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  1. Khazad

    What are you collecting ?

    World war replicas (helmet/uniform etc) and any communist/soviet stuff
  2. Khazad

    PvE New Defensive Game Mode

    What if in this gamemode the numbers of buildings would be limited same as the unit's in normal?
  3. Khazad

    Promo Card Giveaway( For new Closed Beta Testers)

    Hmm i dont know hmmmm I cant choose between the p harvester and Mo hmmm such hard to choose.
  4. Khazad

    Post your meme

  5. Khazad


    I'll join if i can, but im not the best pvp player so i need to learn everything again.....xd
  6. Khazad

    New Badges and Group Info

    These looks cool
  7. Khazad

    Contest Winners ! - Great job to everyone !

    i say it too: Congratulations EVERYONE!! This game get the best community And 1 more thing: @demimond23 How did u draw that??
  8. Khazad

    The story behind your nick.

    My name come from the lord of the rings movies/books. A lotr place name is Khazad Dum, sometimes i use the Dum name but i prefer the KHAZAD If somebody dont know about Khazad Dum, that place have another name:::::: MORIA.
  9. Khazad

    Let's play some games together until release!

    league of legends CsGO, perhaps Warface Or the best game i have: Euro Truck Simulator 2 :DD
  10. I have 1 question when will be close this event?
  11. Hmmm, it seems i will don't do anything xd again......just watch who will win the closed beta key xd
  12. Khazad


    You can't download the game, because the game haven't released yet. Read the FAQ and u will get answer your questions. Keep the HYPE! and good night to you Oh i forgot sth.: sorry for my bad english xd
  13. Khazad


    Yes it can be longer, but this can be good xd
  14. Khazad


    Hey guys i want to be ask sth........again xd So i just wanted to ask from the developers and from the alpha testers: Question: If it's somehow possible to download the game BUT we can play ONLY in the forge with all/parts od card? or sth? Can be good to calm a few skylords xd Don't know this was a good idea, im just reading some posts here in the forum and i found a lot of "When will be the game released? or When can be play with BFR? etc" Im just thinking what can be the community do when all of them can login into the game. Good afternoon! Khazad

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