes you should be fine
  5. Ultrakool

    AH "extend auction" - button

    The problem there is just nobody wants to buy ravenheart generally.. and if they do, nobody will buy more than 1 Nevertheless I do support this idea
  6. Ultrakool

    AH "extend auction" - button

    Normally auctions can be canceled without a bid but we do not currently have an extend bid option ^^
  7. @Halisah gotcha. If you’re talking about the quests itself then yeah it will be one of the things to be reworked
  8. Ultrakool

    Discord - Our new voice server !

    Original link in original post still work for me
  9. Gold acquisition will never be balanced around speed running unless it will be tied to time spent in a map, which isn’t that good an idea. Since you complete maps faster than the average player, your gold acquisition will also be that much faster. Gold being untradeable does sort of mitigate that “problem” and retain progression for other players. It will usually be balanced around how long an average player takes to complete a map, and then calculated via estimated playtimes etc. obviously if you speedrun and complete 20 maps a day(that’s not even a lot when speedruning, depending on the map), for 3-4 months, you’ll obviously have a lot of gold. @Halis What MrXLink is working on is the BFP rewards proposal, in combination with daily quests.
  10. Ultrakool


    We know of this case but no idea why it happens. There’s no error message our side to investigate
  11. Ultrakool

    Game crashing before even starting?

    We had major maintenance and downtime. Everything should be back to normal now. (Except cardbase) more info: https://discord.gg/Y8CfMra
  12. While we are on the topic of the rank requirements for upgrades, is it still planned to remove the rank requirements?
  13. @korsbaek hey there I remember you. Are you comparing the current starter cards to EA F2P starter cards? Because for me I think there’s no question that we have improved the starter cards greatly. If you’re referring actually to the starter deck/cards people got when they originally bought the full game with money back in EA times, then perhaps our cards/decks aren’t as good since we only give out common cards in our starter decks. It’s in an attempt not to devalue uncommon/rare cards, and more importantly most core cards are also in the common rarity.
  14. Ultrakool

    New Map - FlameTD (coming soon™)

    Nooooo surely not! Surely your map was just “inspired” by his!
  15. Posted as announcement on discord ^^ sounds cool
  16. Ultrakool

    What a surprise!

    lol. Quality content
  17. Ultrakool


    Try this: it’s unlimited time link https://discord.gg/bchW29H
  18. Ultrakool

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    It would be fun if someone would make a challenging map where even speedrun takes hours but I don’t think many people will play it
  19. Ultrakool

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    maybe this will help
  20. Ultrakool

    Login Problem

    Try restart your game. Connection failed also can mean you put in wrong password
  21. Ultrakool

    The Stress Test Rookies#4! 03.11.19

    But then I can’t toy with newbs
  22. Ultrakool

    The Stress Test Rookies#4! 03.11.19

    Why best of 1 tho toggy?
  23. Ultrakool

    Introducing .. The entire team !

    I guess this is a bit overdue now but better late than never . I'm Will or otherwise known on-the-line as Ultrakool. I'm from Vietnam, currently living in Germany. It was a silly name I chose a long long time ago for BF and it kinda just stuck. Now basically I use that name in every single online game I play(It comes with putting up with those jokes about my name :D). I enjoy mostly PvP in BattleForge, but back in the days didn't take it so seriously, being younger and all. PvE is fun too but not my main interest. I remember back in the days, getting into BattleForge because of a friend, then he left after several months but I stuck with it on and off until the unfortunate demise in 2013. Like many others here, it was a game I always come back too, even after taking a lot and rather long breaks. In addition to playing the game, I was also involved with the battleforge forums, in the trade section mostly, but in other sections too. Furthermore I was also asked to be a moderator in a fan-made forum by a Dutch person who was known as Lithaladin. I was so involved with the game and the community in fact that, after the game was shut down, were invited to join a Skype Group by MrXLink I think. I wasn't ALL too active in it, but I remember sometimes popping in to reminisce the good ol' days. I moved on to other games but none could compare to BF. Furthermore, I really came to appreciate the community that is BattleForge, mostly compromising of happy and helpful individuals. Compared to other games, playing and conversing in the battleforge community was a breath of fresh air. Never did I know that I would ever even breath that fresh air again. Alas, the wonderful surprise came when MrXLink linked the new forums in the Skype chat of veterans from BF. Joined the forums few days after it was made and the rest was history. At first it was just @Ladadoos and me spamming for our lives, but people quickly joined. 100,200,1000,5 000,10 000, and now a whooping 57 665. Fast forward to March 2018, when I was (sorta) asked to become Moderator, I was elated, this was my chance to contribute to the wonderful unique BF community I know and love, that never could compare to any other. Being here over the years ( Project started in June 2015) there has been many ups and downs, many lulls, I've witnessed many iterations of the game development, 2 servers, going from only having access to the forge in techinical alpha, to being able to load up maps and entering games, and now with thousands of skylords being able to connect at once. We have improved steadily, and while progress might seem slow sometimes: (The usual reasons of this being a volunteer project and all), like me and thousands of you out there, we always come back to BF, and progress will be achieved once again. The project may slow, but it will never stop. Some time soon I hope to be able to meet you guys in the forge after the reset we have planned! Don't lose hope! Also dont shy away from dropping me PMs if you need anything at all, I'm always happy to help. Ultra
  24. Ultrakool

    RNG from card packs?

    But maybe we can do it for some isolated examples where the price difference is not that extreme. I do agree that there are some worthless ultra rare right now but it’s not that simple

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