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  1. Aleksay

    [Giveaway] Tell us your story !

    I feel sorry for people with better stories that haven't been picked because of their reputation (new accs, low activity..) For all the guys who are very active and have large amounts of posts, you could have given them the BETA regardless of the competition...Anyways, congrats to everyone else, and see you at the forge!
  2. Aleksay

    [Giveaway] Tell us your story !

    So proud of you bro, @DISNI I can totally feel this song in a motivational speech kind of vibe, kept reading it like that in my mind ^^
  3. Aleksay

    Promo Card Giveaway( For new Closed Beta Testers)

    So nice of you Ultra! Hmm... I think I would want a.... Lyrish Knight! Since i think i will be playing frost pvp
  4. Aleksay

    Eirias Replay are Back!

    I love these daily dosages of Battleforge, keep it up Eirias! Thanks!
  5. Aleksay

    Eirias Replay are Back!

    @Eirias Give us 1 a day
  6. Aleksay

    Eirias Replay are Back!

    Thank you!!! Since there is a lack of streams, this brightened my sunday
  7. Aleksay

    Say something about the person above you.

    Has good taste in music
  8. Aleksay

    My original music ~The Journey~

    @Eirias I will have to do some more exploration in the strings category of instruments definitely! Being a piano player, i find strings a bit confusing, but I'm getting the hang of it! @Chimerae Ooh, this concerto is so wonderful! Thanks for sharing @SpiritOfTheAbyss Yes, i will be looking into exploring other software for music composition, BUT... I am only 17 years old, I am going to a gymnasium in the natural-mathematical direction thing, and i have literally nothing to do with music since i finished primary music school... I barely got my parents to buy me a piano, so i doubt they will be buying me any software anytime soon... And with the school pressure, i simply dont have enough time to devote myself to composing (unfortunately)... Thank you for the compliment i really appreciate it!
  9. Aleksay

    My original music ~ Behind the scenes

    @Skytrias Thanks for the tips! Like i said I am only a beginner and i wrote this in a short time period to catch up to the contest! I like the songs you've sent me, i added them to my favorites and will be listening to them while i study or whatever... And when i have some free time, I'll get into more composing (fingers crossed)! @Ultrakool Indeed!
  10. Aleksay

    My original music ~The Journey~

    @KhongtheFork OMG These are beautiful! Thanks for sharing We will talk about it tomorrow!
  11. Aleksay

    My original music ~The Journey~

    @Chimerae Ahh... Yes.. I talked with him about the software and we will talk tomorrow a bit more about it ^^ As for the violin...... Gosh...This program has a really crappy violin.. xD
  12. Aleksay

    My original music ~ Behind the scenes

    @KhongtheFork Maybe the word weird wasn't quite right.. It's just I'm not used to playing these harmonies that's all! I love jazz music and i listen to it everyday! I will look into this when i have some more free "me" time.. With school pressure in October I have to lay off music unfortunately xD But thanks for taking your time to find these links for me, i really appreciate that!
  13. Aleksay

    My original music ~The Journey~

    Awh yes, thats what i mentioned in my first post. The base line has some work to be done in certain parts, in which its either too low or doesn't fit really well :/ As for the end where you talk about the "bond" thing, well, I'm also still working on that. I want that horn to stick out without interfering with other instruments ^^ Thanks for the tip!
  14. Aleksay

    My original music ~The Journey~

    @Sykole Thank you! But could you be more specific with the tone in the middle? I'm not sure I'm following what you want to say here :/
  15. Aleksay

    My original music ~The Journey~

    @anonyme0273 Thanks! Im glad you think of it that way @Dallarian It's not supposed to remind us of Battleforge... Thats why i composed a different one for the contest! This one is just... Plain orchestral composition looking up to classical music in general

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