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  1. 8/10
  2. Little Lambs
  3. RoganFayle
  4. 9/10 I liked it. I'm curently all into the soundtrack of the Persona series:
  5. I spend around 250-300€. It all started when I wanted to make and complete my Frost deck. Then I began with PvP, so I needed more cards for that. After I realized how OP nature for PvE scenarios was I wanted to complete that. And so on... I still got some of the opened BFP-Packs in my locker hehe.
  6. 1. Death Note 2. DanMachi - Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon? (too bad this only got 12 episodes & no sequel) 3. Welcome to the NHK 4. Sakamoto desu ga? 5. Psycho Pass 6. Watamote 7. Death Parade 8. Another 9. No Game No Life 10. Re:Zero (I'm surprised there are that many Death Note fans here, hehe.)
  7. 6/10 pretty melodic, but it's rather monotone and without a spicey peak.
  8. I like it 8/10. Song by: Evans Blue Song title: Erase my Scars (Contains "Akame ga Kill!" spoilers)
  9. 8/10
  10. I kinda like it. 8/10
  11. My current top favorite. I'll most likely buy it next month: This one is also an interesting one on steam with a total of 98% positive reviews: And another one... too bad it seems like this game(apart from the trailer) won't have voice acting:
  12. An OK-Song, I usually don't listen to high-pitched voice songs. 5/10
  13. Interesting song, if you understand german of course. 8/10
  14. Well my steam library is filled with 250 games...That should satisfy my needs for now, I guess. I can recommend the following PC steam games(some of my favourites): Dark Souls games Neptunia Series Danganronpa 1 + 2 Life is Strange Undertale Dragon's Dogma Warframe (free 2 play) Jedi Knight series And so on. I could name so many more.
  15. Resident Evil 7 has been announced! Hmmm.. I as a fan of the series am quite skeptical regarding that the game will be played entirely in first-person. That's totally untypical for the series. Can't wait to get my hands on it. I hope it will be good since Resident Evil 6 was a huge dissappointment to me. >.> It's mo***rf***ing Resident Evil! I'm hYPeD! : 'O