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  1. If you needed just one more reason to join the contest: After all the lamentations about the high Evil Eye prize, the SR team decided to sponsor 5 into the random and 2 for the newcomer card pool.
  2. I think an PvP map with FoW would be a nice possibility for a community map, if the layout things about scouting/managing the changed circumstances right from the start
  3. Hear, hear - good news everyone! @Lans dedicated loads of cards (see original post) to the Newcomer Card Pool, so depending on the number of participants it should be possible to hand out 2 or maybe even 3 cards per newbie. A big thanks from me and of course the Newcomers who will receive those cards!
  4. Biased against Magma Hurler, Mauler and Juice Tanks. Worst CCC ever. Updated Clarifications: If you want to use the red Wintertide Affinity, you are allowed to do so. In this scenario with archers, it is just plain worse, so there is no reason to disallow it if one doesn't own and/or doesn't want to buy the blue one.
  5. what this means is if you play Sunstriders, you are technically able to play Eruptions, but not allowed until you build your T2.
  6. As expected, the fire tribes with their Sunstriders are the first who have valiantly entered the tournament!
  7. I would interpret a "Defend here" in the back line as a fallback-position.
  8. "If you haven’t logged in for a long time, your account was most likely reset when the beta ended. With the full release of Skylords Reborn in December 2020, there was a last and forever final reset." ~~ Rogan Kayle
  9. There are rumors that someone was nagging about it until the team made it tradabe On a more serious note: It would be wise to get it the Snappies now before the supply runs out.
  10. I think in the case of Mana Wing, my long term guess is that more achievement-related promos will appear over time – one for each pure faction.
  11. This man speaks truth. Keep preachin' !
  12. @T1421 how about a public vote? draw-on-demand
  13. Don't know why you are switching the topic to PvP now, but I have criticized the SR team that too many resources go towards PvP, so it seems we might agree partly on that. Maybe you have mistaken me for someone who is a big PvP guy? I don't know otherwise, possibly you can explain why the topic is switched to PvP. I'm wondering because most of the hated changes of the "nostalgia players" have nothing to do with PvP. (And just as a sidenote, a “measurement” of 140 online players at 16:00 CET rather proofs my claim of 1k players than disproofs it.)
  14. Of course, there can be different opinions on what direction the game should take, and what effect it will have. But this point I'd like to refute: When more than 2000 people are filling out the yearly survey, and we get participation of 300+ on an event, "making 1000 players happy" is a low-estimate - on planet Earth.
  15. The question is: Do you want this game to succeed or not? The old EA-version was utterly broken, and yes, a few people are having fun with it in this state for nostalgic reasons. If you think the SR team can just flick on a switch and there is a second, old version of the game available, you are mistaken. You need to pour resources into such an undertaking – manpower better spent on making the current (objectively better!) version even more awesome. It's a fool's quest to make the same 20-30 people happy, and not develop the potential for this game to make 1000 happy – or much, much more.
  16. What is Advanced Filtering? Your card collection has clickable filters like rarity, orb colour, and more. But there is also an extremely powerful search bar that accepts special commands to filter your cards. Below you will find a list of all those commands with some explanations. (Please note, due to the necessary formatting, this article will look weird on mobile devices.) Basic Filters Command Example promo: + 1 or 0 `promo:1` (Instead of 1/0 you can also
  17. Hello Skylords, Skyladies, and other Skybeings; and welcome to CCC #9 – the ninth Crappy Community Contest! What are “Crappy Community Contests”? CCC's are meant to be small-scale contests with weird challenges, hopefully luring you away from well-trodden paths. They are small-scale on the organizers side too: usually there will be no stream, video, or event announcing the winners. What's special about these contests is a participation prize for the whole Skylords community. After a short pause, the CCC is back again, this time with a rPvE Challenge: What, when, whe
  18. Good idea, and should be easy to do – it does already do that with "space", but space is useless cause you just entered the price and while in that field the space does not react. Switching it to enter would finally make it work like it should
  19. Informed sources suggest it is already being worked on
  20. I think such options would be nice for those who can't play for a while, and they don't hurt anybody really. As long as the necessary gold scales up the same way it does right now, it should be fine. Also agree on that it would counteract "natural" occurring card prize spikes.
  21. For the functionality we players need, the empty spaces are irrelevant anyway, and I'm not 100% sure they are copied over at all when someone would share you a deck with such spaces. As I mentioned in the other forum thread, this will lift us out of the dark ages when we share decks with screenshots.
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