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  1. Exteasy

    Bug in trade

    Nope i didn't notice any freezes. Currently, as I wrote, I have a wheel of gifts, while he wrote that he has no longer wheel in his card collection.
  2. Exteasy

    Bug in trade

    Topic title: 2 - Lost card in trade with other player NAME: Lost card in trade SEVERITY: 2 LOCATION: Forgem Trade REPRODUCIBILITY: dk DESCRIPTION: Today I tried to exchange through trade Avatar of Frost for wheel of gifts with user Gili_97. After the trade i didn't get his Wheel of Gifts but he get my Avatar of Frost. UPDATE: After several relogs I received a card. Unfortunately, I can't delete the post so I am asking for moderators and I apologize for the confusion.
  3. This test is not for us. It is to detect the stability of servers and to detect errors and fix them. And that you will be able to enter and play is very cool option.
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