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  1. It's happening! It's finally happening!
  2. I give it a 6,5/10.
  3. 9/10 I liked it. I'm curently all into the soundtrack of the Persona series:
  4. 1. Death Note 2. DanMachi - Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon? (too bad this only got 12 episodes & no sequel) 3. Welcome to the NHK 4. Sakamoto desu ga? 5. Psycho Pass 6. Watamote 7. Death Parade 8. Another 9. No Game No Life 10. Re:Zero (I'm surprised there are that many Death Note fans here, hehe.)
  5. 6/10 pretty melodic, but it's rather monotone and without a spicey peak.
  6. I like it 8/10. Song by: Evans Blue Song title: Erase my Scars (Contains "Akame ga Kill!" spoilers)
  7. I kinda like it. 8/10
  8. An OK-Song, I usually don't listen to high-pitched voice songs. 5/10
  9. Interesting song, if you understand german of course. 8/10
  10. Uhm well I did'nt understand a single word, but beside of that, good melodic. I guess this song is adressing issues regarding war and the problems it is causing. 6,5/10 Time for something more emo, since I'm in the mood
  11. I kind of like it, though a tad too long(over 8 minutes) 7/10
  12. Pretty good 8/10
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