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  1. I had the same problem. It could be your antivirus. If it isnt, delete EVERY single file connected to BF and download evrything again. Worked for me
  2. Really don't understand all the nomad hate. Sure scavanger wins in the meta, but nomads can bring trouble to low/midclass opponents. Exspecially because they don't really understand how the nomads work (differences betweens affinities and so on).
  3. I made it up to Sovereign but hell would I love to play some sparrings against @xHighTech
  4. You can't sign in anywhere. Developers will choose new alpha players by helpful activity on the forums. Alpha isn't that special if you ask me since you can't actually play yet... Im looking forward to the release.
  5. I'm not sure whether I understand... Do you actually want to found a company called BFReborn or do you just need a manager to manage BFReborn like a company?
  6. German Übermacht! Schnitzel! Blitzkrieg! BIER BIER BIER BIER!
  7. please tell me you're joking about Farrock - nothing personal against him!! Love him! Also mentioning yourself before players like obesity seems out of order...
  8. I thought about switching my fire nature to shadow nature... So what I would really need is a good shadow t1 guide Any shadow pros willing to make one? :3
  9. I mainly played Fire Nature (rarely with shadow or frost t3) I dont remember my avatar... might have been sunstriders though... Is there a list with all the avatars that I could check?
  10. I wonder if we ever played against each other... Cause ur description pretty much matches mine
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