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  1. @LichterLoh You can also reach out to me on Discord if the video did not answer your question(s).
  2. If you want an answer to question 3, I recommend to watch my interview with Kapo 🙂
  3. Actually the first time I hear this suggestion, I like it 😀
  4. SOLDIER Quick Tier - the most helpful clicks to settle in Help drive the most essential metric by subscribing to the official Skylords YouTube channel, and like the trailer. Done Join the Skylords Discord to stay on top of news, and help build an enjoyable community. Done Subscribe to the other official Skylords Reborn socials: Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, and TikTok. Done CHAMPION Basic Tier - become a part of the community Subscribe to BattleForge content creators, and like their videos if you enjoy them. Done Participate in events - not just for prices, bu
  5. May the winner of the Rookie Tournament grow up to be as good as the legendary RadicalX!
  6. Maps only provide upgrades for your cards. If you want to obtain a shaman, you'll either have to get lucky from a booster, or purchase one from the auction house.
  7. Thank you for asking first! There is no risk to get banned. Though, please be careful with one sided trades. Enjoy the Lan Party! And do a good word for us 🙏 (if you get banned for whatever reason, pm me, or another mod, on discord and we will sort it out)
  8. There are no banned cards in pvp tournament. Unless specifically mentioned in the initial post.
  9. I am willing to give it a try, but I have no idea where to start? any tips?
  10. Did you play map of the month? Only those are on the leaderboard for rpve matches.
  11. Solved via Discord ticket. Will (hopefully) be solved via the Technical-Support channel in Discord.
  12. @Challanger006 I edited your message a bit. I'd recommend to avoid sharing your sensitive data publicly like that. If you need help getting into an account, please create a ticket via #contact-staff on our Discord server.
  13. Hey @Thrax, I've changed your name to Thrax.
  14. The card was sold at 12/09/2023, 21:15 for 948bfp
  15. OH, I read "Tome" and my mind went instantly to pvp. Also doesn't help that Majora is a pvp player 😛
  16. Thank you for asking me as your first guest for your first "dev-talk-like podcast series", it's an honour. Definitely looking forward to it!
  17. Thank you @Vultagxand @Linkz for helping out the Moderation team ❤️
  18. hello @Honkalo, can you please send a picture of the achievement + your progress.
  19. This event is so much fun. A real puzzle to figure out how to optimize even the smallest details. Very much looking forward to what everyone else came up with!
  20. Looking forward to seeing all the non-fire explosions to keep us cool on these warm days.
  21. The tournament is concluded and I'm sure the event organisers will send out the rewards at their earliest convenience. If you haven't received anything by the end of the week, please contact me and we can figure it out!
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