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  1. Not missing anything, booster prices will go from 350/375/400 (with one per day at 250/275/300) up to 450/475/500 (with one per day at 350/375/400). On a daily basis, without anything from the reserve, you would get 150BFP for completing 2 quests, and another 250BFP from 45 mins playtime, and earn the discount. That is precisely enough to buy a mono-colour deck so yes, you'd need to complete the quests for that, or to either have some leftover BFP from previous days, or to dip into your reserve by 25 to 75 if you choose not to complete one of the quests. That said, saying "I only play sha
  2. Yep, the point is that these are achievements, not straight up free boosters. You only need to get below those thresholds once, and then never again. Maybe you've not managed it in the past couple of weeks, I know I haven't, but that doesn't make it a bad system. I'm sure at some point in the next few months/years we'll be able to dedicate the time to do this. Saying "it's to long" is like saying you should only need to play one match with the various deck types to get the mini booster that comes with the top tier of those achievements, and just devalues it. As a casual player myself, I t
  3. @Kaliber84 I was actually thinking about the post I made here a few days after making it, realising I didn't actually add anything constructive so had intended to do that, sorry! The reasons I say the Twilight one doesn't feel right in the line-up with your others to me is that the colours of the others match the orb colours where this one is coloured to match the units, and it also feels more 'chunky' - the others feel a lot more line based where I think all of the nobbly bits on the twilight one break that feel for it. I'm terrible with image creation though so can't offer much more tha
  4. Interestingly, I didn't crash during character creation, but have also has my avatar changed. I chose the Ashbone Pyro one and now have a very cool looking skeleton with massive shoulderpads instead. Description for my occurrence: Logged in for the first time, set up a profile, then character name and avatar, did not tick the tutorial box and continued happily on into the Forge. Bought a few booster packs and then went afk and closed my laptop. Came back to find the game frozen (as expected when leaving online games running and closing a laptop) so closed the window to exit the game. Logg
  5. That's strange, the Twilight one looks very ...Twilighty to me. What it doesn't quite do is have the same aesthetic as the other symbols, which I think would make it feel a bit out of place in the line-up.
  6. Wish granted, now they will only ask "when is open beta?" or "can I have a closed beta key?" or "why doesn't the the download work?" instead. I wish my baby would wake me up less than three times a night.
  7. I wish @Ragenarok had remembered to make a wish
  8. This has been suggested many times before but is not possible. Steam will only accept games from the owners of that game, any the Skylords team have no claims on BattleForge, only the 'permission' from EA to continue their reboot. 'Permission' being that EA have said that they won't take any action to stop the project and will allow the continued development.
  9. Indeed, I actually overlooked the part that I personally find most aggravating about that post because it could be a translation issue or it could just be styles of speech. I really, really hate it when people use terms like "pal", "buddy" or "mate" in posts that have a generally aggressive tone, it makes it sound far worse and gives particular connotations of the person doing it. So on the off-chance that you did think it was improving the tone of your post, I'm fairly sure there are a good number of people like me out there for whom it has the opposite effect.
  10. I paid for that! Admittedly I got it on the Steam winter sale for about £4 but I still paid for that! :sadface:
  11. Ok, I admit to only having ready about 2/3 of the post because walloftext That said, I'd still call it more of an impassioned speech than pure insult slinging.
  12. @Cocofang Thank you for bringing a topic worth discussing to this place! There will always be some polarity within a community, and friction between avid fans and nay-sayers but it's true that this doesn't usually extend to include dev teams. I understand that it is frustrating to be doubted and that it can be difficult to rise above that, but it really is what must be done when you are leading a community. The role as devs/mods/any other position of power is to ensure the success of the game, which is best done by creating a good atmosphere and welcoming everyone into the fold. Ok, not e
  13. Are you serious? I mean, I would've laughed at this statement 10 years ago, but now? Really? The age of "early access" aka we promise we'll finish the game you paid us for someday, honest. Hell yes this happens all the time to far more professional studios. Now, this part I don't disagree with you on, but apparently nor do the devs, hence them stating after the last delay that they will not give estimated release dates any more. I'm sure it upsets them at least as much as it does us for them to feel like they are telling thousands of people "we let you down". The dates are obviously ne
  14. Nice one @Ultrakool - well deserved congratulations, you've always been a friendly and helpful member of the community, good to see you have more power to keep it that way!
