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  1. Hope pvp focus doesn't kill pve, as most people play pve as far as i know and only a few pvp. When i look at 2vs2 ranking it seems dead, but dryads gets teamplaynerf for 2vs2 that no one is playing (last time i look into ranking the winning team had 1 match only). Nothing too serious at the moment and i still be happy to be able to play the game but i get a bad feeling for balancing focus. Hope i'm wrong.
  2. NAME: Perma buff lost DESCRIPTION: I found out that if a unit dispells a buff that is permanent like the wheel buffs they will never come back on the unit, even if the debuff spell should only dispell it an block it for a short time (like from lost soul dancer unit i think it was even in their discription). It is annoying playing support and than find out your support is wasted energy. REPRODUCIBILITY: Always. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Could be stoped if the perma buffs would refresh themselfs once in while. NAME: Need/Greed bug DESCRIPTION: I played many times with friends and we like to use the need and greed system... and we found out that if one press need and the other greed it is random who gets the card. Sometines the one pressing need get's it (how it should be) and sometimes the greed player gets it. It's not a bug that should have any prio as you get upgrade cards well enough from playing rPVE and buy them with gold, but wanted to report it REPRODUCIBILITY: As it is random and always random we could reproduce it many times. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: A guess but maybe need and greed has the same prio in the system...
  3. I understand giving no BFP, because people would go afk to farm them. For quests like summon cards/spending energy to not exploid it is okay. But for the achievement to have cleared all maps on X diffuculy i think it would be quite annoying. If you play a map that takes long, have to make a short brake (your team mate keeps def running in that time) and than go back, finish the map together and have to do it all again because it didn't count would be realy sad. I didn't see an achievement where going afk would have an positive effect. But maybe there are exploids i don't see here yet.
  4. Yeah they stay true to their words from the beginning and make a fair start for all... how annoying, couldn't predict that. How dare they not lie! But honestly i can't wait. Makes the best christmas present there is for me.
  5. I log in nearly everyday in this forum, look at the release date, and than smile Thank you so much for this to happen.
  6. I believe fiki is right that many people don't play because they wait for the reset to happen. Maybe enough to cause a problem if they all want to play after the reset, maybe not. I've seen triple A games having problems with a big spike after a big patch or release... so even if it causes problems the first days or weeks after the big reset i wouldn't think bad about it. Spikes go, people adjust, and the devs have proven to be able to adjust. I'll be waiting to find out On the other hand... the devs said many times before it's not to make money. If few people or thousands play or millions is not the point. It's nice to have a big community for better matchmaking. But to be able to play it properly not bugy is the main point. Not to make money or impress a CEO of a company or making the game one of the most played or famous games. Every single one being able to play this is a sucess. It doesn't need big numbers. It ain't a press many like buttons project. Why is anyone focused on big numbers anyway these days? Get the feeling we loose sight of what's important, the inside, but that a big topic going outside this topic XD Anyway this project is a huge sucess anyway. The few times i played it, it was more stable than the original game and that is above being a simple revival. Great work and my deepest respect... or a billion inflation likes worth for you guys if that's how you roll
  7. It's coming, the day we have all been waiting for Amazing seeing the progress in the last months. Thougt it would take a lot of time after loosing Kubik, for working into what he did and maybe slowing down because one that took big effort and time into it is never easy to replace... but the opposite happend. You worked fast into it, didn't go low on morale and pushed on, even faster and better. Got a lot of respect for that. Strange sometimes how some negative looking events can do a positive effect sometimes Now i wait this little time left, beeing excited and gratefull that i will see this day. Thank you so much for the great news.
