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  1. NAME: I Win Auction Bids on Long Timer AutomaticallySEVERITY: 3LOCATION: Auction House / EmailREPRODUCIBILITY: 4 Times in a RowDESCRIPTION: I've been biding on 3bfp cards for a few days now. Today I bid on 4 cards on a Long timer and I won the auctions automatically... As if it was a buyout. I did not missclick as the email said "You won the Auction". So did the body of the email. So it was definitely a bug. Not game breaking but pretty bad for the seller.
  2. Oh thats interesting, still it isnt the one I picked. And I experienced it on the official one, 2 nights ago...
  3. SERVER: Launcher Kubik Server NAME: Crash on caracter creation, reloged with random avatar SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: (End of) Caracter creation, last step. REPRODUCIBILITY: Could not reporduce as each player can only do this once. DESCRIPTION: I logged in for the first time and had to pick a caracter name and avatar. I choose as normal and also ticked the box for the tutorial tips. Then I clicked the continue/finish button and after a few secs of freeze it crashed me. When I reloged I didnt have to go through the caracter creation and it loged me directly into the forge. My caracter name was
  4. Whats your name? For my "professional name" I played around with my real name... (might not be the greatest name ever, but works and is unique) To be honest the Qon at the end is cool, maybe change the Def part (sounds so wrong to say that lol) Example: J from my name... Jota is how we pronouce it in Portuguese, I just added a few H's.. Jothah
  5. 2254 how come this is almost at 2500?
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