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Patch #400033 - 5 June 2022


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Patch #400033 - Force of Nature

Welcome to our newest patch, titled "Force of Nature"!

This update contains our fifth balance patch for the game, brand-new cards, and many other changes, enjoy!

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Patch Preview

 - Three new cards are now available! Jump in-game to collect Wasteland Terror, Burning Spears, and Transcendence.
 - Major changes to the PvP game mode, including PvP Happy Hours, reward reworks, hiding player loses, and more. 
 - Added 18 new, primarily PvE achievements for both beginners and veterans alike. Including one to earn the new promo Mana Wing!
 - Rebalanced Fire RPvE to provide a still challenging but less frustrating experience
 - Rebalanced over 40 cards, with a large focus on Nature cards. 
 - Changed several PvP and PvE maps to improve player experience 

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General Changes

  • Updated in-game player banner colors for GM accounts to represent the current roles.
  • Added ability to search for missing copies and charges in the Auction House. For example, writing `(charge=2 & copies<2) | (charge=1 & copies<3) | (charge=0 & copies<4)` in the textbox will show you all the cards you can still potentially buy to get a fully charged collection.
  • Added ability to play cards by clicking on the upgrades in the upgrade scroll view or the upgrades in the upgrade window.
  • Added ability to change the play speed in the forge, or to pause and unpause it. New hotkeys are available in the options menu. The default hotkeys are J, K and L for decreasing speed, toggling pause, and increasing speed.
  • Added a responsive deck counter to the decks window that shows how many decks the player has, relative to the maximum number of allowed decks.
  • Improved the UI that displays what is remaining to complete an achievement. Previously, players could hover over the progress bar to see a tooltip, but this was unclear. Now, there will be a clearly visible (?) icon next to the progress bar that has the tooltip instead.
  • Added ability to press the Space button in the reforge window to reforge the current cards in the window. This removes the need to press the Reforge cards button.  
  • Increased unit icon (dot) size on in-game minimaps from 4x4 to 5x5 pixels.
  • Added the new Force of Nature loading screen.
  • Added ability to change how the automatically generated replays are named. There is an extra setting in the GUI section of the configuration file at `/Battleforge/config.json` called `savereplaysnameparts` for this.

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New Cards

Burning Spears 80p T2 Pure Fire fireOrb.pngfireOrb.png
You will find the upgrades for this card on the map Oracle. 

80.pngS-unit designed to counter Large and Extra Large units. For more information, check out our design spotlight below in the PvP Balance Changes, section as well as Community Update #23.


Wasteland Terror - 260p T4 Pure Bandits fireOrb.pngfireOrb.pngshadowOrb.pngshadowOrb.png (Fire and Nature Affinity)
You will find the upgrades for this card on the map Blight (Fire Affinity) and Raven's End (Nature Affinity).

80 (1).pngBandit dragon for those Bandits players who want other options besides Tortugun. Its ability acts as a mass Disenchant to let your army continue to more forward through crowd control. For more information, check out Community Update #14


Transcendence90p T4 Amii Spell shadowOrb.pngnatureOrb.pngneutralOrb.pngneutralOrb.png
You will find the upgrade for this card on the map Sunbridge. 

80 (2).pngOur first Amii spell is castable on both enemies and allies, with different effects depending on the target. When cast on enemies, it buffs one unit and debuffs all of its surrounding allies. When cast on allies, it debuffs one unit and buffs and its surrounding allies. In both cases, it rewards careful target selection and micromanagement from the player side. For more information, check out Community Update #20.

Mana Wing New Promo Card natureOrb.png

80 (3).pngWhile not a new card, we have also added a new promo to the game. Every player will be able to get a promo Mana Wing by completing the new achievement "A Force of Nature". The promo will not be available in boosters, but it will be trade-able. For more information, check out Community Update #24.


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PvP Game Mode Changes

[ New Player Protection ]
To protect new players from facing top players when they are just getting started in ranked play, it is no longer possible to get matched with players with a base ELO above 135.000 if your own base ELO is below 102.000.

[ Made Player Names Anonymous ]
To prevent players from dodging bad match-ups, player names have been anonymized in the ranked lobby. This does not affect the sparring lobbies. 

[ Losses are Now Hidden]
It has been proven in other competitive games that showing losses on the ranked ladder results in demotivation and higher entry barriers. We have therefore removed losses from the ladder. The information is still accessible on your profile if you want to look it up. 

[ Updates to the Free PvP Decks ]
We have made some changes to the cards contained in the free PvP decks to compete with the new meta. If we made updates to the free PvP decks you have currently selected, you will now have the option to either swap to the new cards, or keep your current set up. Changes have been made to Pure Nature (Parasite over Shrine of Memory), Twilight (Twilight Minions over Ghost Spears), Pure Shadow (Executor over Nightguard) and Pure Fire (Burning Spears over Scorched Earth). 

[ Improved Rewards ]
We have removed the gold penalty that was currently active for playing sparring games. Quests that require you to play 2vs2 games, now also count 3vs3 games for completion. 

We have also allowed you to drain the reserve while looking for ranked a match. If you queue for at least 5 minutes, even if you don't find an opponent, you will earn BFP as if you were ingame, meaning you get BFP not just for playing, but also while searching for matches. 

[ Happy Hours ]
Happy Hours are specific time periods where players will receive additional gold and BFP for playing PvP. The daily boost / reserve will drain at a factor of 1.5x, while you will also get 1BFP per minute extra for queuing. For Happy Hours, there will be an in-game announcement, and the icon on the world map will indicate Happy Hours are active. 

Happy Hours will take place during the following times:
- 1vs1 happy hours: 7pm-9pm CET
- 2vs2 happy hours: 9pm-10pm CET
- 1vs1 happy hours: 4am-5am CET

By clustering players together during certain time frames, players will have an easier time finding matches more frequently. 

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New Achievements
Skylords Reborn currently faces primary two issues in terms of content: early game progression is too steep, and endgame content is nearly nonexistent. These achievements are intended to make the first step in tackling both issues. Smaller, more digestible progressive achievements will mean a player will no longer finish the campaign on standard, with the next goal in sight being to play all the maps again on advanced before being rewarded. New players will now be slowly guided through the campaign and RPvE, allowing them to steadily accumulate cards along the way. 

At the same time, we are adding our first set of endgame achievements to the game. This will provide more content for our veteran players and give them a reason to replay old maps, often with a twist. We hope you all enjoy these new challenges, and we will continue to expand the endgame content into the future.  

[ Infinitely Scaling Achievement ]

Reborn in Fire  [1 Mini-booster]
Reforge Cards (Unlocks every 20 reforges, scales infinitely)

[ Beginner Achievements ]

Just a Story  [1 Twilight booster]
Complete Viridya and Brannoc's story on standard difficulty or higher (Encounters, Siege of Hope, Defending Hope, Soultree, Crusade, Sunbridge, King of the Giants, Titans, Ascension)

The Most Dangerous Game [1 Bandits booster]
Complete Mo's story on standard difficulty or higher {Mo, Ocean, Oracle, Slave Master, Convoy, Blight, Raven's End, Empire)

A Debt Unpaid  [20,000 gold]
Complete the story related to the Treasure Fleet on advanced difficulty or higher. (Bad Harvest, Treasure Fleet, Mo, Blight, Slave Master, Convoy) 

A Mile in His Shoes  [2 Stonekin boosters]
Complete Rogan's story on advanced difficulty or higher (Encounters, Siege of Hope, Defending Hope, Crusade, King of the Giants, Titans, Dwarven Riddle, Guns of Lyr, Empire)

A Wrinkle in Time  [250 bfp]
Win the 4-player map Empire spawning at least 5 different Lost Souls cards from a deck containing only frost, shadow, and Lost Souls cards.

