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  1. While this idea seems good at first glance, there should still be an option to repick a deck. This is because someone, who just starts out with PvP will not know, what their playstyle will be. For example I first picked Fire/Frost when the free PvP decks came out and later noticed, that it didn't suite my playstyle at all, so I no longer pick it. And I guess that I am not alone in that position. I don't really think your idea is too bad however, so if we were to consider something like it, a system similar to the respecing system in World of Warcraft could be employed: Make the first pick free
  2. (German version below) Hello Schoenherr and welcome to the game As @ThomasMann already said, you won't need any T4 cards in PvP. You should also shrink your T3 a little and expand your T1 and T2 instead. I would also suggest what my melony friend before me said; either use one of the free PvP decks (which can be accessed by clicking the sword icon in the top bar, when you are in the forge ingame), especially because they also provide upgrades, or just use them as a guidline to create your own deck. For the explicit deck you provided I would change a few things, for example:
  3. You are right in that the PvP decks have an influence on the market by lowering the prices of PvP only cards and mostly PvP cards, such as Giant Slayer or Scythe Fiends. You have to keep in mind however, that other cards will therefore increase in value, because the average value of a booster will sonner or later fluctuate around their fixed market price of 350, as you can verify here: https://smj.herokuapp.com/boosters This is just wrong, inappropriate and rude. It has nothing to do with boosting anyones ego. With the free PvP decks, everyone has the same chances of winning. If you
  4. You can change your avatar to any card by: 1. Owning that card 2. Finding that card in your inventory (the search function in the top bar of the inventory is useful for that) 3. Rightclicking it and selecting "Set as avatar". This costs 10 BFP however.
  5. Yes, just create a new character. Have fun!
  6. There was a reset in mid December, because the game has now officially released. This means the Open Beta is over. There will be no more resets in the future.
  7. I don't know if something like this exists - I have never made my own map - but what about just making the unit, that is carrying the flag immune to mindcontrol spells? Would something like that be possible?
  8. Yes, because it defies the whole point behind the free PvP decks - to have a competitively viable deck without any farming of any kind. Giving them a time limit will force people to use them as time efficiently as possible in PvP instead of just play the way they like in order to ensure that they have a selfmade deck after their time ends. Giving them a limited amount of uses makes people less willing to play with them because it is like a consumable thing. The time/amount of games needed to build a PvP deck from scratch also varies heavily. E.g. a shadow nature deck will need way less expensi
  9. I didn't "loose" anything, some prices are just shifted around. Making PvP decks limited in time/usage will only encourage multiaccounting, since people will create a new account, when their free decks run out. Also, I honestlt don't get what your problem with the free decks is in general. Somehow you complain, that with them people can farm gold without building a deck, and on the other hand you want people to farm to build a deck. So, please, explain to me, how and why the free PvP decks concretely make the game less enjoyable for you and also for so many people, that it would
  10. Well, if you also want free decks for PvE I suggest you can play on the test server. Just taking stuff away from others to mkake yourself feel better is not gonna help anyone. Also, a lot of people play PvE also for the aspect of progression/deck improvement.
  11. King's ridge seems very cool. There is a video of @Emmaerzeh playing it on youtube. You can watch it to get an idea, oe just try it out to not get any spoilers. https://youtube.com/watch?v=CcXKP6QsG9o
  12. Either like that, or just have a checkbox with a label "Display Booster price" or something, which you can (un-)check.
  13. Hey Maze, I have a feature recommendation for the display page of individual cards. It would be nice to have the option to display a straight horizontal line in the previous prices graph at a variable height. Why that? Because that way you can more easily compare the value of the card to the value of a booster. This can be used to check, whether your most recent booster payed off with the cards you got in it. Example: I pull a Deepcoil Worm from a booster (because green Worm is best Worm) and want to know, if its value is above or below the price of a booster of a certain type. Then I
  14. Actually, we do not have to speculate, when we can just use the SMJ tool developed by @Maze: https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/6973-skylords-marketplace-journal-smj/ It has a feature, where it calculates the current average value of each booster type: https://smj.herokuapp.com/boosters As of right now, all of the boosters almost have the same value, with nature being slightly ahead.
  15. Wtf, I just now noticed that there are two firedancers on the loading screen - one promo and one normal. I mean, its not a big deal, but somehow this really came as a surprise to me right now!
  16. I love the idea! Maybe someone with experience with the map editor will like it as well
  17. Have you tried using Maulers yet?
  18. It obviously depends on what level you want to understand it. The basic mechanics are easy, getting a grip on the main objectives is also quite easy. Learning every matchup perfectly and bringing your decision making and micromanagement to perfection is very difficult and takes a long time though. I personally only played PvE in the old days, watched a crapton of PvP replays during the downtime and played around 50~100 games (including the Stress test and sparring matches) until now, and I would say I have a basic idea on what I'm doing and usually know, why I loose when I do, but I still
  19. This game is not at all hard to understand. You will get the basics after playing the tutorial and a few missions on standard difficulty. There is a bit of advanced stuff, but not a lot tbh, like how bound power and the vpid system function, which you will also learn rather quickly, especially if you ask experienced players for help about it. When playing with other people you will be able to pick up common strategies/combos. Only if you want to get into the details about speedrunning and knowing the ins and outs of all the maps, you will have to invest more time. And of course, more time
  20. Well, noone actively forces you to do them. The fact that yhey accumulate for a few days makes it even so, that if you want to do rPvE today, you can go ahead and do it and maybe do them another day without loosing anything. In fact, the whole system with different types of dailies has been put in place to bring you a bit out of your comfort zone and encourage you to play different maps, if you want to maximize the amount of BFP earned.
  21. You are looking at the damage type right now. You have to look at the letter next to the HP though.
  22. Well, if you got an irl job which yields say 10€/hour, you could make roughly 1000bfp/hour back in the day lol
  23. I just got a funny idea - spend a horrendous amount of gold (like 9.999.999) to get the gold version of a card. Basically the same unit, but all colors are switched to a single shade of gold, making it look kinda rediculous. But if we were to add skins of units, please make them PvE only, I don't want to learn 100 new skins for every unit. Some games (looking at you, Dota) change character skins more frequently than I change my underwear. So everytime I log back into the game after a period of not playing, a lot of stuff I know now looks different, basically making me have to learn the ga
  24. Go to achievements window - hover over the progress bar with your mouse. You now should see, which mission are still missing.
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