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  1. Tiberium

    What are you collecting ?

    I wanna know the weird stuff you guys collect ^^ Im like a mini horder, i collected a lot of stuff and kept it till today just like: - Yu-gi-oh cards (the very first serious collection of mine even though i never played it xD) - Magic the gathering cards (just like above i dont know why i never played these card games) - Pretty Rocks and Minerals - All kind of electronic stuff (old mainboards and grphics cards everywhere) - I cant play The Witcher or Skyrim because im constantly picking up every single thing i can find (sometimes i think i might have an OCD xD) And now im starting to collect the UCS series of Lego display pieces (they are super expensive... why didnt i chose a dieffrent thing QQ) The only thing i cant seem to collect is money
  2. Tiberium

    Best Gaming Device

    I got a ps4,nintendo switch and a xbox one x. And i got to say the One X is suprisingly comfortable, even tho the UI seems to run on Win95. The switch is just incredible with its handheld potential (really weird playing Doom on the go). The ps4 is now unused in my house because i already completed my exklusives. So the One X is now my power console. So i chose xbox
  3. Tiberium

    English Grammar Test

    Yeah coincidence
  4. May the be with you. All of you, always. I will be playable for all of us soon™
  5. Tiberium

    When is your Birthday?

  6. Tiberium

    What unit would you like seeing a promo version of ?

    I would like to see a Regroth spell with an explosion at the start and loud screaming noises with airhorns and mini doritos and mountain dew particle effects. MLG all the way. For real now, promo spells would look pretty cool.
  7. Its a truly glorius moment in the history of this project.
  8. Tiberium

    Official Stream Incoming! (11/02/2017)

    you know how to build up hype i can already her him comming
  9. Tiberium

    What are you collecting ?

    ahhh ok my transaltion for them is snow globe ^^ thought you would collect balls of snow for a moment there
  10. Tiberium

    What are you collecting ?

    Are you talking about Snow globes or are you trolling me
  11. Tiberium

    which card gives you the most nostalgia?

    Giant Wyrm It was my only strong XL T4 unit for a long time
  12. Tiberium

    The legendary forum game "count"

    2282 Indeed my leg !
  13. Tiberium

    The legendary forum game "count"

    2280 My leg !
  14. Tiberium

    Poll for my story

    Thats a hard question. But i just love the nothern mythology and architecture. I feel like Samurais are a bit overused. Any chance of reading your story when your finfished ?

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