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11 hours ago, bobfrog said:

@MrXLink you forgot to mention the ones that got their beta acces by the trailer contest: @Navarr, @Esamor and uhm i dont remember the 3rd one^^ (i think they were mentioned in the stream with the bfr trailer)

I do recall only the main trailer winning beta access, therefore that would only go to @Navarr

EDIT: You guys are right, my mistake

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12 minutes ago, Kingpin said:

Hi all!

I am BF lover from Estonia.

Anybody,say to me please,how i can get beta-acess?

mby i must donate for this?!

i cant wait,i think,at this game was perfectly.

Donating give you nothing , you can get access only by luck. Keep calm and :hype:. We are all waiting for it.

Or maybe you can also help devs or enter second BFR contest ( :hype: ) and try your luck.

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