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  1. Y'all fockers want some free shit? BFPs, specific cards, Boosters? idc really, send me an ingame mail, my username is the same as here on the forum just with a capital 'A'. I'll check ingame in a few days. Ask for too much (something I don't have or can't afford) or too little (5BFPs), that's on you, otherwise if I have it and you want it, within reason, you will get it. Give it a shot, whatcha got to lose? I will answer any and all requests starting from oldest. Bored, make the best of it. Good night
  2. anonyme0273

    Old Replays

    Dug up a link for one iteration of the aforementioned tool for version 254 (01.01.2021 - 05.03.2021) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SJo0c4BfjWn7bw6ROVYOhpqkU-ZFK2Zp/view?usp=sharing How to make it work extract in the BattleForge folder start the LauncherReplay<versionNumber>.exe use the "Replays" button in the login menu to view replays - logging in will not work Use at your own risk, didn't test this, but the code seems fine What it is, basically, is a launcher with old files relevant to the patch. You could reproduce this for any and all versi
  3. It has been a while indeed 😮 don't bother with the Forum, most topics are now discussed on the Discord - https://discord.gg/0y3WGMGXhd5q2lXA
  4. Oh I agree, I'm very worried about every install and admin right I grant, but from personal experience with some SR staff, I know that only the absolute best care is taken with every bit of published code and asset. The core is completely solid, so until I see an issue that would make me question the security of what I'm running here, I'm fine. Then you can check the code for vulnerabilities yourself. It's quite straightforward and to me (a noob of cybersecurity, full disclosure) seems fine. As the project grows, perhaps it would be a good idea to maybe sign and publish the updater si
  5. Had the same issue, but you can easily scan the file for viruses (so far there ain't none). It's a trust thing, as far as I know the privilege is required to read and write .pak files If you are still concerned, you can also ask a tech savy acquaintance to decompile the code (not a problem with free software like dotPeek) and have a look at what exactly is going on - you also get the images in the launcher as a bonus for your efforts. I've done that and can assure you that as of a few months back it really was not harmful. Don't think the requirement will change, but maybe I don't know
  6. This is the way.

    All-nighter with BattleForge soundtrack, poker and upcoming Skylords


    1. Deadman
    2. BurningWorld


      Man what is this appartment, what do you do for a living? Selling drugs? And where? Can I join ur business?
      Jokes aside but you got a really nice place there man, gj!

  7. You spent a lot of time defending a small point made about the team and it's capabilities with only 3 bullet points addressing the actual suggestion, which while I understand the need to make things clear, I truly believe most people didn't come here to argue, but to discuss the suggestion, its techincalities and usage. Seems to me the priorities of dicsussion are reversed, seeing as noone really went all in to complain about the teams work but rather talk about bettering and enhancing BattleForge. No devs? You just got a volunteer to help with an idea he proposed himself, so no extra
  8. We had good times, we had bad times. So long, cheers
  9. I said a similar thing about the flaws of the economy without a constant player influx but unlike you I proposed a reasonable solution. If you want to read it, dig around for a bit. And yet again, if you want a discussion like a normal person, propose something, don't just say 'this and that needs to be done'. Noone cares what you want changed, but maybe HOW is a more interesting question, though seeing what you've wrote so far I doubt that in advance.
  10. Did you still not notice there is NO way to pay with real money to get an advantage in the game? You only gain ingame currencies by playing the actual game or using its mechanics (yes, the dreaded AH and Direct Trade). Since EA no longer has any grasp on this, there is nothing that would make this comparable to a gacha game. Seriously just stop and look at the good instead of trying to dig so deep to find anything remotely bad about BattleForge.
  11. You keep repeating two things. First, how the system is broken, without actually pointing out any real specifics. So that's a complete waste of my time to read. Second, how high and mighty you are for not being an ass and not shitting on other players. Good for you, have a medal and go away. Expand your reasoning and propose a detailed solution if you want any real attention, since I have a sneaky suspicion that's your goal. You likely aren't stupid enough that a complete bototm up economy revamp is almost impossible, so if you really want to see changes happen, make a real case
  12. That's why the auction house and direct trade exist. But then, sadly, you would have to talk to other people. What a tough life.
  13. "(This is gonna be destroyed and probably removed, heck I might be banned.)" this ain't Facebook or China, bad opinions like yours are not banned or removed, just laughed at. Yes, economy, the doom of all, where people who start equal and work their way up with hard work, time dedication and a tad of luck are the scum of the game. Please, do us a favor and stop posting these, you clearly just want a whole new game, so go find it (or make it, see how many people enjoy that soulless piece of garbage) and leave us alone.
  14. Oh no, you again. Yes of course, everything is of equal value, because Northguards are as interesting mechanically as a Death Ray or a Juggernaut. Frost Mage and Shaman clearly are as important to a deck as Lost Banestone. Promo Firedancer definitely as interesting and balanced as an Amazon. Supporting arguments is overrated, this is a place where notions and ideas are screamed at each other for the sake of making the argument, not sustaining it, didn't you know? This dude got it figured out my man, we don't know shit. Don't think I've ever been so annoyed by someone like I am with thi
  15. Rather be a 'lost soul' than a fucking bandit crying how tough life is because you can't do shit the proper way as everyone else. What the actual fuck? WITHOUT interaction with other players? You are aware this is not a single player game, right? You don't already need to interact with people, the boosters don't talk to you when you open them. Are you delusional or just new to the game? I am seriously confused. How in real life do you not have to interact with people to get stuff? How would you imagine this goes? The staff creates universal prices for all cards that you can buy
  16. anonyme0273

