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  1. Archeon

    Faction symbols

    @Kaliber84 I was actually thinking about the post I made here a few days after making it, realising I didn't actually add anything constructive so had intended to do that, sorry! The reasons I say the Twilight one doesn't feel right in the line-up with your others to me is that the colours of the others match the orb colours where this one is coloured to match the units, and it also feels more 'chunky' - the others feel a lot more line based where I think all of the nobbly bits on the twilight one break that feel for it. I'm terrible with image creation though so can't offer much more than that I'm afraid!
  2. Archeon

    Closed Beta Applications

    I have been hanging around this project for 2-3 years contributing to the forum when I believe I have something worth contributing to a discussion worth having. I have some experience in betas of many other games but have only rarely found any bugs because let's face it, we like to play the game too and that part generally works fine by the time beta rolls out. I played BF from beta until maybe a year after the last expansion so am very familiar with the game, however I get maybe 10 hours per week to play games and I generally cannot give them my full attention for half of that time and while I do love BF, I want to play other things too. I have watched as almost all of the well known active members became beta testers and as some of them became less and less active. I too am less active and so despite a love of this game and a lot of experience messing around with card combinations etc I am a bad choice for a tester. I should not be selected, and if any of the above sounds like you, do the community a favour and allow someone in who will be more helpful to creating a working game that can be played by everyone sooner.
  3. Archeon

    Faction symbols

    That's strange, the Twilight one looks very ...Twilighty to me. What it doesn't quite do is have the same aesthetic as the other symbols, which I think would make it feel a bit out of place in the line-up.
  4. Archeon


    Wish granted, now they will only ask "when is open beta?" or "can I have a closed beta key?" or "why doesn't the the download work?" instead. I wish my baby would wake me up less than three times a night.
  5. Archeon


    I wish @Ragenarok had remembered to make a wish
  6. Archeon

    Important: Open Beta Status Announcement

    This has been suggested many times before but is not possible. Steam will only accept games from the owners of that game, any the Skylords team have no claims on BattleForge, only the 'permission' from EA to continue their reboot. 'Permission' being that EA have said that they won't take any action to stop the project and will allow the continued development.
  7. Archeon

    Important: Open Beta Status Announcement

    Indeed, I actually overlooked the part that I personally find most aggravating about that post because it could be a translation issue or it could just be styles of speech. I really, really hate it when people use terms like "pal", "buddy" or "mate" in posts that have a generally aggressive tone, it makes it sound far worse and gives particular connotations of the person doing it. So on the off-chance that you did think it was improving the tone of your post, I'm fairly sure there are a good number of people like me out there for whom it has the opposite effect.
  8. Archeon

    What was your favorite Card/Character?

    Oh hey, another "what's your favourite card?" topic. I was just thinking how we'd gone a week or so without a new one of those. ...where's @Ultrakool when you need him?
  9. Archeon

    Free Steam games [Humble Bundle + Steam]

    I paid for that! Admittedly I got it on the Steam winter sale for about £4 but I still paid for that! :sadface:
  10. Archeon

    Important: Open Beta Status Announcement

    Ok, I admit to only having ready about 2/3 of the post because walloftext That said, I'd still call it more of an impassioned speech than pure insult slinging.
  11. So you can play BattleForge again and you'll ...go outside to play? Old school, I like it!
  12. Archeon

    Important: Open Beta Status Announcement

    @Cocofang Thank you for bringing a topic worth discussing to this place! There will always be some polarity within a community, and friction between avid fans and nay-sayers but it's true that this doesn't usually extend to include dev teams. I understand that it is frustrating to be doubted and that it can be difficult to rise above that, but it really is what must be done when you are leading a community. The role as devs/mods/any other position of power is to ensure the success of the game, which is best done by creating a good atmosphere and welcoming everyone into the fold. Ok, not everyone, there are people who take things too far and whom the majority of the community would not want to see 'welcomed' but these are exceptional cases, not simply people who question things. Trolls and others who are here to destroy the experience can (should be?) excluded, but others should be brought on board and the best way to do that is to keep heads down, carry on with the job and prove your work to them. At the end of the day, tensions are high on all sides right now: devs are tired of being questioned, a lot of the community are sick of hearing "open beta when?", and the people desperate for open beta are exhausted from the cycles of hype and disappointment. We all need to get along here and it is everybody's job to try to make that happen. Fortunately, I do think that @Cocofang is wrong on one count, I don't believe that there is an "us vs them" culture here, or indeed close by. It is, however, something we need to be aware of because at times like this it's a slippery slope into it. As for the second point, that is a much more real issue (or as real an issue as the colour of a dot below your forum avatar can be - #1stworldproblems) as demonstrated nicely by the posts of @LeSighduck and @Cocofang above. Both perfectly well made posts expressing valid opinions in a non-inflammatory way, but both downvoted because they aren't positive. To me a discussion forum should be for exactly that, discussion. And discussions are really, really dull when everybody agrees with one another.
  13. Archeon

    New Element/faction in the game!!!

    Nope, that's Legendary - ooh, maybe a 'fix' to it would be to make it actually Amii and require a nature and shadow orb? Probably just have everyone playing Amii in PvE then though
  14. Archeon

    Spring Cleaning of Forum & Announcment Section

    I was with Ultrakool until you brought this up. It's true, most users are the same users who can't spot the massive answer to the question they are typing into a chatbox mere centimeters below it. You mods should absolutely go out of your way to accommodate this level of stupidity*. *even I can't decide whether I'm being sarcastic here or not, sorry.
  15. Archeon

    How Should new Cards be Introduced?

    I fully agree with this sentiment, please make sure new cards are very carefully considered if they must be added.

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