Godslayer  [250 bfp]
Win the 2-player maps Sunbridge and Insane God on any difficulty. 

Apprentice  [1 booster]
Win 20 randomly generated PvE matches of difficulty 5 or higher. 

[ Veteran PvE Achievements ]

The Road Not Taken  [3 boosters]
Win 20 randomly generated PvE matches of difficulty 9 or higher.

Turn Back All Ye Who Enter Here  [6 boosters]
Win 20 randomly generated PvE matches of difficulty 10.

Nevermore  [2 Bandit boosters]
Complete Blight's story on expert difficulty (Blight, Raven's End, Slave Master, Ocean, and Oracle)

Make it Double  [2 Amii boosters]
Complete all 2-player maps on expert difficulty. (Crusade, Sunbridge, Nightmare Shard, Nightmare's End, The Insane God, Slave Master and Convoy)

Never Thought of Him  [100,000 gold]
Complete the story of Mo becoming the new king of the fire tribes on expert difficulty with all players in the map using decks containing only Fire cards.  (Mo, Ocean, Oracle, Slave Master, Convoy, and Raven's End)

The Long Journey Home  [2 Frost boosters]
Complete the story re-establishing the Kingdom of Lyr on expert difficulty using decks containing only frost cards. (Encounters with Twilight, Siege of Hope, Defending Hope, Bad Harvest, Dwarven Riddle, and Guns of Lyr)

Not Even My Final Form  [Rogan Kayle Card]
Win the 1-player map Encounters with Twilight on expert difficulty without using T3 or T4 cards.

Forest for the Tree  [Viridya Card]
Complete the 1-player map The Soultree on expert difficulty using only Nature cards from T1 and T2.

A City Strongly Compact  [Stronghold Card]
Win the 1-player map Defending Hope on expert difficulty with a deck containing only spell and building cards.

A Force of Nature   [Promo Mana Wing]
Complete all 1-player and 2-player scenarios on expert difficulty with all players in your team using decks containing only Nature cards.

Those who complete "A Force of Nature" will be rewarded with a Promo Mana Wing! This promo is unique to this achievement and will not be available from boosters, but it will be trade-able. We hope you look forward to the challenge!

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Card Balance Changes

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Global Balance Changes

Each unit size has a defined limit of how many melee units of a given category can attack it at once. This limit directly affects the viability of melee units in a way that is not true for ranged units. As part of how balancing efforts, we have decided to increase the amount of melee units which can attack a given unit at a time. This should prove especially helpful for early strategies utilizing S-units or when fighting against boss units in RPvE with a primarily melee army.

Numbers of melee attackers for creatures of different sizes:

A single S creature can be attacked by at most 4 Normal, 6 Reach and 2 Huge attackers ➜ at most 6 Normal, 9 Reach and 4 Huge attackers
A single M creature can be attacked by at most 6 Normal, 10 Reach and 2 Huge attackers ➜ at most 9 Normal, 15 Reach and 4 Huge attackers
A single L creature can be attacked by at most 8 Normal, 12 Reach and 4 Huge attackers ➜ at most 12 Normal, 18 Reach and 6 Huge attackers
A single XL creature can be attacked by at most 12 Normal, 14 Reach and 6 Huge attackers ➜ at most 18 Normal, 21 Reach and 8 Huge attackers

Normal = S & M-units.
Reach = Units with extended range. Ghostspears is a good example.
Huge = L and XL-units.

S-units count as 1 normal (or reach) attacker.
M-units count as 2 normal (or reach) attackers.
L-units count as 1 Huge attacker.
XL-units count as 2 Huge attackers.

Fortification walls: increased the gate's toggle cooldown from 1.4 seconds to 3.4 seconds. 
Some units were unable to attack or pass through a gate when it was rapidly toggled between closed and open.

Twilight's Transformation ability: added scaling to the transformation cost based on tier.
Tier 2 units remain at 85%
Tier 3 units from 85% ➜ 80%
Tier 4 units from 85% ➜ 75%

Twilight Transformation is now as efficient as Breeding Grounds at T4. 

Changed all cone-attacker splash radii to 38m (ie. Frost Mage). This would reduce out-of-range issues faced by cards of this type.

Community Splitter.png

PvE Balance Changes
The focus this patch for both PvE and PvP has been on the Nature faction. For more information on our vision for Nature, check out our Nature Deep Dive.

While changes are split here between PvE and PvP sections, many of the changes, such as Parasite, Shrine of Memory, and Spikeroot, have important consequences for both game modes. Our PvE and PvP balance teams work closely together to ensure that the impact of all changes are evaluated for both game modes. Below, we have listed both the changes and our reasoning behind them. 

[ Tier 1 ]

Amazon.png Amazon (Nature):
   - Wildlife Protection radius increase: 20m ➜ 30m

Quality of life change to make it easier to use Amazon(g) with Werebeasts in T1.

Fountain_of_Rebirth.png Fountain of Rebirth
   - Ritual of Rebirth healing: 15 / 18 / 21 / 25 life points regenerated ➜ 20 / 23 / 26 / 30 life points regenerated globally

A small buff to enable the Fountain to be used in more scenarios, particularly when supporting non-Nature players in multiplayer.  

Treespirit.png Treespirit:
   - Unit cost decrease: 60p ➜ 50p
   - Life points reduction: 680 / 720 / 800 / 880 ➜ 560 / 600 / 660 / 730
   - Thorns damage reduction: 100, up to 150 total ➜ 75, up to 115 total

These changes to Treespirit were initially intended to turn the unit solely into a Root Network battery, but testing has shown increased viability in all game modes due to the ability to spam them out quickly, a trait that Nature T1 otherwise lacks. The cost reduction means a net benefit for Root Network decks, allowing them to set-up more quickly while binding significantly less power.

[ Tier 2 ]

Healing_Well.png Healing Well:
   - Water of Life:
      - Added initial healing capacity of 1500 life points.
      - Recharge rate increase: 20 life points per second ➜ 50 life points per second

Purely support buildings typically need to provide a lot of benefit to be considered for inclusion in a player's deck. Currently, Healing Well takes 2 minutes and 30 seconds, or 150 seconds total, to fill its healing capacity of 3000. This is a recharge rate of 20 life points per second. Given that the building starts with 0 initial capacity, this means that the player must not only wait for the building to construct, but also well over a minute before the building becomes usable, and then only for a few seconds before they will need to wait again. In some sense, this mimics an initial and recurring ability cooldown timer, but we do not think this state of affairs is proper to this card. These changes should allow Healing Well to fulfill its purpose as a stable source of sustain in a localized area.  

Sunken_Temple.png Sunken Temple:
   - Orb requirements changed: 2 Nature ➜ 1 Nature, 1 Neutral
   - Building cost reduction: 120p ➜ 110p
   - Swapped Shadow and Nature affinities of the card.
   - Plague:
      - Changed from active ability to passive auto-cast ability with a cooldown of 30 seconds.
      - Now displays a respawn status bar indicator.
   - Summoned Pest Creepers:
      - Unit now dies after 40 / 60 / 60 / 60 seconds.
      - Added immunity against reviving effects.
      - Can no longer be infected with the Twilight Curse.
      - No longer grants ground presence.
      - Green affinity poison duration increase: 4 ➜ 5 seconds

Sunken Temple is a spawner building with has a high upfront cost of 120 bound power and a continually high cost of 80p for each ability activation. Given that the units it spawns are unbound units, the building will eventually pay itself off. This payoff comes in the form of melee S-units, which already begin to struggle in T2, particularly in PvE. Additionally, while the building eventually pays itself off, the time it takes for this to occur is quite long, both in terms of power cost and in-game time. This is not helped by Nature's newfound lack of void manipulation in T2. In nearly all scenarios, it would be better to push for T3 with a different strategy than using Sunken Temples.

