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  1. I'm about thinking to lower my category to Pros rather than Masters, because the rules of the test run you've made are quite tricky. Even at maximum efficiency, still can't find a way to survive the first 2 minutes ^^. I'll keep trying for now.
  2. NAME: Reforged card vanished DESCRIPTION: This evening I did use reforging with 2x Wintertide (R), 1x Stormsinger (R), 1x Frost Crystal, the result was an Ironclad. After some time in game, maybe one hour, I could not find Ironclad in my collection anymore. REPRODUCIBILITY: I will not try to reforge 600 BFP worth of cards again. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: nope LOG: attached ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Not expecting anything just wanted to let you know _log_proxy_latest.zip
  3. WTF I intended to partecipate today but I didn't check it ended yesterday! damnz
  4. It may be a lesser CCC, but for the records, this is the first time in my more-than-10-year Battleforge experience that I win something! Yay! Thanks a lot, Sir!
  5. I was thinking to implement it in the interface, if not too demanding in coding/figuring it out. 'extra cards', 'excess cards', 'spare cards' ... just saying ^^
  6. every card beyond 4 copies needed for a full charge. So it's intended as a card that sits there and you will never need or use.
  7. Spare card filter would be awesome, and save us from copy/paste that stuff
  8. NAME: As topic title, the game suddenly crash to desktop DESCRIPTION: Almost won a rPvE 9 motm, last one or two camps alive REPRODUCIBILITY: Really hope not SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: nope LOG: attached all the latest logs I have right after the crash ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Never saw a crash like this, I mean without message or advice, just a little hang and then the desktop Diag.zip
  9. What about boosters purchased pre-patch? Do they might contain new cards also, or not?
  10. Nicely done! The Wastelad Terror looks pretty cool 😁 I really like everything you did here, but not the promo mana wing achievement. I think it's a game changer card and it should not be obtained so easily.
  11. Great job with the frost deep dive, appreciated!
  12. How could I possibly didn't think about compressing files, my bad, sorry! Next time i'll do!
  13. and asked me to attach _log_proxy_latest.log, which is a 7634 kb file, while the max total size is 3.91Mb. Just wanted to let you know.
  14. This is a bug I can recall even from BattleForge official days. It happens sometimes that my client has loaded a match and is "waiting for other clients", but it remains like that forever. There is no way to reproduce it that I am aware of, looks like it happens randomly, and the only way out is to ALT-F4 close the game. I'm posting because usually happens once in a while, but today already happened 3 times in a row, and it is annoying not just for me but for all the other peeps partecipating in the match.
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