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  1. I would love to see either Bloodhorn or Batariel
  2. Awesome stream! Always love to watch them. I am still sad you didn't put Shadow Mage as S
  3. Favorite: Lyrish Knight All of them very well done!
  4. I believe Conjuration is applied when you transform from Evil Eye into something else.
  5. https://discord.com/channels/173414671678832640/173414795066867712/922959811618943046 There you go
  6. After completing the achievement to beat all the campaign maps on expert, you get warped into a different dimention (new achievement) where everything has been taken over by Lost Souls. This gives you the ability to reply every map with different look and enemies, very similair to the spooky encounters map. Why make new maps if we can reuse existing maps
  7. Respectable 24th place Awesome stream once again! Great interaction and great commentary, very well prepared!
  8. Today is the day! sign-ups are still open and are free! For everyone who played at least both rounds of Bo3 gets a participation price
  9. HYPE! Awesome "new" map Awesome new card preview And awesome to have a new Global Moderator!
  10. Disclaimer: This is more a fun deck. Not advised for beginners. Might have difficulty clearing harder rpve 9 maps. Hey Skylords, I've been playing around with some rpve decks and wanted to share one of my favorites: T1: Standard T1 fire start with Nomad G, Eruption and Mine. Of course a Shadow start is also viable to get your Resource Booster out earlier T2: Bandit Minefield to take the T3 camp easier. T3: At T3, build your Shadow orb as T3 to get early boosters. You can start building your army of Gunners afterwards if you are not the one building the Shrine
  11. After a short discussion on our discord, I decided to make this quiz. You need to name all the Twilight edition (first edition) cards that were in the original game. The time limit is 20 min. Feel free to share your results! https://www.sporcle.com/games/manawingbattlefo/ultimate-skylords-quiz
  12. Awesome deck, and great explanation. I would like to add 1 thing. For people who will to try out this, or similar kinds of decks: If you play Resource Booster as you get Tier 2 (or 3) on all your current wells, and you need to enlighten a Tier 4 unit after (Batariel, forest elder, Dreadnough or any other), please avoid building the 2 wells at the tier 4 camp. The initial payment of 200 power for a pay-off in about 3 min is not worth the delay on your units. When/if you play a buff Batariel deck, never build the 2 wells as you cycle through your power anyways with SoW/cultist+Fo
  13. pve league changed me, I've seen the light and darkness simultaneously. It still haunts me...
  14. That was exactly the reason why we easily won this game, without that extra juice we would have lost the physiological game
  15. It is possible to filter by power cost, if you mean that?
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