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  1. Kyuubii

    AH Error Bug

    Dear Devs, Yesterday I tried to buy 2x Construct in the AH for about 120-130 bfp each. The problem is, the system gave me an unknown "error01" or smth. and my bfp were withdrawn but i don't got the cards, wich i tried to buy, in the mail. I don't need my bfp back is completely fine. I just wanna let u know that this might happen again with more value cards. I'm lucky that I lost only 250 And this is definitely not a scam try or something. It really happend to me yesterday and I want to give u this information. Unfortunately i didn't take a screenshot. because I thought it's a normal bug. I try to take one if this is happening again. Best regards Kyuubii
  2. Kyuubii

    Open Beta End

    Hi there if anyone know when does the open beta stage gets deleted and all the statistic and achievments are getting resseted to zero.? best regards kyuubii

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