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  1. its IP ban. i already tried to make another discord and couldnt get in.. does anyone know if thier working on servers.. dont know anything since i got banned...
  2. dont worry. me and same dude got banned last night.. its a IP ban i forgot.. i gotta message XLInk
  3. hate to bother people but does anyone know the discord? ive been missing annoucements this whole time.
  4. yea i got in like a hour ago but had to restart to make the game fullscreen then dc right after. so im guessing servers are up now just that there is so many people playing. glad your having fun. i hope i get to get in and do some missions!
  5. is anyone able to play at all? im guessing theres a 200 cap.. and i think theres about 240 of us trying to log in.. guess ill wait lol.
  6. lol its saturday . im just playing fortnite while checking forums and trying to log in... pretty much what everyone else is doing lol
  7. well. i was just on for like 5 mins.. i decided to log off so i could go full mode so the game could cover up my whole screen. tried logging right back on and dc each time.. jeez so many people on
  8. yes. if anyone is reading this you wont be able to log in atm. try again tonight or something when more people are asleep or devs might have fixed it by then
  9. does anyone have discord link? for thier discord yes everyone else is having this problem not just you.. i dont think antyone is able to play right now
  10. normal.. theres is hundreds of people trying to connect now.. thats why you see like 300 people online now on this website.. 99% of these guys only got to play a mission or 2. i myself havent got to play at all. i feel like once they get this problem done with then the game will be good to go for a beta. cause only issue right now is the servers cant take up to 300 people trying to log in at the same time. once servers can take that then we all should be able to play and enjoy.
  11. please be quiet and stop responding to things said a hour ago. my issue was resolvved. go about your day pls
  12. bro.. they opened to test to see if the limit was even gonna be a issue.. now that they see it is a issue they are trying to fix it... lol this test is just to find issues.. even if we cant log in they now know the big issues. lol i think everyone needs to stop trying to log in.. let devs do this. im sure it wont take but a few days.
  13. nvm finally got it working. ty guys for posting help and stuff. im guessing it also isnt working for you guys? i can log in but once it goes to game it just says lost connection to client
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