One of the holes that currently exists in Nature's T2 is the lack of a splashable defensive tower. Even Pure Nature's tower, Living Tower, is often lacking when not supported by other root network entities. The idea with this change is to turn Sunken Temple into a shrine which continually spawns short-lived defensive units. These units can then be paired with cards like Infected Tower to create permanent Twilight bugs or Furnace of Flesh for some minor void manipulation. 

[ Tier 3 ]

Northland_Drake.png Northland Drake:
   - Unit cost increase: 240p ➜ 300p
   - Life points increase: 2435 / 2560 / 2820 / 3100 ➜ 3235 / 3360 / 3620 / 3900
   - Frost Breath (auto-cast) damage increase: 265, up to 398 total (2370 dp20) ➜ 400, up to 600 total (3570 dp20)
   - Active ability Blizzard:
      - Duration increase: 10 seconds ➜ 15 seconds
      - Ability cost increase: 60p ➜ 70p
      - Infused(r) Blizzard's flat damage bonus to frozen units is now consistently dealt against all frozen targets damaged by the storm.

We have done a lot to buff Pure Frost, but have thus far neglected Northland Drake. We wanted to give the card a substantial buff, but needed to sharply increase its power cost to avoid any potential issues with PvP. Overall, this constitutes a 20% total increase in stat efficiency and a much improved ability. 

Oracle_Mask.png Oracle Mask:
   - Mysticism:
      - Increased duration of the internal buff from 8 / 8 / 10 / 10 seconds ➜ 12 / 15 / 15 /15 seconds to match the external buff.
      - Changed the buff effect of the aura around friendly buildings from granting units invisibility ➜ units take 100% less damage.
      - The granted buff of the aura will now reapply to existing units in range.
      - Changed the displayed status bar icon on affected units and buildings from the card artwork icon to the ability's activation icon.
      - Added a proper global status bar description.
      - The visual effect of the activation no longer lasts an unlimited time on Oracle Mask.

The old Oracle Mask was incredibly bugged and allowed the player to unbind their entire army and generate free units. This is a stopgap measure while we work on redesigning Oracle Mask entirely. 

Shrine_of_Martyrs.png Shrine of Martyrs:
   - Power cost increase: 125p ➜ 220p
   - Blessing of the Martyr: Now a permanent, passive effect. Only one Blessing of the Martyr can be active at a time per team.

We have envisioned Pure Frost as a macro-based faction oriented around good preparation and diverse unit compositions. The recent changes have given Frost players a lot to do in terms of micromanagement, and the newly buffed Shrine of Martyrs has only added to that by requiring the player to check back every 30 seconds. Given Frost's nature as a faction, which we discussed at length in our Deep Dive into Pure Frost, we would like to test out a version of Shrine of Martyrs which applies a permanent global buff. By doing so, we hope to cut out some of the micromanagement we have added to Frost in recent patches. 

Shrine_of_Memory.png Shrine of Memory:
   - Orb requirements increased: 2 Nature (T2) ➜ 2 Nature, 1 Neutral (T3)
   - Power cost increased: 100p ➜ 120p
   - Echoes of the Past:
      - Void return percentage increase: 100% / 150% / 200% / 200% ➜ 150% / 175% / 225% / 300%
      - Maximum void return increased: 20 power per 2 seconds ➜ 80 power per 2 seconds
      - Also affects allies now, also only one Echoes of the Past can be active per team.
      - Decreased duration: 30 / 30 / 30 / 35 seconds ➜ 30 seconds on all upgrades.

As a T2 building, Shrine of Memory sees play in PvP scenarios regularly, but falls behind in PvE compared to other void return mechanics. Its current effect is most efficient with medium amounts of void power, but actually loses efficiency beyond a certain threshold (333) and only works for the player which owns the structure. This means that Pure Nature as a faction has very poor void return tools, which is a major reason it is currently so weak.

Turning SoM into a tier 3 buildings opens up significant space for buffs. Shrine of Memory now affects allies again, an ability which was originally taken away due to its strength in 2v2 PvP. Additionally, we have increased the void return percentage and allowed it to overcome the natural void return cap to allow it to compete with other void return options in T3. The goal is that after this change, all four factions will have competitive void return options which are thematically appropriate to the faction itself. 

Stone_Warrior.png Stone Warrior:
   - Damage increase: 1700 dp20 ➜ 1850 dp20
   - Life points reduction: 1950 / 2020 / 2170 / 2360 ➜ 1750 / 1820 / 1970 / 2160
   - Shatter Lance activation cost reduction: 100p ➜ 80p
      - Gifted(g) Shatter Lance: Can now target structures. Deals 50% damage against structures.

The blue affinity was recently given the ability to damage frozen buildings. The green affinity's description suggests it can do the same, and we don't see anything wrong with the interaction, so we have modified them to be consistent. We also reduced the ability cost to buff both affinities slightly. Stat realignment is for PvP viability which leaves unit with identical stat efficiency, which is the same as Mutating Maniac, better than Mutating Frenzy, and slightly worse than Fathom Lord. 

Sylvan_Gate.png Sylvan Gate:

   - Power cost reduction: 110p ➜ 80p
   - Add "Accelerated Construction" - Construction time is reduced by 50%.
   - Change Linked Fire ➜ Repeater
      - Range: 25m ➜ 100m
      - Sylvan Gate no longer provides support itself
   - Move affinities to their own passive:
      - Change Blessed(b) affinity to Tainted(p) affinity - Friendly entities connected to the root network within a 25m radius around Sylvan Gate will deal piercing damage
      - Infused(r) affinity - Friendly entities connected to the root network within a 25m radius around Sylvan Gate will deal 25% more damage.

Sylvan Gate is in a prime place for a redesign. We would like to turn Sylvan Gate into a long-distance Root Network repeater, a role that fits perfectly with its existing tunnel ability. With these changes, a single Sylvan Gate will cover 200m and be able to connect support from every root entity within 100m in every direction. This means that Sylvan Gate can bridge massive distances, allowing the player to easily move their frontline root network unit while leaving their root network battery far away from the battlefield. 

Thornbark.png Thornbark:
   - Linked Fire, out-of-combat support provided increase: 1 ➜ 3.

One of the aspects of root networks that has always been a little weird is the fact that every unit provides the same amount of support. There is no scaling, so it is always best to use the cheapest option in terms of power and population limit. With this change, Thornbarks used as root network batteries will provide significantly more support. Now only 2 Thornbarks will be needed to max-out another root network unit with full support. 

[ Tier 4 ]

Banzai Lord.png Banzai Lord:
   - Counter added: Banzai Lord now has an S-counter
   - Bird Calling summon amount: 3 birds ➜ 2 birds summoned in total
   - Banzai Birds:
      - Damage (p): 1000, up to 3000 ➜ 1500, up to 4500
      - Healing (g): 1000 life points ➜ 3000 life points restored
      - Life points increased: 800 ➜ 1200 
      - Explosion radius decreased: 25m ➜ 20m

Banzai Lord has causing performance issues by spawning massive amounts of birds at once. To mitigate this issue, we reduced the birds from 3 to 2, but increased the damage and health of each bird proportionally. This means that Banzai Lord (p) will continue to deal the same total damage. At the same time, we reduced the explosion radius slightly to give the purple affinity a minor nerf. The green affinity was severely underperforming and each green affinity Bird now provides 3000 life points worth of healing, which should allow it to properly fulfill its healing role. 

Fire_Sphere.pngFire Sphere & Shatter IceShatter_Ice.png
   - Fixed incorrect handling of overkill damage.

