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  1. We need more of this type of comment from the people who haven't been having luck with the stress test. Too many people have had nothing but negativity and animosity towards the team working on the game and it is just ridiculous. Take a lesson from this guy if you have been having a bad time with the game and express your issues without being rude towards others.
  2. Did you not download the updater files? if so make sure the files are placed within the same folder as your battleforge.exe is. Then run the skylord updater/launcher and you should hopefully be good. Turning off anti virus may help as well. Mine wouldn't run with anti virus on.
  3. So... is there a way anyone knows of I could take these model files and convert them into something I can 3d print?
  4. Dude you need to stop. Fiki and everyone else who was involved has clearly put in crazy amounts of work on this. This is a test not a true open beta and imo it's an absolute blessing too have. Don't try to ruin this for others. For some of us this is our all time favorite game and losing it was super disappointing.
  5. I think everyone wants to be a closed beta tester lol. When I saw how far the progress for this has come I made an account and started re-watching old videos and newer streams of the game and I'm chomping at the bit just to get into the forge even. This is the game that started my love for strategy and I think it is amazing that these guys are all working crazy hard to bring it back! It's the coolest thing ever that they are doing this.
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