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  1. Yes i know but when they worked with Ardent Peak, EA hasnt the right to shut it down if they want to "If they have any issues with what they are doing they will contact the owner of Ardent Peak rather than send us shutdown notices." so it would be interesting if the project is still protectet from EA.
  2. Sure that EA are still the copyright holders after the ardent peak deal? I mean i think there is some sort of contract which prevent EA from shutting down the project without a good reason.
  3. I think its not possible anymore that EA can close down this project
  4. "Go to the fourth tab (Startup) and disable the Kraken software, if any. Then restart your PC." It worked. Now i can listen to the sound of my childhood again thank you
  5. " Is your BF client intact? No files missing for sound?" There are no missing sound files as far as i know. "Would you happen to know what sound card you got? If you don't, then press WIN+R while on the desktop, type in dxdiag and check the Sound tab(s) to find out." I dont have a soundcard. This is what i found in the sound tab. There isnt a 24bit format in the Advanced tab only 16bit.
  6. I dont know whether there is sound in the login menu (cant login at the moment) but i will tell you if it worked or not
  7. reinstalling sound drivers didnt worked for me.
  8. my sound works normal in other games and i already checked volume. i can try to reinstall the drivers but it will be difficult because i dont have a soundcard so i need to find the mainboard drivers
  9. Everything works fine but i dont have any sound.
  10. Has anyone else problems with the sound not working?
  11. Maybe there can be Micro transactions to buy boosters and not single cards. It would be more fun with that option and it wouldnt hurt the durability of the project.
  12. @SilenceKiller99 He wrote his age at the top of the thread
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