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  1. Kugelsaat

    Battleforge streamers

    I would really love to see PvE, i´m not that into Pvp ^^
  2. Kugelsaat

    Battleforge streamers

    Can you give us a time when you Stream?
  3. Kugelsaat

    League of Legends Ranked Team

    What is your ingame Name ? ^^
  4. Kugelsaat

    League of Legends Ranked Team

    EUW, last Season i was Silver but now i got placed in Wood 5 ouch..
  5. Kugelsaat

    League of Legends - updated

    BFR Forumname LoL name role/Lane region comments Kugelsaat Kugelsaat Top,Supp EUW Can Jng aswell
  6. Kugelsaat

    League of Legends Ranked Team

    Hey Guys, anyone here who is Playing League of Legends and wants to create a Ranked Team ? My Username is "Kugelsaat" ingame. My current role is Top,Supp. ~Kugelsaat
  7. Kugelsaat

    The legendary forum game "count"

    Just created this Account ^^ Hello all. 2238

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