  8. Long post so short version ahead: TL;DR -- The Short Version -Slowly card and BFP gain is good for pve, fast gain is good for pvp. It depends on focus whats good (i like pve btw... :P) -No specific like colour based daily quests. Daily quests all can achieve please __________________________________________________________________________________ Long version: Getting BFP for playing sounds good. I know i wouldn't play everyday and i loose the max amount of BFP i could get... but honestly if you play every now and than only you don't have to expect to get everything. The thing about buying card packs or just use the AH is: It will balance itself i guess. If the cardprizes get too high you can buy packs and sell them. If the cardprizes get too low you buy cards at AH instead of packs... The question is more for the real rare cards and how hard to get they will become. And that brings me to another question for the focus: How important ist min/maxing for the player and how important it is to collect and and develop your deck. For min/maxing focus it would be good to make it possible to get easy and fast to a ultimate deck by giving much card packs/BFP: Pro: +It is vital for pvp because it would be bad loosing because the enemy has better cards. +You can fast get to the high challenging pve missions for those loving to get fast through a game Negative: -Fast getting boring for many because if you have everything the motivation to play and collect more drops -Fast getting boring if you win the hard maps too fast / early because the deck gets too strong too fast -resulting in the loss of longevity exspecially for those playing pve All in all: Good for PVP, bad for PVE (expect you are one of those that love to rush threw a game and than don't play it anymore but those are not good for a community) For collector and deckdeveloper focus it would be good to slowly (how slowly depends on the player) getting card packs/BFP: Pro: + The fun if you get a good card you spend much time to get, either it be for selling, giving your friend that needs it for his deck or for your own deck + Long time motivation of collectiing and expand your collection + Having fun seeing you get better and better as you get stronger cards over time + Having motivation to become stronger with time, thus wanting to spend time playing the game + (for those funny little mad guys among us like me XD) Having fun to try the missions with the crapdeck you only have early and find ways to make missions possibly with it (yeah you could make a crapdeck even with good cards available and not using them but this doesn't feel good), than making this missions with the slighty better cards you collected than and enjoying seeing how smoother it gets but still having to find unorthodox ways to be able to win with those cards, than with the next upgrade of cards enjoy getting it smoother and smoother etc. Negative: - Bad for pvp as you get beaten by guys that just have better cards than you do - Bad for those that want to complete the game as fast as possible to jump to the next game. - Bad for those loving to be imba and steamroll things All in all: Good for pve (expect for those fast/easy win loving guys) and bad for pvp _______________________________________________________________________________________ The last thing is that i didn't find and wonder if it's only me and my friends: We love playing together and thus taking the decision to share the cards. One play fire deck, one frost, one nature, one shadow and than with the mixed cards coming in changing depeding on what we have, leading to the mix of the cards (nature/frost, fire/shadow). The result is everyone gets to have good cards because if you play an element you get all the cards from 3 different players in addition to your own and that is for your friends too. Teamplay rocks and yeah you need good friends you can depend on to do this. But with this i plead: Stay with the quests everone can make. No colour based quests destroying friends sharing and those having no good cards of one colour. No expert only or difficulty 9 or higher quests that lead to people not helping the weak or letting the strong dominate the market even more. One time achievements okay, but not daily quests. Daily quest should motivate all to play. And keep the roll new function for those that don't play pvp to change to pve quest and vice versa or just the quest win/play 3pve or pvp mission quest (or to make it fair as pve you can more easily win if you want to, make it win 3pvp or 5pve missions, something like this), that would be nice. _________________________________________________________________________________________ As i am a coop pve loving player i don't need to say what i prefer. But no matter the decision at the end: Thank you making the final reset (when it comes) and letting me and my friends enjoying this game. As far as i seen it you listen to the community, so the result will be a good one, even though it can't be the right for everyone and it will be a hard decision. Realy don't want to be in your shoes there devs ^^
  9. Gold, upgrades, chances to get a card from a booster pack... probably everything you get for playing missions. Refer to saying for PVE players with friends both only there won't be a change for not doing a reset as far as i can see it (i might be wrong or miss something here). And before someone says: He might be right, devs go release the game with no reset: If i'm right it still only count for a small group of player base and devs can't act only for them. They could make 2 servers (PVP and PVE): The PVE only could start now, but that would mean deactivating some quests the devs put into the game (good for me i don't want pvp daily quests) and deactivate PVP on this server (yeah also good for me and those PVP hater like me XD). Sounds nice and simple... if not every change like deactivate PVP on a server could cause more bugs and problems. Also it means splitting ressources for taking care of 2 different servers with different settings, which is not good for a small dev team (remember they ain't a big gaming factory with hundreds of employees and millions of dollars flying around). Conclusion: The best thing for the people that want to play the game without reset like me is: Do what you don't like. Wait for it to be finished, trust the devs, stay nice to motivate them (yeah being nice = boosting morale of people working for free = working better/faster thats how morale works... -> doing the opposite: flame and rage = demotivate the devs = you get it and if not simply don't make a post in the forum, it will help i assure you, thx). And now i want to say something that doesn't sound like i wanted to become a preacher: I want a cute little turtle riding on the construct (the t4 stone siege turtle) for giggles. Theres a small open temple on it, how adorable it would be if there was a happy turtle inside XD (devs don't do i would feel more and even too sad if one of my construct dies)
  10. I can understand that someone really wants the game to come out without progress reset. The loot count and table won't change as far as i have read it. The point of not doing it is for the sake of PVP for balancing non cheat fair games (I may be incorrect, sry in that case). I don't want to play PVP. I don't want to play with random people, because I got some friends that will never cheat and i plan playing only with them PVE. The reset is not good for me and my friends that are waiting and want to start after no more reset. But if i keep thinking that way i go full ego mode. The devs have a reason. They can't and won't make decisions for some individual, but for the sake of the whole game that they are working on unpaid for. If I want it another way the answer is: Do it yourself! And i won't be able to it. And without you devs i would never be able to play this great game ever again. Yeah i have to wait, yeah i don't like it but that's my personell problem. There will be people that want to play PVP and this game mode will be bad and frustrating if it is full of cheater. I have to respect that, even if i don't care to play it. Decisions can't be made only for me but for the whole. Keep up your good work devs i keep on waiting for release
  11. Just wanted to say thanks for the good work. Games getting more stable, chance to connect to server is getting higher. You can feel the progress and hard work of the devs. Thank you.