  15. There was, as MrXLink mentioned, it was/is called the sparring grounds. Play there until you feel good enough to play ranked with the new deck, and if you never feel good enough then I guess you choose between having fun and playing the extra decks or grinding your rank with a single deck.
  16. While strictly true, it's also not entirely true. There are decks that work better against low/mid tier players than the 'best' decks, much like in any game. The 'best' decks are the best because they assume you are playing against other people with these decks and who will use the 'best' strategies. You can have decks that crush low/mid tier players more easily than you would by using a top tier deck purely because you're aiming to take advantage of mistakes in play or deck-building. Stuff like Cliffdancing for example, not going to work so well at top tier but man will it stomp people who do
  17. People did it in the original game so that they didn't ruin their ranking when they tried out a different deck. For instance, you could be an amazing Fire/Nature player and be in the top 5, and then also want to play Shadow but not be as good with it so only be rank 80 or something with it. People don't like spoiling their rank, so they feel like they're stuck playing only one deck, then they get bored and quit. Personally, I don't care, I think if you want to play multiple decks then your rank should be based on how good you are with all of them. If I play Frost and suck, but enjoy it, w
  18. At the moment I'm playing Battlezone, the re-release of a 20 year old game I loved, and Battleworlds Kronos, which reminds me a lot of a series of games called Battle Isle from more like 25 years ago. Oh, and Satellite Reign, which is a bit like the Syndicate games which are about as old. Nostalgia rules the day for me right now! I'm also always in the middle of a selection from about 10 others like Baldurs Gate, NWN, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Bioshock, Pillars of Eternity. Also, I play EVE. I don't care about your opinion, it's an awesome game and anyone doesn't think so clearly neve
  19. From the latest dev blog, the open beta date should be officially announced next week which suggests that mid March is likely, buuut until there is an official announcement about it I'd always assume it's possible to change. Nevertheless, the gathers speed.
  20. There shouldn't be any reason for this to be the case, for two reasons. Firstly, PvE isn't how you earn cards - daily quests and playtime are, which can both be achieved through PvP just as well as through PvE if the quests are implemented well. Secondly, PvP players will be looking for specific cards so won't spend all their BFP on boosters but will turn to the auction house to buy those cards and skip the randomness. Also, the increased odds of getting higher rarity cards will help on both counts here, decreasing the number of boosters that need to be opened to get those rare cards and
  21. Not sure if sarcasm, troll, or duplicate account... No, I can't be bothered to create the Fry image macro to go with this.
  22. Well that's a dumb thing to say, given that they managed to make the game perfectly playable months ago on the old C# server. Yes, they've had to somewhat restart by changing the code, but it's also a big improvement in the process, and the progress recently has been faster than I've seen it in the 18 months or so that I've watched this place. Sick of the devs being given this kind of pessimism from people who aren't living the task they're trying to achieve for free, because they care. Go check out Twitch, proof is there that it will work. In the meantime, devs, the rest of us salute you
  23. So 0.5% is 1 in every 200 boosters. Whether that's the right rate depends how rare promos are meant to be, how quickly we should be able to get boosters, and to some extent how many players there are. Obviously increasing player numbers increases both the number of promos that will appear and the demand for those promos so has a lesser effect, in which case we're looking at how long it should take to earn a booster and how many boosters it should take to build a solid deck. If I need to open 50 boosters to get a good deck, chances of getting a promo in there are about 22%. If need 100 boo
  24. Oh anonyme, I always thought higher of you, but looking down on EVE? Shame. Aside from clearly falling for the NMS hype, some good choices on there, extra points for Supreme Commander 2.
  25. First off, to anyone against the soft cap, remember that in the original there was a hard cap, which would get you just under 3 boosters per year if you logged in every single day. Then you had to spend money which, incidentally, was something of the balancing factor between persons A and B above; B bought more BFP with the money they probably had from working more and playing less. Seems like a soft cap is the best way to go about it as things stand, most games have something similar to help keep players roughly level, whether it's rested XP bonus or first win of the day bonus or diminis
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