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  1. I feel like you need to turn this comment into a whole thread on the forum because many non-speedrunners fail to realise that you can't just reach the top without any knowledge. I myself can admit that I lack some knowledge of the game( both map-wise and card-wise) but I atleast have basic idea of how most maps can be done on expert and that knowledge I gained mainly by the simple "trial and error" technique to find MY style of deck for the map I am trying to complete. I strongly support speedrunning though, because I have seen what it looks like, I have experienced certain speedruns, I have p
  2. Yee, nice addition, Lebo!
  3. Problem with the soundtrack on spotify is that it is missing some of the tracks ingame and also does not have the tense versions of all tracks. I am looking for a Fire song that starts super energetically and I am still unable to find it.
  4. Huge shoutout for the strat! I did the run twice and honestly, if you know that your teammate wont handle it all, you can ask them to give you their monument for a few seconds so you can build amii, then give it back to them. That way you can get t3 and you can build swamp drakes for attack and necroblasters for deff. Then after that, it gets easier.
  5. Well the opposite goes for me. I would much prefer to get all rewards in PvE than being forced to play PvP
  6. I am sorry devs but my hope is dead now as well as my hype. I think that giving any release dates was a big mistake in the first place. Everyday I come back home and hope for some good news related to the game. I wanted to play it now because in a few weeks I won't have any time to do so. From then on I won't have time to even sit on my PC probably. I really wanted to play and was hopeful but...guess it was not meant to be...
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