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  1. what's up with your twitter? i missed all the updates because of that last post was made in january
  2. but are you allowed to hire people to do actual stuff like art or voice? that's the areas where patreon money can go
  3. >>BattleForge/docs/advanced_filtering.txt in the doс under health hp you have "xn" instead of russian "хп"
  4. well you love weird decks but generic people play with decks that are comfortable. why have an extremely fiddly deck, when you can have a cruise control for coolness deck with the same result. especially people who don't go pvp (both because they don't play at it all and because waiting in line takes hours). outside of my raven i at most saw firedancers promo and mo. people just don't use them like you can play roots deck as it was originally intended and spend an hour on a map or just wipe it with a universal deck in 20 minutes. (still don't understand why the roots were nerfed in h
  5. the art looks good i hope some useful card gets promo — mana or ray having useless promos of inferior units isn't as fun as grinder\raven. you may have rogan and viridiya in collection but never use them at all.
  6. i pick one need zero greed and never get the card if the rest don't pass it and the other guy gets 2-3 cards
  7. the game was working fine yesterday today it said updatin 11\11 and then closed after which the launcher just gives me 1\1 and closes
  8. i played yesterday just fine but now the updater auto closes i reinstalled it and it still auto closes
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