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  1. Personally, I do not mind at all but the issue is so divisive, last time I mentioned AI art in a community I got a lot of backlash so... brace yourself for a lot of misinformed hate. I don't think there would be any problem with using AI art as a place holder, although I am sure someone finds even that opinion controversial.
  2. I timers are not actually leading me to losing in PvE they are, as stated, a frustration. They exist but so does the 45 minute playtime for a booster discount, thus I am not incentivized to do the map quickly only punished for failing to do so.
  3. The time limits for rPvE has always felt backwards and frustrating to me, instead of failing for taking too long it should reward people for finishing quickly.
  4. Shields that are used offensively. A line of units that either die shortly after being cast or are self destruct. A heat up/cooldown mechanics, a mode switch. Like rage stacks; only when the damage maxes out the squad starts taking damage and at any time you can change it's mode and those stacks of rage turn in to a shield that scales based on how many rage stacks it had. You can use squads or spells to give those units a shield that would be stronger than the one they could normally give themselves and in turn, boost their damage (both to enemies and the self immolation) beyond what they could normally achieve. This would give them synergy with nature, as you can heal the self immolation and shadow as you can self immolate for... shadowy reasons. I think their weapons and theme would be steam, as in steam powered rifles, steam spraying weapons, large mechanical squads; lots of iron and metal. Stuff like that.
  5. Ah, ok fair enough. I really had not considered this much as... well I just used it because ghost rocket go boom and, well; for lost souls there really wasn't much else for that orb range.
  6. Not sure I get why Lost Spirit Ship got it's legs broken? It was hardly my favorite anything and I only used it because I liked watching them spam their missiles but the improved lost warlord sounds fun, as does the storm buff. Keep up the "make uninsteresting/underpowered cards worth taking up a spot in my deck" thing going please. Oh and the tutorial made me save a replay, so here: 2024-01-26_20-09-51_SiegeOfHope_diff2_s732_zzesus_time_0_22_48.1_v264.pmv
  7. Frontier Keep... Frontier Keep... oooh *that* card, I never even noticed the price, it just never seemed worth using due to the effect. ...Give it a little shield and have it automatically cast when it takes damage.
  8. Amazing, love the buffs to under-performing but interesting units. EDIT: wow, have I really never posted before?
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