  12. thx and yes i know. You're probably right that i most of the time log in on overpopulated times as i have work and than log in as many other after prime work times , there's no wonder i get the full server time. It was not the intention to mememe i just wanted to give a feedback for devs to adjust, hoping every experience counts. yeah sure that. all the time i read the weekly dev progress i see the effort and heart of the devs flowing into the game it's amazing. Btw.. missing the weekly monday dev post after the open stress test started. i loved reading the progress this projekt makes
  13. well i tested for a week and my progress is: played succesfull the tutorial map and the first single player map on the first 2 days... the second single player map i tried for 5 days and trying different times at day and with respect to the 1 minute waiting before a new login attempt several times a day but only managed to login 2 times to try the map and got a game freeze both. I would love to test and find out the cause of the freeze but if you can't login to test you can't try to test the reason for freeze and can't help... but the server is full = meaning many players trying to test and that is good for the devs (not for me now but good for the future me that get the progress of the others that test and find bugs for devs and in the long run me). Would be happy for bigger server though ^^ (but the devs working and having server online from their own ressource i shouldn't get greedy to demand too much XD ) and than i read the progress others have and think... maybe just my luck. No matter thanks devs for making it possible to play the tutorial and first mission, hearing the sound of the game ingame again after all those years and thanks, really. Keep up the good work. I have confidence you make this game playable again I will try my best to login and be of help if ever possible btw just a thougt: Maybe the games freeze because the server are full and can't handle any more... setting a lower limit on player that can be online and test if the game freezes reduce? Or try seperate login and game server if possible if not already done. You probably did this already but if not even a stupid advice may help (even if the it reduces my own chance to get online but hey need to think for the greater good)
  14. Like many said: You guys are just great for giving the chance to play no matter the time. And even if it is dissapointing that the release date wasn't in time there are some things need to be said: 1. I (and as i read most other) are neither mad or sad or angry at the development team because I know you give it your best and if it isn't in said time than there is a reason for it and there's no doubt about it. I know the team giving it's all, that's why i have only deep respect and nothing bad against the team on setbacks. Don't overwork, stay healthy. I will love to count on you in future for patches, so don't kill yourself with the release, take your time. 2. There are biiiiiiiiig and weeeaaalthyyyyy gamining companies with lot of expirience that delay more than you guys. As i read your progress i still feel amazed even if you delay. 3. You work for free and want the game to be played for free, not for greed. Even if you will never (and i don't think that will happen seeing what you've done) be able to complete it the try in itself is an achievement worth mentioning. Every second you put into this project is a second build on the tower of respect for you guys. Don't make yourself crazy or think you dissapoint, cause you don't. The only people you dissapoint are those who are greedy or don't want to see what you are doing, don't feel burdened for them. 4. True strength is not winning without an opponent. Every setback you encounter and beat proves your strength. Grumbling won't help, smash the bugs and keep fighting as you are doing every day. Always stand back up, that's how i think you guys are and that's the only thing that counts. In the end it won't change: You guys are great don't feel any other way. Your the heroes letting us common people reach for the sky for this game. You are the skylords :)... ... ... don't get cocky ;P
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