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English Grammar Test


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As emmm...Third language from different 'language family' I was expecting such outcome while passing it. The test result is pretty accurate, this IS Above average level in my country. Btw I have more troubles with translating, rather than grammar things. I can listen or read english understanding meanings straight without translation, but can't translate it to someone else fast.

And You probably will be surprised, that Russain isn't my native language despite fluency of speaking and great grammar. Aaaand I'm not Russain by myself, there are many (if not - much) nations in Russia.

Moi Engloch is weri god ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

Me Engloch weri good.png

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"The Queen arrived at the castle with the King by her side, in a dress adorned with hand-sewn embroidered flowers."

I didn't think the sentence was incorrect either, but maybe the structure can lead yout to the assumption that the king is rocking the hand-sewn embroidered flowers instead of the queen. Then it would instead have to be:

"The Queen arrived at the castle, in a dress adorned with hand-sewn embroidered flowers, with the King by her side."

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Indeed, as it's structured the sentence implies the King is wearing the dress. The modifier is misplaced and should be next to the subject, the Queen.

Edit - heh, apparently blue-light filters apply to screenshots, who knew?


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