This is the first instance of us changing the way overkill damage works. It should provide a substantial buff for both cards by allowing them to always deal their full potential damage when a sufficient number of enemies are present.

Forest_Elder.png Forest Elder:
   - Flower Power / Pest Plants aura radius: 20m ➜ 30m.
   - New passive Ability, "Magic Link": Unit is surrounded by a magical zone of 30m radius where summoning friendly units requires 30% less of the usual power costs.

Forest Elder is meant to be the apex Pure Nature unit, but currently is a walking Regrowth on steroids and a slightly improved Wheel of Gifts. Pure Nature is a unit-centric deck, and a major part of being a unit-centric deck is needing to summon units. Many players who splash Nature want to summon units in base, next to a Breeding Grounds. It thus feels unsatisfying when you have to summon a unit in the field and miss out on the major cost refund. We wanted to let Nature players stay in the field without waiting for other units to catch-up, as well as decrease the faction's bound power cost. As such, we thought it fitting to give Forest Elder a slightly improved mobile Breeding Grounds effect. More changes will be coming to Forest Elder in the future.

Lifestream.png Lifestream: 
   - Life Link:
      - Damage absorption limit increased: 10000 ➜ 20000 damage
      - Removed maximum ability duration.
      - Range increased: 200m ➜ 300m
      - Implemented a new visual effect to prevent confusion with Regrowth.

Lifestream is Nature's superweapon equivalent and is a sustain option in a faction overflowing with sustain. In order to be used, it needs to either out compete Regrowth and Forest Elder or possess its own niche use. We have striven for the second option. To do so, we doubled the absorption limit and made the effect last permanently until the limit is reached. This will both increase Lifestream's strength in existing situations, as well as allow it to be used with less active input required from the player's end. Overall, it should fit in better as a part of a fixed defense and compliment Nature's healing in more offensive scenarios. To achieve this second aspect, we also decided to increase its range to 300m to match our recent buff to Comet Catcher.

Necrofury.png Necrofury:
   - Unit's default attack: Melee ➜ Ranged.
      - Damage: 1100 dp20 ➜ 4160 dp20
      - Range: 40m attack range
      - Needs to face enemies in order to target them.
      - Only affects ground units
   - Movement speed increase: 4.8 m/s ➜ 6.4 m/s
   - Nether Bomb is unchanged when switched into this mode.

Necrofury is a card with a good concept that doesn't see play outside using its powerful Bone Shards ability to one-shot bosses with Unholy Hero and Fallen Skyelf. We are wanting to leave its current boss killing identity intact while opening it up for general usage. The goal is to allow Necrofury to function as a backline archer without the need to constantly micromanage her. Given Necrofury requires only 1 Shadow orb, it will be flexible enough to be used in a wide variety of decks and provide a reason to single splash a Shadow orb. 

Overlord.png Overlord:
   - Blood Share:
      - Effect radius increase: 15m ➜ 20m
      - Healing increase: 1000 ➜ 1500 life points
      - Self-inflicted damage remains at 1000

The ability is currently very thematic and fitting for Overlord but also quite lackluster, so we are giving it a small boost.

Primeval_Watcher.png Primeval Watcher:
   - Stasis Field targeting: Self-targeting ➜ Targeted area within a 30m radius

Primeval Watcher is the primary backline damage dealer for Pure Nature. We want to increase its overall strength and the flexibility of Primeval Watcher's paralyze ability to allow for more offensive application. More changes will be coming to Primeval Watcher in the future.

Promise_of_Life.png Promise of Life:
   - Orb requirements changed: 3 Nature, 1 Neutral (T4) ➜ 3 Nature orbs (T3)

Allows Promise of Life to combo with Abyssal Warder and Pure Nature in T3, but otherwise has the same restriction for other decks, given it will still require 3 Nature orbs. This combo has proven to be quite powerful in testing and opens up a unique style of play, though one that can feel foreign to Nature. The idea is to attack a location with Abyssal Warder, purposefully allow it to die, and cast Promise of Life just before its death. This causes both a fully restored XL-warder and 2 L-warders to spawn, both of which are unbound. Promise of Life and Abyssal Warder will allow the player to quickly accumulate a large army of unbound units, while the new Shrine of Memory will grant fast void return, resulting into quicker transitions into T4.   

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PvP Balance Changes

80.png New Card Design Spotlight  - Burning Spears ]
Burning Spears were designed as a new tool to increase deck building options in pure Fire. The faction currently has a limited pool of pure cards in PvP leading to a very M-unit centric deck design with a limited amount of deck building options and balancing levers to change specific matchup behaviors. The addition of Burning Spears will add a versatile small sized unit into the faction, that is supposed to help with some of the factions counter issues against L and XL units in T2, while demanding a deck slot investment in return. The passive ability enables very high back loaded damage potential to punish players that try to ignore them, whereas the slow and steadfast ability allows Burning Spears to stick to their priority targets while enabling further spell synergies with cards like Wildfire.

[ Nature Rework ]
Pure Nature has been struggling to find its place in PvP for a long time. The faction features some tools prone to snowballing games once a lead is established. This can be frustrating to play against. While these tools offer great snowball potential, the faction lacks ways to actually get ahead through more conventional means. At higher levels of play the deck could be considered the weakest, since it was possible to shut down the strenght points it has while abusing its weaknesses.  

To address these issues, we want to increase Nature’s pool of options in open field trades while increasing its capacities of defending structures more consistently. At the same time, we are toning down the snowball mechanics to avoid creating an overly strong faction, which can’t be dealt with at some point in the game. This should lead to a more enjoyable experience for all players involved. Considering some of these changes are quite drastic, follow-up tweaks might be necessary to reach the desired goal.

Burrow_Ritual.png Burrowing Ritual:
  - Cost reduction: 50p ➜ 40p

Our previous plan of slightly buffing Tunnel in PvP didn’t work out for various reasons. As a result, we decided to add a bit of power to one of its combo pieces, making slot investments for Tunneling strategies a little bit more worthwhile.

Creeping_Paralysis.png Creeping Paralysis:
   - Cost reduction: 60p ➜ 50p
   - Paralyze duration increase: 15s ➜ 20s
   - Target limit increase: 7 ➜ 10 total targets

Adding more crowd control and open field trading options for pure Nature allows the deck to compete with nature splash factions. The listed buffs are supposed to enable its role at defending power wells against melee units by preventing them from focusing down power wells. The spell also excels at disrupting immobile army stacking strategies.

Deep_One.png Deep One:
   - Life points reduction: 1650 ➜ 1450
   - Catch ability cost reduction: 25p ➜ 10p

Deep One happened to be the most stat efficient T2 L-unit. Combined with Surge of Light, this led to very powerful snowball potential, allowing straight focus onto power wells ignoring any counter units. We reduce the overall health ratio to impact the effectiveness of Surge of Light support. On the other hand, we want to maintain Deep One’s ability during more defensive trades and are reducing its ability cost as a result. Deep One’s performance will be highly impacted by the upcoming Nightguard nerf as well.

Energy_Parasite.png Energy Parasite:
   - Counter type change: S-counter ➜ M-counter
   - Power Drain: added 30s initial cooldown

Any tool capable of generating maximum energy leads can snowball out of control very quickly. Therefore, preventing Energy Parasites from connecting to power wells at any given state is an absolute must if you want to beat pure Nature consistently. This necessary zoning of Energy Parasites often lead to a tempo loss by default, leading to heavily restricted gameplay options when playing against them. While this power level was necessary to keep pure Nature viable in the past, it did not leave a lot of room to buff the faction. This change is supposed to bring up more counter play options to Energy Parasites while keeping the unit strong and viable. The initial power investment can’t provide fast payoff, as counter unit spawns can be delayed. As nature often struggles with attacks based on M units, we also change the counter type from S to M. This might allow Energy Parasites to be utilized in combat before the initial cooldown goes off.

