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  1. Be like ''Bill''

    This is Pandeell Pandeell doesn't write a parody of Be like Bill The end
  2. What Gamemode did you play?

    When I started Battleforge I played only campain, some month later, I tried PVP and I liked it And 2/3 years later I wanted to level up my deck with the PvE so ; 2008-2009 : Only Compain PvE 2009-2011 : Only PvP ( Between 2009 and 2011 I did a break ) 2011-2012 : Only PvE It was funny And now, I discovered Skype and I will mainly play with friends in PvE and maybe PvP later Edit : The best quest in Battleforge is Bad Harvest
  3. Favorite Faction?

    I always like all faction But I favorise Natural faction
  4. Element Boosters

    No problem
  5. Element Boosters

    Yes, that's could be great. I'm agree with this sugg
  6. Hi guys i'm new :3

    Thanks you guy I'll check these link, Strek0za =)
  7. Hi guys i'm new :3

    Thanks you
  8. Hi guys i'm new :3

    Hello all, I discovered the BattleforgeReborn Project some month ago, and today I wanted to join the forum to discuss about this beautiful game =) My english isn't well but if I often write in english here, I'm gonna step up in this language About me : I'm a french guy, I'm young ( 14 ) and I played Battleforge when I was 8/9 years old and that's wonderful memories I hope this project will be a success