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    Coding, Traveling, Gaming, Music, Ladies. What else matters really? :)

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  1. NAME: I Win Auction Bids on Long Timer AutomaticallySEVERITY: 3LOCATION: Auction House / EmailREPRODUCIBILITY: 4 Times in a RowDESCRIPTION: I've been biding on 3bfp cards for a few days now. Today I bid on 4 cards on a Long timer and I won the auctions automatically... As if it was a buyout. I did not missclick as the email said "You won the Auction". So did the body of the email. So it was definitely a bug. Not game breaking but pretty bad for the seller.
  2. Jothah

    New ingame Chat idea

    I think theres more important stuff to do, is what they'll say
  3. Jothah

    Closed Beta Applications

    Uh fancy stuffs! Well here I go: I have exams until June 24th, so until then my free time to stress test would be very finite. Starting June 25th until end of July feel free to hit me up any time! I know the ins and outs of the game, I was there on week one and was also there on the last week. I know all old tricks, all bugs that remained on the old game and am very likely one of the last remaining hardcore players. I also know how to code (studied programing in highschool and am getting into computer engeneering this fall) and logic is my swiming pool, something that would be handy when theres a bug and the person experiencing it needs to explain it to the devs. I go by London/Lisbon time and my squedule will become very very flexible starting June 25th... So thats that. My experience with BattleForge was hum, PvE Loremaster (3rd to max rank) and PvP Hero or Patriark (wasnt really into PvP by the end, but Im certain I was Diamond rank when the game closed). Not bad for a kid that learned english by playing this game I'd say. My Discord user: Jothah#2282 See you in the forge, be it in close or open beta Quick edit: I realised people are talking a bit about what they do... Hi, I'm John from Portugal, I'm 22 years old and I've lived and studied in the UK. The rest I already mentioned. Cya
  4. Jothah

    Skylords Reborn Soundtracks

    Wow was not expecting someone in an orchestra to be interested! That is great news I completly agree with the 3 potencial problems you brought up, even though the 2nd isnt much of a problem since I was told it was a good idea from the devs themselves. My idea for this potencial project is to understand the BF style and give it a change of flavor so that (if new maps and lore are added) SR style music could be born... But still trying to make justice to the originals. Does this make any sence to you? I loved the track you sent, I use Flat.io myself as it is free and easy to get. But I'd be more then happy to learn and use Noteflight. Do you have discord? I have a group for this project, I'd be happy to have you there Hey, thx for the reply! Great stuff, I added you on discord
  5. Jothah

    Skylords Reborn Soundtracks

    I have a discord channel for the group, are you sure you don't want to create an account? Its so easy and you dont even have to download the file, you can just use the website Its the best way I have so far of sharing the files and ideas with the team
  6. Jothah

    Skylords Reborn Soundtracks

    Hello! Thx for the reply! Send me your discord username, or add me there
  7. Jothah

    Amii cards and Fire/Blue

    Steampunk style faction! The 3+ color combinations sound really cool! And maybe even add new colors.. Like "light" to counter "shadow" or something like that... Why stay on 4 orb colors? (Rainbow power lol)
  8. Jothah

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #2

    May the odds be always in our favor
  9. Jothah

    New Artist Name

    Whats your name? For my "professional name" I played around with my real name... (might not be the greatest name ever, but works and is unique) To be honest the Qon at the end is cool, maybe change the Def part (sounds so wrong to say that lol) Example: J from my name... Jota is how we pronouce it in Portuguese, I just added a few H's.. Jothah
  10. Jothah

    Skylords Reborn Soundtracks

    Hey! Thanks for the reply. Hit me up on discord: Jothah#2282 Lets chat
  11. Jothah

    Hardreset after Beta

    Never heard theres 2 phases of open beta. My bad for wrong info then...
  12. Jothah

    Hardreset after Beta

    they said it might not be needed... but even if it is, thats just how betas work
  13. Jothah

    The legendary forum game "count"

    2254 how come this is almost at 2500?
  14. Jothah

    Skylords Reborn Soundtracks

    Thanks for the reply! You can always share this with your BF friends maybe one of them might be interested! See you in the Forge
  15. Jothah

    Skylords Reborn Soundtracks

    Do you have any tracks you've made? Add me on discord JfPegasus#2282

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