Ghostspears.png Ghostspears:
   - Orb requirements changed: 1 Nature, 1 Neutral ➜ 2 Nature orbs
   - Weapon Change ability cost removed: 10p ➜ 0p
   - Damage increase: 900 dp20 -> 990 dp20

With the introduction of Amii Paladins, every nature splash has its own melee S-sized M counter nowadays. By moving Ghostspears to pure Nature, we can tweak each of these units to specifically balance them towards each faction's needs. This change opens up room to buff pure Nature’s overall trading capabilities. 

Parasite.png Parasite:
   - Orb requirements changed: 1 Nature, 1 Neutral ➜ 2 Nature orbs
   - Cost reduction: 100p -> 80p
   - Damage per second increase: 60 / 60 / 60 / 66  dmg/s -> 70 / 70 / 70 / 80 dmg/s
   - Max targets increase: 4 / 5 / 6 / 6 -> 8 / 9 / 10 / 10 total targets
   - Fixed damage interval from 0.9 to 1 sec without increasing total damage

Pure Nature had little room to interact with air units in the past. Spirit Hunter poison gets countered by strong sustain tools (Ravage, Crystal Fiend healing etc.) and Parasite Swarm is too expensive and too susceptible to cc in order to work consistently. Parasite is supposed to be a strong support tool addressing this issue. Additionally, the card synergizes well with crowd control options to deal with stacked unit setups. We will move orb requirements towards pure nature to avoid interactions with splash factions, creating space for such a strong buff.

Parasite_Swarm.png Parasite Swarm:
   - Splash damage removed
   - Total damage increase: 16, up to 24 total damage (800 dp20) ➜ 24 damage (960 dp20)
   - Counter type change: M-counter ➜ XL-counter
   - Mind Control: added 10s initial ability cooldown

Parasite Swarm is mostly reliant on using its active ability to generate value. This makes using the card rather inconsistent, especially in early T2 stages. The upcoming change increases single target damage by 50% vs L, S and buildings, while increasing damage by 125% against XL units (M remains unchanged). On top of that, its counter type is getting shifted from M to XL in order to provide a new option of dealing with XL units. This should make Rogan Kayle less mandatory in pure Nature. In return, we add a small initial cooldown on the ability to prevent undazed spawn into instant swap plays.

Rogan_Kayle.png Rogan Kayle:
   - Damage increase: 990 dp20 ➜ 1075 dp20
   - It’s the Shoes range increase: 15m ➜ 20m

While not a pure Nature card in the first place, Rogan Kayle often gets used in combination with crowd control spells to produce permanent cc-chains. Outside of that, the card is rarely used and has large drawbacks due to rather underwhelming stat cost ratios. We increase its power a bit to open up more situations where the Lyrish leader can actually lead to victory.

Shrine_of_Memory.png Shrine of Memory:
Shrine of Memory will be shifted away from a meta pure Nature card and redesigned as a T3 tool. The card used to be a catch-up mechanic to compensate for nature’s weak early T2 complementing its spell spam heavy snowball tools. With the upcoming buffs, a back loaded hyperscaling mechanic is no longer necessary. Considering gameplay with SoM point and click hard counters like Suppression or Matter Mastery would naturally get more popular if Nature would increase in popularity, we decided to rework the card entirely. For more information, head towards the PvE section, where SoMs new powerful role will be further discussed.

Spikeroot.png Spikeroot:
   - Unit cost reduction: 120p ➜ 110p

Root Network decks were kept in a rather weak state in PvP considering static siege setups are rarely fun to play against. That said, we think it’s safe to increase Spikeroots power level a bit considering the card can complement Nature decks in various ways and is not reliant on root network support to be functional in the first place. It can be used as another tool to address nature’s M-counter issues. 

[ Shadow L-counter Adjustments ]
Nightguard has been dominant across Shadow splashes by shutting down a lot of L-unit centric strategies entirely across multiple matchups. The advantages of getting unbound units through mind control effects are more substantial than just removing units from the map. When kept alive, even a single unbound L-unit would lead to a huge long term advantage. Her omnipresence is preventing options to diversify faction identities, but also leads to numerous unhealthy interactions like shutting down L-unit centric factions entirely. We haven’t been able to touch Nightguard so far as a few L-units were at risk of getting out of hand without her (i.e. old Mountaineer). But since these outliers have received nerfs, we want to attempt to redesign the L-Counter role in Shadow splashes to enable more proactive skirmishing.

Nightguard.png Nightguard:
   - Unit cost increase: 65p ➜ 90p
   - Swap ability cost reduction: 75p ➜ 50p

As the central change here, Nightguard unit cost will be increased by 25 energy, rewarding energy investments to prevent the swap from going through in the first place. On the other hand, her ability cost will go down by the same amount, so total swap costs remain unchanged. This will weaken Nightguard’s preemptive zoning power before the swap goes through and also strengthen any re-swap scenarios. Therefore, taking down the Nightguard after a swap goes through needs to be prioritized even more than before. As the total cost per swap remains unchanged PvE impact is minimized considering it is way more likely to be able to keep her safe compared to PvP.

Executor.png Executor:
   - Counter type change: M-counter ➜ L-counter
   - New passive ability, "Piercing Death" - Unit deals 60% piercing damage

Executor has been redundant so far given that Shadow already has exceptional M counter options. To bring up a combat based alternative to Nightguard his counter type will be changed from M to L. In addition he will receive piercing damage to be able to help against buffed L units. This should help against early T2 or in 2vs2 matches.

Knight_of_Chaos.png Knight of Chaos:
   - Chaos ability cost reduction: 50p ➜ 40p

Pure Shadow was quite reliant on Nightguard to sufficiently counter L units. This buff should help compensate for the loss of power, and will also open up more opportunities for the less reliable purple affinity to finally cause real chaos.

[ Miscellaneous Changes ]

Dreadcharger.png Dreadcharger:
   - Charge increase: 12 ➜ 16

Small change as a response to recent design changes in the Shadow vs Frost matchup. This should enable more extended T1’s given that Frost also receives Ice Guardian buffs in this patch.

Eliminator.png Eliminator:
   - Taming ability radius increase: 20m ➜ 30m
      - Added radius preview
      - Buff increase, fire(r) affinity only: 30% ➜ 50%
   - Fixed affinities not working together without allowing it to stack infinitely 

Helping Eliminator to reward very specific strategies in decks that are built around him.

Ice_Guardian.png Ice Guardian:
   - Increased range from structures before Ice Shield decays: 25m ➜ 30m
   - Added a visual indicator when the Ice Shield is not decaying.

After acquiring more data from the Master Archer change, the previous spam scenarios are less effective in PvP as predicted. That said, Frost often ends up being confined to its own structures. We are giving Ice Guardian a bit more room to chase units and add a little bit more power into close well combat, where Frost is supposed to excel. This is needed to avoid map cutoffs early into the game. We also added a visual indicator when the ice shield is not decaying. This should lead to more comfortable unit micro options.

Mountain_Rowdy.png Mountain Rowdy:
   - Ice Block ability cooldown increase: 30 / 25 / 20 / 20s ➜ 40 / 35 / 30 / 30s

While we are satisfied with the overall position Mountain Rowdy took in pure Frost, he currently has the potential to keep his ability active constantly. With the increased range, this is a very potent zoning tool and sometimes slows down the game a bit too much. Therefore, we want to provide a proper window for players to attack after the ability runs out. 

