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  1. 2789 times I've seen morons on the internet.
  2. A follow for a follow. Yay.

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    2. Eddio


      no but posting the same thing on three different profiles is 

    3. anonyme0273


      Slowly on the verge, since your name is on the profile status updates a tad more than most would expect. Just chill, be interesting in some way, and followers will come to you. Like Jesus. Or some Twitter fame dudes.

    4. Deadman


      Be like me :kappa: 

  3. 2478. Corporate(Legacy) "media" is a joke. May CNN and anything similar to their ilk burn to the ground. Pic unrelated.
  4. Terrorism is terrorism, violence is violence, murder is murder, regardless of how justified you and/or your cause may or may not be or what the outcome may or not be. A terrorist is a terrorist, regardless of the cause, regardless of the reason, regardless of who and/or what you target. I don't give a f*ck what the outcome may or may not be due to your actions. You don't go about bombing and/or murdering innocent civilians. Period. if you think political violence/murder is ok in any way, shape or form you need to have your head checked. Saudi Arabia's backwards as hell when it comes to wo
  5. Well, it's a monster, so I will post a monster(girl).
  6. 9/10. It's ME. Just don't bother with ME:A. That game's a piece of crap.. HELP! I AM ADDICTED TO THIS SONG!
  7. Yeah, I agree on the last part. Though IMO, if you don't kill a terrorist when you have the chance, I will blame you for anything that terrorist can and will do at a later date. You are basically pushing the responsibility of taking them down onto someone else. And until someone else takes them down, they may kill someone else. Yeah, obviously it's ethically wrong to murder, but morally it's right to prevent future potential deaths. Hell, those future deaths may be someone in your family and/or a friend/good friend, and you end up indirectly killing them due to your unwillingness to act and do
  8. Yes, it does. As long as there is an RTS element to a game, it classifies as an RTS game.
  9. Grant the T-Rex. Don't worry, I asked him earlier what his name is.
  10. 2470. "Here, have this. It'll come in handy on your journey."
  11. What's this? ANTIFA acting and behaving like thugs, violent criminals and have been defined as a domestic terrorist group in New Jersey?? Anyone defending and/or condoning these outright domestic terrorists are just as bad, if not worse than these violent thugs. Got a ton more videos and articles on this scummy group, but will leave it at 3. For now.
  12. Do I hear "PIRACY"? On a tad more serious note: To hell with consoles. They are basically just a butchered version of a PC, with an extremely limited library, have a narrow specific usage for games, specs are lower and worse than average, and just can't compete at all when it comes to markets. Instead of making new consoles, make GAMES. All you have now for the most part are FPS games and some RPG games. 10 years ago you had everything from MMO's to FPS to RTS to RPG/JRPG. The library were worth getting a console for, not to mention a lot of people also having a console. Now i
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