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  1. anonyme0273

    Cards and ranked PvP

    Could be a way of bringing Tomes back - as a separate PvP only gamemode with full upgrades and all cards unlocked hmm. Though splitting the playerbase with more gamemodes just increases queues which are already quite a pain.
  2. 5 years and 1 day on this Forum. BattleForge lives again, all is well.

    1. ThomasMann


      The forum doesn't live though, RIP Chat box. 

    2. BurningWorld


      when Open Chatbox pls? 

  3. anonyme0273

    השרת אינו עובד כראוי

    Don't start the game with the launcher but use the updater. You can read everything necessary to run the game in the Stress test thread here - Also, please keep this Forum in English. The small amount of people who visit here will appreciate it.
  4. As I expected and mentioned in my original reply. That does seem weird, if you changed the settings this would hardly be confusing at all.
  5. What surprises me in the screenshot provided is that in one instance the announcement is anonymous and <likely small amount of time> later, the name is shown. I doubt the setting was changed by @Flrbb as he clearly seems confused (probably didn't know it existed) and the setting name is pretty self explanatory. Perhaps that's the bug he is trying to bring forward?
  6. anonyme0273

    Skylords Reborn Championship (11.07)

    I agree, but afaik some wall placement is just bullshit - an enemy captures a wall next to your base in T1 because you decided to expand the other way (Lajesh for example). So they capture the wall, put a few archers up on there and you, being in T1, have almost no way of defending against that (yea, Hurricane etc, sure, but you know what I mean). Overall these walls I think piss people off the most and from this the prejudiced wall hate just spreads easily. In some maps, however, I think (again, based on my limited low level PvP experience) it's normal to wall up some chokepoints to slow down or redirect the enemy attacks (Uro, Simai). I think people flame because especially early on it's very hard and annoying to deal with walls due to their instand build and usual low cost. Often walls are just taken to tilt you rather than progressing own control, and being slowed down by a 2k wall blocking off your access to half the map is a pain in the ass. To each their own, I stopped building most walls just because it's standard, but don't really care unless someone tries to fuck me over in Lajesh this way.
  7. anonyme0273

    Offensive Names

    Is this really all it takes to trigger someone? Nothing really rude is going on there, the name might be just baaaaaaaaaarely crossing the line a little tiny bit if you really wanna take offense in everything as insignificant as this. I think the rule against insults and offensive names is in place to prevent things of a much worse nature, likely in a targeted manner towards a minority or any other specific group of people. This is just absurd.
  8. anonyme0273

    The legendary forum game "count"

    2923 forever
  9. Kubik was, in the last year, the only real developer and I hope his great work and efforts will not go unnoticed from now on just because he is no longer a part of the team. Fingers crossed that the work doesn't completely stop with him being gone, good luck to the remaining staff, though it won't be easy to find his replacement.
  10. anonyme0273

    Suggestion His/Her -> Their

  11. BF economy is the closest representation of a real economy (if we exclude the fact that cards appear from thin air and the influx of players doesn't match the Boosters being opened, but that's a different topic). Overpricing cards is a valid option for players both new and old with the risks of noone buying that and the prospect of a larger profit margin. Economy is constantly evolving and changing and it's up to players to decide whether they want to buy, sell, trade or get Boosters and cross their fingers. Limiting this kills one of the best parts of the game. If a player wants to buy a certain card, they can ask around for its appropriate price instead of buying the first thing they see on the marketplace. They can just as well wait for the price to change in their favor, whether they are buying or selling. At this point getting a monopoly is impossible for more than an hour or two before someone spots an overpriced singular offer and undermines it while still making a profit, thus bringing the price down with natural means. Yes, some players have more cards while others have less - that's normal. You can decide not to buy from them or buy from Direct Trade with better price or wait for someone to lower their price - no card is owned entirely by one person. Recommending a price for cards makes people dumber and dumber, effectivelly numbing the Auction House to a boring place where people are complied to use averaged prices or risk not making any profit. Trading is easier than it ever was, don't whine about some 1% when it's not hard to become one of them. No point complaining, you can make or break tons of BFP with very little, especially with free Boosters - just don't rush things, look for good offers and use Direct Trade more often when buying, usually there are better prices there.
  12. anonyme0273

