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  1. Iam on discord, and even there is like 0 progress infos, updates have basically no changelog and so on, earlier under fiki we had somehow progress bars atleast, which kept the hope alive. My mates dont use discord for several reasons. How should I know about the forum or the discord, when I cant find anything about Skylords outside of it? Makes no sense to me. Like I said there are 0 infos on when or even if the reset will happen, lots of people already stopped testing because of that.
  2. Most people lost interest since there are almost 0 infos given. Also all Social Media Accounts are dead since Stress Test start. You cant reach players by hiding. The rumors about the reset dont help aswell.
  3. I sometimes also get problems with changing something there, 1/10 I get a crash to desktop, but its very hard to reproduce, also it doesnt care which option is changed.
  4. I had the problem yesterday still , only relog unlocks the next map.
  5. Its a big improvement, nethertheless I would make the skylords Text brighter and the top part with the shadow monsters wider, seems like cut out otherwise
  6. I played like 5 maps now, all crashed. Seems like some still counting as a win, since I made some gold. 1 Map had a blackscreen at the end ( after clicking ok on the win message ) which took some minutes and finally went to the forge. If I lose, everything is working fine.
  7. 88 and Iam german , what a coincidence.
  8. NAME: changing audio device while ingame crashes game when you try to exit SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: Exit screen/message when you click yes REPRODUCIBILITY: ALWAYS for me DESCRIPTION: Every time I plug my headset out and my speakers in ( also the other way ) while Iam ingame causes the game to crash when I try to exit the game. I need to exit since I dont get any game sounds otherwise. Game is getting a grey screen and hides all programs behind it. SCREENSHOT: - ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: -
  9. today, beta access as birthday gift is so nice
  10. I thought I did this already, Eastern germany Here:)
  11. 8114 Profile views you really should stream for the devs :D

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    2. WaterMelonLord


      well you are more courageous than me then ;) 


    3. chargeR


      but you cant see them, its only a number on stream :P


    4. Kiwi


      Maybe, I'll stream with some of the others during Beta testing, just depends if I am working or not when they stream. :P

  12. Hey iam chargeR (Marcel), fkin 25 years old and still addicted to this game. Didnt realised at the beginning how addicted I was, found the game when I bought a Sapphire HD 4890 VaporX Graphics Card, got a free key for full game and 3000bfp with the card. Barely played it, with a lot of months between my active states. 2 years b4 closing my best mate s0ul also started and from there we playd like 6 months together and also achived some top 20 2on2 time, but dropped it again after hearing of the dieing game. Now Iam back ( watching the forum since day 1, registered later) and waiting
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