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  1. Fair enough to say. (HAVE FUN READING MY TERRIBLE GRAMMAR) My thread will get updated and updated and more suggestions posted onto here because I ain't gonna create another one so it will make it easier for me (None of these suggestions will be simple and i know you do not have the code to do this simple and easy) Suggestion #1 - Marketplace Currently the marketplace is simple and old, my suggestions is to basically revamp. Nothing to serious, so simple terms would be to add the following. Instead of going through the market place and writing down the cost of an item, before
  2. Thanks thats exactly what i wanted to know
  3. Its not the fact its a sticky Meerly the fact that if my partner plays I wanna know if we can swap/trade cards? For example, If she has Juggernaut and I have Harvester? and we want to trade them?? Then what is the problem :/
  4. Hello Community! With Mutli-Accounting how does it work. For example do you ban because someone has the same IP or other reasoning, Because My girlfriend was interested in creating an account and playing "Battleforge" but we're quite confused about how this all works and what will happen if we do so make another account under the same IP? General Question! Cheers ahead of time
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