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  1. Yeah the worst of of it is you can get DCed after you already logged in. That's sad but still keep in mind it's just Stress Test. They sure are working hard right now on fixing the server.
  2. Let's just hope they get to fix that. I really wish this project will work out
  3. you can easily check what is your GPU. Go to control panel>Hardware and Sound>Device Manager>Display adapters. Then you can google if your Grahpics support DX11 in full way
  4. RRGTesty It actually maybe that your graphics card is too old. Which one you roll?
  5. I've logged in press the map, ALT Tabbed to close another game using ALT+F4 and accidentialy closed Battle Forge. This is so sad Alexa play despacito
  6. Everybody makes mistakes :/ Forget about it
  7. you need to download both the lanucher and patcher. After you've done that all you need to do is put every single thing from patcher folder into the game folder. Launch the game by SkylordsRebornUpdater.exe. Worked fine for me I'm curious. Does it kick you from the server when you'll already on it?
  8. the ending kind of sounded like the stress is ended and you'll be closing the servers for now. But I hope it's not true and I'll be able to login for some more time. I've found out about your project 3 hours ago and I'm really excited for you guy. Sure the "Stress Test" talks about itself. It's supposed to help you fix the servers before the final launch
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