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  1. Working on forum and Website right now ~


    1. Risk


      Cant wait for new status updates :wub:

  2. Don't worry. I guess the server will be taken to support all players. :)
  3. Well done ! It look so fat, Wanna grab a bite. xD
  4. Hello everyone, I'm from France and i'm living in Paris, I bought the game when he was released and spend a lot of time on it, specially on his first year. I preferred the Pvp: I mainly played 2v2 and managed with my teammate to keep almost all time in top10, And in top50 on 1v1. I was full Nature for a long time, then I diversified my play style with Fire & Ice. (but still remain faithful to Nature !) I was GameAdmin of BatlleForge on ESL for a year beside my studies. And now I'm Developing for living and for my pleasure. :) See you (soon?) online ! ;)
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