Phalanx.png Phalanx:
   - Damage increase: 570 / 600 / 660 / 750 dp20 ➜ 600 / 630 / 690 / 780 dp20

Phalanx recently saw a bit more play in PvP. We think they still are on the weak side, therefore a small buff, which doesn’t impact their combo potential with Nasty Surprise should help them take a more consistent L counter role in Frost splashes.

Slaver.png Slaver:
   - Cost reduction: 80p ➜ 75p

Small buff to bring stat efficiency more into the line of other T2 L counters. Shouldn’t affect the unit performance too much.

Stone_Shards.png Stoneshards:
   - Life points reduction: 840 ➜ 810

Small tweak for Stoneshards considering Stonekin is slightly overperforming and will benefit a lot from upcoming Nightguard changes.

Strikers.png Strikers:
   - Movement speed increase: 6.4 m/s ➜ 8 m/s

While Strikers are underperforming as a unit, we do want to keep them in a niche role rather than buffing them back into a meta position. Increased movement speed should help to seperate the great Striker players from the good ones without inflating their power level. This should make it easier for them to isolate and pick off units more often.

Twilight_Brute.png Twilight Brute:
   - Damage increase: 940 dp20 ➜ 970 dp20

Even though Twilight Brute is a strong tool in a few matchups, deck slot limitations are quite restrictive in Fire Nature decks, so the card doesn’t see too much play all in all. Increasing the attack should provide a small extra reward for selecting them.

Twilight_Minions.png Twilight Minions
   - Damage increase: 900 dp20 ➜ 930 dp20
   - Life points increase: 780 ➜ 840

Considering Fire Nature loses Ghostspears as small sized M counter, Twilight Minions need to step in and take their role. Despite their superior stat efficiency, they were rarely played due to ranged disadvantages compared to Ghostspears and a less flexible ability. As a result, we will increase stat efficiency a little further to compensate for this patch and also look to add a lot more value for Twilight oriented deck builds in Fire Nature in the near future.

Virtuoso.png Virtuoso:
   - Damage increase: 1790 / 1890 / 2075 / 2265 dp20 ➜ 2025 / 2125 / 2310 / 2500 dp20

Even after the recent ability buffs, Virtuoso remained underplayed due to his inferior stat efficiency compared to most other L sized melee units. As a result, we decided to increase his damage output to help him at countering L units and sieging.

Warden_s_Sigil.png Warden Sigil (Frost):
   - Blessed(b)Sigil ability: Can no longer be attached to structures that are still under construction.

We are working on Wardens Sigil buffs to add more defensive tools in Frost T1. Unfortunately, the testing process isn't finished entirely, therefore only some technical preparations will be included this patch. We will follow up on this one soon.

Warlock.png Warlock:
   - Cost increase: 45p ➜ 50p
   - Damage increase: 430 dp20 ➜ 600 dp20
      - Blaze Bolt: 60, up to 90 total damage (430 dp20) ➜ 72, up to 108 total damage (600 dp20)
      - Attack speed: 3,5s ➜ 3s
   - Witchcraft ability now allows self-targeting

After testing the Warlock sufficiently, we do think it’s safe to enable a little more combat power rather than keeping the unit just as a cheap supportive tool. Warlock still should remain as a part of growing armies, but once he can deal a bit of meaningful damage himself, the required amount of set-up to make him work is reduced. This should help Warlock become more valuable in earlier T2 stages.

White_Rangers.png White Rangers:
   - Increased ability damage against non-Amii buildings from 50% ➜ 100% (orbs and power wells still do not receive any damage)

White Rangers already perform well in PvP, but given there is a distinction between normal and Amii structures (orbs and power wells), we can remove their reduced damage output against buildings to open up more use cases in PvE without inflating their PvP power level.

Community Splitter.png

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Map Balance Changes

Community Splitter.png

PvE Map Changes

Behind Enemy Lines: increased initial power wells from 2 to 3. All three have a capacity of 1200, equivalent to a 40 min lifetime.

  • Behind Enemy Lines is a map with a high failure rate with non-Nightguard strategies, and is none to have substantial periods where the player is forced to wait. The primary goal is to keep the map strategic and difficult, while removing the tedious moments. A secondary goal is to buff non-Nightguard strategies in preparation for the upcoming changes to mind control.

Convoy: buildings are now properly blocked from being built in the canyon in the center of the map in all locations.

Nightmare Shard: increased initial power wells from 2 to 3 and increased the capacity of the T2 & T3 power wells from 600 (20 min) to 900 (30 min). Once the goal is activated to destroy the infected Twilight spawns (which occurs either after the player has reached the Shard or the first Twilight Witch spawns, whichever is first) the fog of war over each infected camp is cleared in a 35m radius.

  • The average completion time for this map on expert is 48 minutes. The idea is to increase early power generation to reduce waiting, and to increase well capacity in-line with how long the map actually takes. Additionally, many players do not have a good idea of the strength of the various Twilight camps. The choice to remove the fog of war over the camps should help the players to make a better informed decision of where next to attack.

Nightmare's End: increased initial power wells from 2 to 3 and increased initial well capacity from 900 (30 min) to 1200 (40 min). Increased the capacity of the T2 power wells from 600 (20 min) to 900 (30 min). 

  • Nightmare's End has an average completion time of 72 minutes. This makes it the longest map in the game, and it is notoriously frustrating, leading to low replayability. Initial power generation and well capacity does not match the map's actual difficulty or length, so we are hopeful these changes can help bring about a smoother gameplay experience. There are other issues with the map in need of changing, but they will need to wait for a future patch.

The Dwarven Riddle: added a monument and 3 power wells on each side of the map, regardless of number of players. 

  • This change will allow both players to go T4. It should only affect players who play the map in a more "standard" method, in contrast to the speedrun method.  

Standardized all official single player campaign maps to have 4 gold chests.

  • Defending Hope: added 2 gold chests to match the standard. 
  • Ocean: removed 2 gold chests to match the standard.
  • The Soultree: added 1 gold chest to match the standard

Introduction: added one gold chest to introduce new players to the concept of gold chests.

Community Splitter.png

PvP Map Changes

While PvP has been moving steadily towards a more and more balanced state, a major issue we still face is the maps themselves. Just like we previously made changes to the 1v1 maps, we are happy to finally unveil our changes to all the 2v2 PvP maps (and Yrmia). These changes should create a more competitive and fair play environment, with many existing imbalances and cheese opportunities removed. All minimaps have been adjusted to reflect the changes and to be more accurate in general.

[ 1v1 Maps ]
Yrmia / Yrmia (Spectator Map):

  • Decreased the capacity of all power wells with 900 capacity to 600 capacity (1).
  • Decreased the capacity of all power wells with 1500 capacity to 600 capacity (2).

[ 2v2 Maps ]

  • Removed the 4 fortification walls surrounding the Monuments on both sides.
  • Added 1 power well of 600 power capacity at each of the 4 monument positions in the corners.
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to spawn non-S-sized units by the ground presence solely provided by the outer power wells (2 and 3).
  • Swapped the starting positions including the power wells and monuments of the teams, whilst preserving previous symmetry.


  • Increased the construction cost of the 4 outer fortification walls from 25 to 50 energy.
    • Decreased these wall's distance to the power wells. These walls can no longer be built by enemies if the player or ally own the power well closest to the wall.
  • Additionally, slightly narrowed the layout of the respective area around the wall in the bottom left to enable the same effect there.
  • Added flying blocking at the 2 big lakes in the center to prevent sieging across them with long-ranged flying units.
    • This is now visualized by permanently present clouds in the area.
  • The power wells in the top left of the upper starting base now provide spawn presence for units and buildings.
  • The power wells in the bottom right of the lower starting base now provide better spawn presence for units and buildings.
  • Fixed various other minor blocking issues.
  • Swapped the starting positions including the power wells and monuments of the teams, whilst preserving previous symmetry.