    AH Health

    bruh we talking market here or the fkin social system? I am just as much against market limitations ingame as I am against those things irl. Free market - something is up for sale, anyone can buy it. You ain't fast enough? Sucks for you. You ain't got enough currency to acquire that certain thing? Get more - play and trade. The preset rules are clear and unchanged, but putting more rules in place to make things easier for those who have little is unfair for those who try. A fitting metaphore for real life. Is luck involved? Yes, both ingame and life, that ain't gonna change, might as well make
  17. anonyme0273

    AH Health

    Why do you think limiting the economy is a good idea? To make things easier and more convenient? As if hundreds of free daily BFPs and daily deck sales ain't making it easy enough. How about you outsmart the market instead of trying to kill it to save yourself some trouble?
  18. For now? The economy being completely free for people to do with as they please was, at least for me, one of the cornerstones of BattleForge. Ya got enough BFPs to buy all the Promos then rise their prices by a few thousan and resell them to others? Good for you. Got enough patience to buy 3BFP cards and resell them for 5 to those in need of charges? Cheeky but smart! All those tactics are already on the verge of death anyway with Boosters and cards being a looot more common than they once were. I sincerely am hoping for the ingame economy to stay as untouched and unregulated as possible.
  19. I'll admit when I missed something, the links are there. Yet still, attempting to find them by looking for them without knowing where to start is quite a pain, so if they are meant to be public maybe have them pinned on the Forum or have the Discord tab on top of this website roll down with all 3 options? More long term transparency concerning similar issues than a one time post would be welcome.
  20. I dunno, but you now have the means to ask in a place where such questions belong. I can't really help much beyond that.
  21. If you dig deep enough, somewhere in the bowels of the Forum or Discord (I honestly don't remember myself) there is a way to be a part of the process in a separate Discord server where these balancing changes are proposed and discussed. However, I have a feeling not every voice matters. If I remember correctly, there is also another Discord for description changes, but again, clearly not public enough for the general knowledge to know about those. EDIT: Found the links, not by actually seeing them publicly but from an old PM with links. Oh well, secrets exist to be uncovered.
  22. I am guessing a guide how to have a larger mouse cursor ingame? ... probably just General Talk. Either way, crude Google Translate is likely the way to go if you want to communicate your thoughts clearly.
  23. Oh definitely ^^ I'm very glad it turned out that way and there ain't a challenge on Bad Harvest. The less known the map, the more interesting, and community maps will be amazing to watch
  24. I usually like PvP tourneys much more, but this is an awesome PvE challenge - a community map where there is no clear 'ez win' strat that's used and abused by every good PvE player. Looking forward to the results on this one
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