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  1. Yes I played Angelos. But nevermind, still enjoyed!
  2. Thanks for the great work, love the update, specially to have more factions in RPVE. Played now the first time since my old Battlforge time an community map. I dont know but I think somehow the unit count for the daily quest did not work. Anyway good to add it for gold and playtime, that was my main reason to not play them. maybe you can play them also instead of the PVE maps would be nice. I palyed Angelos yesterday, cant say that it is to Difficult, needed a few trys (3 or 4) but its not extrem difficult and I would not consider myself as an very good player.
  3. Regarding to the sunken temple, I like the rework a lot and it's add a really nice defending strategy but one thing is annoying, the creepers are using space for the Maximum unit limit, so if you have about 3 of this Tempels it's nearly impossible to build up am army because they take so much space in your unit limit. You can thought kill all the bugs analog and then have a short time window to spawn your units but it's kind of annoying. Maybe if it's possible reduce the space they need in the max unit cap . Would love that .
  4. Wow cool, posted in all survey you posted that I would love to have some achievements for purr color completions, really love it to be able to be now challenged. Thanks for always asking and listening to the community!! Great work, looking forward. P.s. and wasteland Terror looks dope 🙂
  5. First really love the new nature deep dive, looking forward to have all the changes and finally be able to have us to all that cool designed Nature cards. I personally like the idea with grove spirit and sanctuary mich more then the the idea with having a second "infect" playstyle Card. It would make nature much more special and I would lobe to have a use for grove spirit (now it's like kind of wasted Potential card ). One question to forest elder (g) does the attack buff stack with wheels of gift, Rogan or home soil ? If not the forest elder (p) feels way mo
  6. Wow great work, waited for this update for so long. Rpve update,grinding the new cards, and the bandits rework will give so much pleasure. Already loved the frost changes in Summer.
  7. Sounds amazing, frost was my first color I played in the origional bf and still love it. One addion what I think would be cool, maybe make winter witch also avaibel for freezing buildings, that would be some nice extra do use her not just passive and makes her more use as also as an offensive force. Special with the shattered ice synergy.
  8. Are thugs just stealing energy from buildings (that's what the card say), or also from units ? And what is with the little bit more expensive strikers, they have the same steal ability, are much stronger with the charge power and just cost 30 more, what shouldn't bother so much in normal pve .
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