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      [Important] Open Beta Delayed   01/21/18

      We made an important announcement about the open beta, please read it carefully : https://goo.gl/nnSfpN  


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  1. Skylords Reborn Booster Ratios

    There shouldn't be any reason for this to be the case, for two reasons. Firstly, PvE isn't how you earn cards - daily quests and playtime are, which can both be achieved through PvP just as well as through PvE if the quests are implemented well. Secondly, PvP players will be looking for specific cards so won't spend all their BFP on boosters but will turn to the auction house to buy those cards and skip the randomness. Also, the increased odds of getting higher rarity cards will help on both counts here, decreasing the number of boosters that need to be opened to get those rare cards and also meaning that more rare cards are on the AH and so stabilising/reducing their price. SR seems like a big step up for PvP decks to me, given these changes.
  2. [Important] Open Beta Delayed

    Not sure if sarcasm, troll, or duplicate account... No, I can't be bothered to create the Fry image macro to go with this.
  3. [Important] Open Beta Delayed

    Well that's a dumb thing to say, given that they managed to make the game perfectly playable months ago on the old C# server. Yes, they've had to somewhat restart by changing the code, but it's also a big improvement in the process, and the progress recently has been faster than I've seen it in the 18 months or so that I've watched this place. Sick of the devs being given this kind of pessimism from people who aren't living the task they're trying to achieve for free, because they care. Go check out Twitch, proof is there that it will work. In the meantime, devs, the rest of us salute you and want you to take all the time you need to make the game properly and have successful personal lives at the same time.
  4. Current Proposal: Rewards

    So 0.5% is 1 in every 200 boosters. Whether that's the right rate depends how rare promos are meant to be, how quickly we should be able to get boosters, and to some extent how many players there are. Obviously increasing player numbers increases both the number of promos that will appear and the demand for those promos so has a lesser effect, in which case we're looking at how long it should take to earn a booster and how many boosters it should take to build a solid deck. If I need to open 50 boosters to get a good deck, chances of getting a promo in there are about 22%. If need 100 boosters, the chance goes up to just under 40% and if I need 150 then there's a 53% chance of getting a promo in them. I guess at that point it comes down to how many boosters it is reasonable for people to open. If I'm opening 150 boosters per week then yeah it's probably too high. If it's 1 booster a day then that means about an 84% chance I get a promo within a year.
  5. what is rPvE

    Short answer: PvE is the campaign missions, with fixed maps and enemies, and with a variety of objectives across the maps; rPvE is random PvE, where the map is sort of randomly generated, the enemies randomly chosen, and the objective is always to wipe out all enemies within a time limit.
  6. extra cards for the new players

    It's a cool idea, I used to give away cards sometimes in the original game, only cheap ones and I didn't do competitions, but I know many other people did similar. Always good to be nice to new players, encouraging them to stay in the game keeps the game alive and healthy. BF community has always been good at this sort of thing, I fully expect that will continue!
  7. Hardreset after Beta

    I think a wipe at the end of beta would be beneficial simply because beta is a time when things like quest rewards, upgrade prices and gold drop rates will probably be tweaked a lot, meaning constant changes to the economy. This is going to have weird effects and simply carrying on open beta into release would mean that spending all the time in beta finding the right balance would be a bit pointless, since that balance has already been thrown out for a large proportion of players. Much better from a development point of view to find the balance, wipe everything and start fresh with that balance. It also means that devs can do cool/stupid things during beta like give everyone large amounts of BFP or copies of cards they haven't seen tested much without worrying about the impact of it too much, and who doesn't love fun beta stunts like that?
  8. What was your favourite expansion and why?

    I think they came out quite early in the game's life, and of course they were all free, so if you weren't paying too much attention yeah I could see people having missed it
  9. the game market

    That's a good point I hadn't thought of, having to wait for ultra rare cards to drop in sufficient numbers to be tested by a large portion of the playerbase could mean bugs slipping through so yeah it probably is worthwhile having in beta. I agree that it'd be better to not have them at release, but as above I really don't think it'd make that much difference anyway, unless the supply of these set price cards is huge, they'll be swallowed up by the waves of supply and demand pretty quickly.
  10. Anti-Cheat

    Weird, our legal system is one of these systems and it doesn't happen there.Yes, sometimes innocent people are found guilty but it's due to mistakes caused by decisions being left to judgement without decisive evidence rather than collusion of judges. In replays of a game like BF, it's pretty clear whether someone has cheated or not, you have their every move on screen to watch as many times as necessary. I agree it's better to lose to a cheater than to ban an innocent though, so maybe a 3 strikes and you're out rule? Obviously adds to the work though, it's all musings.
  11. Anti-Cheat

    It probably will be fine, but this equally seems like a decent idea, and one that the community could probably put together without taking too much of developers' time. Though saying that, you'd need some way to randomly select judges to stop people getting a bunch of their friends to find an innocent person guilty, and to make sure those selected judges are active players or there won't be any responses. Still, no programming is 100% cheat-proof, so surely there's no harm in adding an extra layer of protection it if it's done properly, especially if it isn't likely to be needed too often.
  12. Brothers surprising Desktop

    Oh anonyme, I always thought higher of you, but looking down on EVE? Shame. Aside from clearly falling for the NMS hype, some good choices on there, extra points for Supreme Commander 2.
  13. too much grinding ?

    First off, to anyone against the soft cap, remember that in the original there was a hard cap, which would get you just under 3 boosters per year if you logged in every single day. Then you had to spend money which, incidentally, was something of the balancing factor between persons A and B above; B bought more BFP with the money they probably had from working more and playing less. Seems like a soft cap is the best way to go about it as things stand, most games have something similar to help keep players roughly level, whether it's rested XP bonus or first win of the day bonus or diminishing returns over time. Glad there is some consideration to those of us who would like to get involved in PvP without knowing we're miles behind the curve after a few days! Also remember that upgrades (gold) will still be totally grinadble, so if that's balanced well then you can get ahead there just the same as you could in the original.
  14. You're favorite type of deck

    Sha-a-a-dow! Nothing like blowing up your own stuff to get the job done. As a great general once said: "I threw wave after wave of my own men at them".
  15. ElementG's Battleforge Zergs

    Does second chance work on the cultist's bugs? I guess not, can't remember ever trying it though. That would get silly.