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  1. WotdeFack

    [Forum Game] Rate the song!

    5/10 generally do listen to rock, though here's an example (had to revive this thread, cause music is life)
  2. WotdeFack

    [Forum Game] Rate the song!

    5/10 like the reggae part, though I'm not a hardstyle fan at all. or however you call this been to a couple techno clubs, it really depends on the type.
  3. WotdeFack

    Talk about RTS

    I've been playing some Starcraft 2 here and there, if you want to add me on there send me a PM I also like Civ 5 (haven't gotten civ 6 yet due to poverty :D) but its not an RTS, though its my most played game on Steam.
  4. WotdeFack


    Wish granted but your graphic card sucks so you have to spend extra bucks to play games I wish I was a hippie in the 60s
  5. WotdeFack

    [Forum Game] Rate the song!

    I don't like this version of it, though its a classic 7/10
  6. WotdeFack

    The brain melting part of the internet

  7. WotdeFack

    [Forum Game] Rate the song!

    pretty okay i guess 5/10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jad8sp1Rfdw
  8. WotdeFack

    [Forum Game] Rate the song!

    pretty ordinary, but pretty okay with the vocals. 6/10
  9. WotdeFack

    [Forum Game] Rate the song!

    kinda repetitive aswell haha but I like the drop so 6/10
  10. WotdeFack

    Daily Card Discussion

    rPvE monster, rips through anything in its way pretty much (except for the shaman guy) ;D
  11. WotdeFack

    So does anyone else still have their old BF cases

    I still have a case somewhere in the house. I bought it after the game went down (like last year) for the poster. The poster ripped when I moved downstairs. I'll try to find it later.
  12. WotdeFack

    Your battleforge song

    Post your random battleforge songs here that youve written or just song parodies Keep writing in off topic section No wonder I get no reputation But its all good I'm an alpha tester Will help those admins get a little faster And play around with the magma Of these fire stalkers, yeah they are my enigma Then I hit Ladadoos up on some PvE battleground But never get Gold, even when a treasure chest, better yet, have we found Any better deck around? Guess not, so we test us On these PvP games harder to crack than a chestnut On YouTube I'll watch them, until I'm in Top 10 Promise you that, with my stonekin deck And even if I lose a game I can cope with that
  13. WotdeFack

    [Forum Game] Rate the song!

    AKK! 9/10
  14. WotdeFack

    Which pve monster would you like to have as a card?

    The unit that looks like the Mauler and paralyzes a unit after each hit it'd be so OP in PvP like omg
  15. WotdeFack

    The legendary forum game "count"

    2019 a hundred years ago, battleforge was released.

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