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  1. does it also happen if other people are in your lobby? does it also happen if instead of leaving the other group member disbands or kicks you?
  2. This tournament is for when the server is finished, not for when the open beta starts. After all it is a beta which is for testing and improving the servers. Maybe we can make one during the beta too (but not at the beginning / in the next months, as I barely have free time)
  3. @John, are you able to write the results of the booster opening into a file? this could test bolraders idea, that its due to opening to fast. (if you get 5x the same cards in a row, then bolrader is right)
  4. this just screams for sql injection. did you take care that this cant happen?
  5. REPRODUCIBILITY: only tried once DESCRIPTION: 1. logged in, created account 2. logged out, went to forum, in the settings changed my mail adress 3. logged in with new mail adress 4. needed to create account again I guess that your database identifies the users by their mail adress. I couldnt find much on the IPS documentation (as always...) but you might be able to use $member->member_id to identify members in the database. So in the script that does the forum verification add 'ID' => $member->member_id, to the answer. Id
  6. @solcrow allready managed to export the animations, maybe he can help to get you a 3D model in an acceptable pose
  7. I just had some trouble getting it to run. When starting it,i would get the error "side-by-side configuration invalid" To fix it I had to install the x86 version of this https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=26347 (if this doesnt fix it: the version you need is listed in Control Panel -> Event Log, there should be an entry for your error, in the details it shows what it is looking for (and cant find))
  8. I allready made a model viewer for the drs file + texture. Can share later, but kinda busy right now.
  9. Cool, so it was a problem of blender and not the converter?
  10. dk what went wrong there, maybe ill write a smd exporter somewhen
  11. i wrote you a short skript. every file in the same folder as the exe gets read and a new file with the names replaced by numbers gets output. its pretty slow for ~5mb files (20 seconds) and might give you a virus warning because of the language i chose. rename.exe
  12. i allready contacted him and i have info about that. just didnt have the time yet to work through it. but it doesnt look too complicated, i will give it a try later. what the creator of lightsong did was nothing else than the 010 script that i posted.
  13. did you read the .drs with blender or did you use lightsong to convert from drs and use the output with blender? if its the first case then im very interested in what you did exactly
  14. Here is an updated version, which contains nearly the whole structure of the drs. Though the function of most of them is unknown yet. Dont get confused by all of it, if you are new to 010 editor. Start at line 665, it says, that the first 4 Bytes in the file are a magic number. Afterwards the content starts. Bytes 5-8 are the number of models contained in the file. The next 2 x 4 Bytes are a pointers to where in the file are 2 lists. These list then point to eg the Vertices of the 3D model or the effects or sounds or the animations an object can do. If you are lazy, you can just instal
  15. A good justice system is not killing anyone and also not punishing anyone. Yes you read that right. The only thing it does is lock up people who have failed until they can be reintroduce into society. If you want to fight terorism on the long term, then dont fight it. Also: can we calm down a bit please?
  16. At worst he will fuck up climate change projects. rip netherlands. Or make prejudice socially acceptable. bad mexicans. cya muslims, we dont want you. Or make the rich richer and destroy the poor. obamacare? nah.. and since we allready allow people to play with their lifes, we also can allow russian roulett in casinos.
  17. I cant remember ever having problems with that
  18. Maybe someone can retry what happens if you create a group by inviting someone and then he leaves/gets kicked (like Mephisto wrote in the first post)
  19. it gets automaticly created when you create a game
  20. Not fixed (created tutorial game and clicked on back -> still in a 1 player group; started a game and then left it -> also still in 1player group)
  21. and for making wells,... symetric on the map, you can just take the well position, do simple math and then know exactly where the other well has to be
  22. bobfrog

    NEW 1on1 PVP MAP!

    nice job! you have a good eye for detail!
  23. LOCATION: Auction houseREPRODUCIBILITY: 1/1DESCRIPTION: When I click on buy or watch on an auction which allready ended (by me buying it earlier) nothing happens. (no error message). ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: For bidding it works (it gives error message "Auction allready ended")
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