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  1. Been a while, hope u are doing well. Best of luck in your future endeavours.
  2. Topic title: Wheel of gifts bug - 3 SERVER: whichever server the updater leads to NAME: Wheel of gifts buff bug SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: Ingame/forge REPRODUCIBILITY: ALWAYS DESCRIPTION: Wheel of gifts will allow you to have 2 of the same buff IF you chose the same buff while in the animation of the first wheel of gifts. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: To clarify... 1. Wheel of gifts 1 and 2 are placed 2. Wheel of gifts 1 activates green buff 3. before wheel of gifts 1 animation is finished activate wheel of gifts 2 green buff 4. by the end of both animations you should have 2 wheel of
  3. But then... you look into the stars and think to yourself ...
  4. HAPPY NEW YEAR! and a great one coming up for skylords reborn! :hype:


  5. @Vitor Please read the global forum rules before posting
  6. @Reinard check out the dev platform and you will find the exact date of when open beta should start
  7. Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag free for a limited time, redeem on Uplay here... https://free.ubisoft.com/promotions/assassins-creed-black-flag/16/

    1. sylvix95


      Thanks for reminding me.

    2. Fauchderial


      thx, I'll give u rep for this :P

  8. Thanks to @Eddio my profile picture now fits the seasons greetings!

    +rep to you, good sir!

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    2. BionicReaper


      @Eddio I want one too, please. I will pay u 2 :watermelon:. Deal?

    3. Fauchderial


      Where is mine too... it what I was to talk about .-. .....

    4. Eddio


      Wow beautifull profile picture @DawsonTheFish

  9. I dont think I can handle this same post in my recent box for another 66 damn days.
  10. Happy birthday @MrXLink :D!

    1. WaterMelonLord


      You just about made it. 

    2. Dawson


      In my time I was in the clear :P

    3. Fauchderial


      no answer that sad for u :kappaross:

  11. woah another status update.

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    2. anonyme0273


      When he isn't woahing, he looks as if he was in a state of chronic depression and a deep existential crisis.

      Poor Crash

    3. sylvix95


      And a very useful one !

    4. Fauchderial


      I was thinking it was the last one.....

  12. Can we stop reviving this post. In otherwords lets not type in it and start more arguments.
  13. Why thank you, kind sir! @Eddio Great work my side detective.
  14. ahah well, then this post can be the big confess post
  15. #TheMelonExposed I do have thomas's concent to post this ;D just a little poke fun at him yw thomas check out hunie pop on steam xD http://store.steampowered.com/agecheck/app/339800/
  16. @Kiwi Hmm....
  17. @Kiwi uhm, doesnt it make purple?
  18. A tough choice for all indeed. Gladly im the maker of this post and do not require to put in my vote Also @Dexirian... no... Huehuehue
  19. So what would it be? the red pill or the blue pill? RED PILL? BLUE PILL?
  20. Dawson


    @Kiwi Forgive my mistakes...
  21. Dawson


    this could have easily been talked about in discord.
  22. Dawson


    wha? how! It hasnt updated yet!
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