  • Increased the construction cost of the fortification walls at each starting position from 25 to 50 power.
    • These walls are no longer pre-built at the start of the game.
    • Increased all player's starting void power from 400 to 425 to compensate for wall changes.
  • Decreased the power cost of the walls at the central northern and southern bases at the border of map from 75 to 50 energy.
  • Adjusted the position of the monuments and power wells in all 6 bases in the north and south of the map to decrease distance to the wall.
    • These walls can no longer be built by enemies if the player or ally owns the power well or monument closest to it.
  • Removed the 2 walls around the northern and southern bases in the center of the map.
    • Changed the layout of power wells and monuments in these bases by rotating each cluster by 180 degrees.
    • Moved the power wells and monuments in these bases outwards, hence further away from the center of the map.
    • Removed the northern and southern power well in the well cluster in the middle of the map.
  • Moved the 4 power well clusters near the outer left and outer right bases closer to the center.
  • Swapped the starting positions including the power wells and monuments of the teams, whilst preserving previous symmetry.


  • Swapped the starting positions between players, whilst preserving previous symmetry.
  • Added 2 ramps to the sides of the new start positions, granting access to the plateau behind.
  • Opened up the plateaus in the corners by creating connecting ramps towards the diagonal of the map.
  • Adjusted the positions of wells, so that they are further away from the nearby wall, and thus hostile units mounted on the wall cannot attack the wells anymore.


  • Added 1 power well of 1200 capacity at each side of the center monument position.
  • Adjusted the positions of monuments and walls, so that 4 of the walls cannot be taken anymore if an enemy has taken the adjacent monument.
  • Adjusted the positions of monuments, so that they are further away from the nearby wall, and thus hostile units mounted on the wall cannot attack the orb anymore.
  • Swapped the starting positions including the starting power wells and monuments only within teams for consistency, whilst preserving map symmetry.


  • Opened up the middle of the map by creating 4 connecting paths between the power well clusters and the central monument.
  • Swapped the starting positions including the power wells and monuments of the teams, whilst preserving previous symmetry.


  • Adjusted the positions of the 4 outer fortification walls to prevent offensive walling, by moving them outwards and thus closer to the power wells and monuments there.
  • Opened up the plateaus by adding 2 ramps to each of them.
    • Widened one of the ramps leading up to the two small plateaus.
    • Increased the cost of the plateau walls from 25 to 50.
    • Moved the well clusters more towards the center of the plateau, but keeping them close to the wall to prevent offensive walling.
  • Moved the monuments previously located off the plateau to add to each of them 1 power well of 600 power capacity.
  • Swapped the starting positions including the power wells and monuments of the teams, whilst preserving previous symmetry.


  • Added flying blocking at various places at the borders of the bodies of water to prevent sieging across them with long-ranged flying units.
    • This is now visualized by permanently present clouds in the area.

Community Splitter.png

Fire Random PvE Balance Changes

Fire was added as an enemy faction in rPvE in our Anniversary Patch. While we are currently working on adding Nature as the next faction to fight against, we have been keeping a close eye on the balance and player experience against Fire among all skill levels. With this patch, we will be making some changes to improve the experience. 

[ System Changes ]
    - Significantly reduced the difficulties 6 and below.
    - Volcano now only spawns in level 4 camps and beyond.*
    - Incoming attack waves should now be less oppressive on higher difficulties.

[ Bosses ]

Removed fire class from all fire boss units - Protector's Seal no longer blocks the damage of Fire bosses.

   - Rage:
       - Reduced the damage bonus from the second stage from 300% to 200%.
   - Gates of Hell: 
       - Reduced the initial damage from 800 (2400 in total) to 400 (1200 in total).
       - Reduced the eruption damage from 2000 (6000 in total) to 1000 (3000 in total).

Aspect of Summer:
   - Global Warming: No longer prevents ice shield from being applied to target units.

   - Reduced life points from 65000 to 60000.
   - Fire Sphere:
       - Increased channeling time from 3 to 5 seconds.
       - Reduced damage from 2000 (10000 in total) to 1500 (7500 in total).
       - Reduced the radius from 25m to 20m.
       - Reduced the casting range 30m to 25m.

   - Increased life points from 30000 to 40000.

Fiend of Fire:
   - Flamethrower: Reduced damage per second from 600 to 500.

Molten Golem:
   - Blazing Surface: Reduced damage returned from 50% to 25%.

   - Unit is now XL.
   - Can now damage air units.

[ Units ]

   - Fire Lance
       - Reduced damage from 1200 (3100 in total) to 1000 (2500 in total).
       - Only deals 50% damage to structures.

   - Fixed a bug that prevented the unit from attacking units other than L-sized units.

Fire Dragon:
   - Rage: Reduced the damage bonus from the second stage from 300% to 200%.

Fire Worm:
   - Earthquake:
       - Reduced the damage per hit from 1000 to 500.
       - Now properly deals L counter damage.

Magma Spore:
   - Ground Blast: 
       - Reduced the damage from 720 (1120 in total) to 350 (1050 in total).
       - Reduced the area Radius 15m -> 10m.

   - Fire Bomb: Reduced range from 50m to 35m.

[ Buildings ]

   - Reduced the duration of the damage over time debuff from 10 seconds to 3 seconds.

Tower of Flames:
   - Volcanic Ground:
       - Reduced the damage from 6 times 200/1000 to 6 times 150/750.
       - Reduced the range from 25m to 20m.

   - Reduced life points from 5000 to 3500.
   - Reduced the size by 10%.

New Building: Flame Crystal - Spawns in Level 4 and Level 5 camps* and will periodically remove debuffs and cc effects from allied units

Fire can be extremely strong, but due to its high attack and low defense, it is extra vulnerable to Crowd Control spells. We want to counter this weakness with a brand-new building, while some major enemy damage dealers have been rebalanced

* Level 3 camps are usually right behind the T3/T4 camp; Level 4 camps are the row behind Level 3; Level 5 is always the last row.

Community Splitter.png

Map Editor Changes

  • Increased maximum allowed file size of community maps from 64 to 512 megabytes.
  • Added optional verbose logging for LUA. This is relevant for mapmakers and can be enabled in the debug section of the configuration file at `/Battleforge/config.json` using the `lua` configuration. The logs can be found in the `/Battleforge/Diag` folder.
  • Increased max brush size in the map editor.
  • Fixed crashes for the height map generation for Random PvE in the map editor in certain cases.
  • Allowed selection of the fire Random PvE preset in the map editor.

Community Splitter.png


  • Fixed issue related to character names becoming too long with the added `{GM}` prefix and not being able to be whispered.
  • Fixed issue with deleting community maps while they are being downloaded by another player.
  • Fixed incorrect ordering for all time rankings in the leaderboards.
  • Fixed ability to add 21 cards or 21 boosters to trade, instead of 20.
  • Fixed too large scroll step size for upgrade view when trying to scroll through the upgrades. It now scrolls with the same steps as the cards scroll view.
  • Fixed inconsistencies in the Amii card frames. Card descriptions will no longer overflow into the card artwork.
  • Fixed walk speed mismatch between respawned squad members and existing ones, causing the group as a whole to move at an unfavorable speed. This could be noticed for example with Werebeasts and Strikers.
  • Fixed wrong displayed remaining card charges for Offering in rare cases
  • Fixed incorrect handling of overkill stampede damage when destroying buildings. In general, this has a nerfing effect on stampede.
  • Improved error handling and logging for issues related to starting BattleForge with DirectX10.
  • and many more!
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  • Majora featured this topic
3 minutes ago, chaos1111 said:

i like the Sylvan change but i notice i do not have a indication of its range if i building / have build it. Having that would be nice

You do, it is just very big 


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1 hour ago, Rankerz said:

I did not play for over a year, but this patch deserves the check for sure !

