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  1. I bet seeing you all die is fun. Sry guys.
  2. Now that's really exciting news! Keep up the good work.
  3. Accidently refreshed the site but I got a score of 100
  4. Since I didn't contend last time the only thing I can complain about is they way you set the dates for those tournaments. Just like last time I won't have time because of school. That's kinda annoying lol. That's definitely something you have to work on
  5. Sadly also for me it turned out that I won't have time to participate.
  6. Sign me up TheDarkFish#2371 Btw I don't understand 2. and 3. what does banning a deck or tournament format mean?
  7. You said " Avatar feels very eastern to me AND it fits better in the "anime" category " You didn't say it feels like it fits better in the anime category. I said they are not anime that's it. That is my opinion and I never told anyone to agree with me or else... or something like that. Saying that I forced my views onto anyone is just wrong. Also if I had said "I don't view them as anime, because..." that would not have resembled what I wanted to say. My post was supposed to have a meaning like "I think you shouldn't list them here because..." and by just stating the reason my point should be pretty obvious. It was not taken out of context. May point doesn't change at all if it would be "if others count Avatar as anime" instead of "it". There's no difference, you basically said that people can randomly decide if avatar is anime or not and if that's the case for Avatar then why shouldn't it be for TWD? Again, it's my choice to count TWD as anime or non anime right?
  8. You say that Avatar fits better in the "anime" category as like it's a fact and then you call me out for acting like things are facts? Quite hypocritical don't you think? Who the hell are you to tell me not to state my opinion just because you disagree? Because in my opinion Avatar is just as much anime as a strawberry is a berry. "If others count it as anime, then that's absolutely fine and their choice." So you wouldn't mind me counting Spongebob or The walking dead as anime? I mean it's my choice right? I know there's a difference but by saying this thread is pointless I meant that if we stop caring about what actually is anime and what isn't this "Favorite Anime" thread could as well be called "Favorite Show" and there wouldn't be any difference.
  9. If we don't care about what makes anime what it is then this entire thread is pointless and we should talk about favorite series instead. Avatars animations and everything else are more similar to western animation styles than eastern ones, a different drawing style doesn't change that. I have never played dark souls and don't really know anything about it so I can't answer that.
  10. 1. Death note 2. One piece 3. DBZ Those are not anime.
  11. For me it's probably that guy from DmC http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/devilmaycry/images/5/51/Vergil_(Model)_DmC.png/revision/latest?cb=20150513013828 he was insanely hard but fun.
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