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  1. Card ideas with description

    Nice job ! I love the graphics style and the ideas are really fresh I would like see these cards one day
  2. Who is around my age or older?

    So sorry but.. I'm 16
  3. Where are you from?

    Bonjour, I'm french
  4. Be like ''Bill''

    This is Pandeell Pandeell doesn't write a parody of Be like Bill The end
  5. What Gamemode did you play?

    When I started Battleforge I played only campain, some month later, I tried PVP and I liked it And 2/3 years later I wanted to level up my deck with the PvE so ; 2008-2009 : Only Compain PvE 2009-2011 : Only PvP ( Between 2009 and 2011 I did a break ) 2011-2012 : Only PvE It was funny And now, I discovered Skype and I will mainly play with friends in PvE and maybe PvP later Edit : The best quest in Battleforge is Bad Harvest
  6. Favorite Faction?

    I always like all faction But I favorise Natural faction
  7. Element Boosters

    No problem
  8. Element Boosters

    Yes, that's could be great. I'm agree with this sugg
  9. Hi guys i'm new :3

    Thanks you guy I'll check these link, Strek0za =)
  10. Hi guys i'm new :3

    Thanks you
  11. Hi guys i'm new :3

    Hello all, I discovered the BattleforgeReborn Project some month ago, and today I wanted to join the forum to discuss about this beautiful game =) My english isn't well but if I often write in english here, I'm gonna step up in this language About me : I'm a french guy, I'm young ( 14 ) and I played Battleforge when I was 8/9 years old and that's wonderful memories I hope this project will be a success