Thank you for the great effort you do, to make this game evergreen awesome 🙂


Great to hear! How did you notice the patch release on the day itself?  Are you still staying in touch on our discord? 

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"Added ability to search for missing copies and charges in the Auction House. For example, writing `(charge=2 & copies<2) | (charge=1 & copies<3) | (charge=0 & copies<4)` in the textbox will show you all the cards you can still potentially buy to get a fully charged collection."


What I would like to have is a function to search in own inventory for cards with copies > 3.

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12 hours ago, Majora said:

Great to hear! How did you notice the patch release on the day itself?  Are you still staying in touch on our discord? 

I always keep on eye on the Community updates, even when I'm not playing actively.

Feels like such a nice way to let the people know what is going on behind the stages. Keep up the good work guys !

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Hotfix - 06 June 2022


  • Fixed game crashes caused by damage abilities like Cluster Explosion.
  • Fixed empty deck slots preventing progression in some of the new achievements.
  • Fixed unobtainable orb on the map "Behind Enemy Lines" in the northwest.
  • Fixed occasional errors in the reforging system, which occurred when reforging the last remaining copies of the same card.
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Hotfix - 07 June 2022


General Fixes

  • Fixed happy hour flame animation bugging out in rare cases.
  • Fixed ranked PvP new player protection not functioning properly in some cases.
  • Fixed the inability to complete achievements "Apprentice", "The Road Not Taken" and "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here".

Card Fixes

burning_spears.pngBurning Spears:
- Passive ability Crippling Strike:
   - No longer displays Blazing Lances' status bar icon on affected units.

- Tyranny:
  - Improved description in German to be more consistent.

amok.pngAmok (Shadow):
- Tainted: Friend or Foe?:
  - Fixed broken upgrade description.

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Regarding to the sunken temple, I like the rework a lot and it's add a really nice defending strategy but one thing is annoying, the creepers are using space for the Maximum unit limit, so if you have about 3 of this Tempels it's nearly impossible to build up am army because they take so much space in your unit limit. 

You can thought kill all the bugs analog and then have a short time window to spawn your units but it's kind of annoying.


Maybe if it's possible reduce the space they need in the max unit cap .


Would love that .

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Thanks for all the amazing work again. 

The pvp general updates are really really cool and important. Some very useful things like not seeing queueing participants and loses or the happy hours.

Regarding the nature balance updates I'm not sure though. Nature was the worst faction before and the patch somehow feels more like a nerf to me than a buff. All of the most important cards got significantly nerfed - ep, som, deep one; even parasite swarm.  Instead there was a 10% dmg buff for ghost spears. But they are small units and surely want make the game for nature like this. Then there was some middle or minor buffs and the strong buff of parasite. I don't think that makes up for the huge nerfes.

The biggest issue of nature though is that it can't trade well with m units and fast and aggressive pushes if executed well. I don't know if that really changed now.

Also I liked the special mechanics of pure nature which were pretty unique. For me those special mechanics make the game what it is even if not every match up is 100% equal. I'd prefer that over an all equal but only trading battleforge where every faction has its stormsinger type of unit (which in my eyes is to strong and versatile - it just has everything possible a unit can have).

Still I appreciate the huge amount of work this all is and don't want to complain, but hope to express some constructive critique with this.

Gz sonarís

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12 hours ago, Sonaris said:

Thanks for all the amazing work again. 

The pvp general updates are really really cool and important. Some very useful things like not seeing queueing participants and loses or the happy hours.

Regarding the nature balance updates I'm not sure though. Nature was the worst faction before and the patch somehow feels more like a nerf to me than a buff. All of the most important cards got significantly nerfed - ep, som, deep one; even parasite swarm.  Instead there was a 10% dmg buff for ghost spears. But they are small units and surely want make the game for nature like this. Then there was some middle or minor buffs and the strong buff of parasite. I don't think that makes up for the huge nerfes.

The biggest issue of nature though is that it can't trade well with m units and fast and aggressive pushes if executed well. I don't know if that really changed now.

Also I liked the special mechanics of pure nature which were pretty unique. For me those special mechanics make the game what it is even if not every match up is 100% equal. I'd prefer that over an all equal but only trading battleforge where every faction has its stormsinger type of unit (which in my eyes is to strong and versatile - it just has everything possible a unit can have).

Still I appreciate the huge amount of work this all is and don't want to complain, but hope to express some constructive critique with this.

Gz sonarís

Hey Sonaris, 

Thank you for your feedback. We will keep track on pure Nature's performance in PvP and definitely follow up with number changes if something feels off. We do believe some of these design changes were necessary though as pure Nature was creating a lot of scenarios that were not creating a fun experience on both ends. Nature collapsed to any type of well executed early aggression while energy manipulation -> permahealed Deep Ones felt oppressive to play against at mid game on the other hand. We definitely want to keep a unique design approach for pure Nature with Energy Parasite and Deep One both maintaining strong positions in the game. That said we want to move away from the extremes here and add more counterplay on both ends. With spell buffs we want to give pure natures more of a control based faction feeling while toning down the "stall for the snowball" behavior. I agree that omnipresent allrounders like Stormsinger, which define multiple deck identities, are far from optimal design and we do not want to shift more factions into such a direction at all.

When it comes down to the Shrine of Memory, the card had severe issues due to the presence of very powerful hard counter tools. In higher elo games people would already spam Suppression rendering the Shrine entirely useless given its bound 100 power would never pay off. This would quickly carry over into the more average games if pure nature starts getting more popular as there is no micro load involved to execute this. With Matter Mastery in mind 50% of decks already posses such hard counter options that also do not create interesting gameplay patterns. Now keeping nature's matchups with access to these hard-counters balanced while maintaining a healthy dynamic against the decks that don't have such options, would be next to impossible. This is why we went towards a more PvE oriented focus for the building as it bears large potential to enrichen the gameplay experience over there. 

So all in all we want to keep a unique identity for nature in PvP, but reduce the very exploitable early game into full snowball pattern a little bit. I hope these explanations are understandable. Please keep us up to date on how you feel about these changes and matchup dynamics overall as we want to improve the gameplay experience as much as we can!

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There will be a server restart and a small update around noon today. Due to its unexpectedly strong performance, the card "Sunken Temple" will receive a nerf. Please note that all replays, which were recorded in the last 7 days and used the card "Sunken Temple", will not be watchable anymore. The detailed patch notes will be posted around noon as well.

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Hotfix - 11 June 2022


General Changes

  • Improved the description of the Achievements "The Tools of Ultimate Destruction", "The Rainbow of Power" and only in Russian "Not Even My Final Form" to be more consistent.
  • Added improvements for the newly added responsive deck count.

Card Adjustments

Ice_Age.pngIce Age (Frost):
- godspell_frost.png Blessed Glacial:
   - Fixed broken upgrade description in Russian.

Shrine_of_Memory.pngShrine of Memory:
- active_special.png Echoes of the Past:
   - Improved description to be more consistent in French.

Sunken_Temple.pngSunken Temple:
- Decreased the building's life points from 1000 to 800.
autocast_nature.png Gifted Plague / autocast_shadow.png Tainted Plague:
   - Will no longer summon units once a population of 150 would be exceeded.
   - Added an initial cooldown of 30 seconds after construction.
   - Improved description to be more consistent.
   - The following changes were made to summoned "Pest Creepers":
      - Decreased the unit's movement speed from 8m/s (2.4m/s walkspeed) to 4.8m/s (2.4m/s walkspeed).
         - Thus the passive ability Swift has been removed.

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