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  1. Yogababa

    Battleforge Art...

    I love the startup art for Battleforge. Custom made just for it, it looks like. I think that Battleforge is in need of some new loading screen art of epic battles and serene landscapes in the world of Nyn. What kind of art style or reference should it have though? The closest I could think of is Warhammer type art. But then there is stuff from games like skyrim and destiny "destiny to a small degree" Its just an interesting idea if the somehow new art with a total badass makeover like in the start screen can make it to the loading screens
  2. Yogababa

    Lyrish Knights

    I flipping love that card... But alas I can't play properly to gind for it because of the unstable servers. Anyone got a spare Lyrish Knight card on them owo
  3. Yogababa

    Open Stress Test Information

    i just dont trust these dounloaders, they look shady as ****
  4. Yogababa

    Talk about RTS

    does Zoo Tycoon count as a strategy game??
  5. Yogababa

    Talk about RTS

    then on another topic, what about army specialties like what an army you usually have most of the time, my armies generally consist of mostly melee infantry with little ranged, just enough for a flank, and at least 1 cavalry unit for the stab in the back
  6. Yogababa

    Talk about RTS

    been a while, i have been playing Total War Warhammer =3
  7. Yogababa

    Talk about RTS

    i never got into it mainly because of the same reasons, i play Boom Beach but i had rather play classic AoE and AoM does anyone have a favorite Lord/Hero/Main Character in an RTS game?
  8. Yogababa

    Talk about RTS

    RTS TBS have a very special spot in gaming, as far as extreme competitive play is involved i never see people get as hyped about say a Call of duy match on Esports rather than a match on League of legends
  9. Yogababa

    Talk about RTS

    so then, anyone have a present RTS game that they have been playing to fill in the blank that Battle forge left whenever it got canceled ???? or just a new passion in gaming in general?

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