    The Stress Test Rookies#2! 06.04.19

    BFP for being bad? Count me in
  13. anonyme0273

    Request: Help us write better bugs

    Not sure what sections of the Forum are available to the public, but there is an example bug report in Beta rules. Here it is pasted directly from there. This format should be helpful and clear while easy to follow. ---------------- EXAMPLE BUG REPORT Topic title: 1 - Disconnect once loaded into Forge NAME: Disconnect once loaded into Forge SEVERITY: 1 LOCATION: (End of) Loading Screen, Forge REPRODUCIBILITY: ALWAYS DESCRIPTION: Every time I log in, the game starts loading. When the loading bar on the loading screen is filled, it takes a few moments (~10-20 Seconds) before I get a disconnect notice. Once I get this notice, I can see the chat, users and my account image alongside the disconnect notice. Please see the attachment below. SCREENSHOT: http://oi59.tinypic.com/9qw9qe.jpg ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Might have to do with my account being outdated, would suggest an account reset. -----------
  14. anonyme0273

    Random Helpful Tidbits

    Nice tips, I appreciate (and think it's very useful) numbers 2 and 4. Thanks, hopefully people use this for their own and the projects good.
  15. anonyme0273

    Add a chest to all T2 orbs in random PvE

    Isn't it motivation enough to go T2? I mean... you probably ain't gonna win anything above Difficulty 2 with T1.
  16. anonyme0273

    Asia Players/Server

    There is just one server (technically speaking) atm for all players and the latency differences beetween players from Europe, Canada or any other country are small. Keep in mind that the game is still in its stress test and optimizations are being made over time. It should get better for everyone without the need for separate servers, which would just divide the community and make the playerbase a lot smaller overall.
  17. anonyme0273

    Playable neutral cards units and structures

    Some of those are available in the Forge, you can then Mind Control or Parasite Swarm them, but as you can see, they aren't really unique and their description tells you all you need to know.
  18. anonyme0273

    can't start my acc

    What does it mean? Your game doesn't start? You can't log in? You can get through login to character select but not choose your character? You can choose your character but can't get through loading screen? If everyone posted "errors" like this, we'd still be in tech fucking alpha.
  19. anonyme0273

    Pve AFK players

    From what I understood people go AFK in a 4P game. The Anticheat that's in development should tackle issues with people intentionally going AFK as well and automatically punish them. Atm all you can do if you see someone AFK is leave the game and start over with someone else or just play with friends you know will play the entire match. As annoying as it is, not much more can be done with it as of now.
  20. anonyme0273

    My little brother's birthday gift

    Happy birthday to your brother. You could try asking people directly in the Discord chat, I doubt this thread will do you any good. First of all Promo cards are 1/200 decks, so kinda rare to expect someone to give it away (and no, the staff definitely ain't going to give you free shit lol). Second of all - this card can be bought in the Auction House, and as with most birthday gifts, you gotta buy them to give them to someone else. You could've traded in advance to save up for this and give it to him, that would show how much you care. Gl
  21. anonyme0273

    RPVE help

    I can't tell you how to build the entire deck, am not that good of a Fire rPvE player myself, but from what I've seen from others - T1 is usually just Nomad Green and Mine, perhaps with Eruption. Smart placement of that Mine and Nomad regen should get you through the first camp to T2, saving you many spots for higher tier units. Batariel is a must, very powerful PvE unit overall. Not sure about Pyromaniac. So yea - I suggest freeing up T1 and Pyromaniac for stronger T2/T3. As I said, can't give specific details, but it would be a nice start.
  22. anonyme0273

    Some ideas

    At the current stage Boosters drop very frequently (at least 1 per day) + 3 quests to pretty much suggest what to do. While it's not really explicitly pointed out when you play the game, you soon realize you need a bit of a grind for Gold or Upgrades to make a viable deck, which should direct you in itself. More quests is unnecessary imo. Events may come in the future just as official tournaments and more to hype up the community, but it's a matter for later.
  23. anonyme0273

    New card idea

    Light Radiance is an active ability, is there a cost? 70 Power +- should be fine.
  24. anonyme0273

    Old Battleforge patches

    Not sure you can dig those up from the files, but some of those patchnotes are public and easily searchable online. Wiki: http://battleforge.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Patch_notes http://battleforge.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Patches Public, may not work/be up to date https://www.patches-scrolls.com/battleforge.php
  25. anonyme0273

    Better deck organisation

    Not a bad idea, perhaps in the future @Ladadoos could have a look on that.

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