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  1. chargeR

    What is the real progress of skylord reborn?

    Guys just be a bit more patiend. @fiki574 and the other devs doin everything in their freetime, and there is progress.
  2. I sometimes also get problems with changing something there, 1/10 I get a crash to desktop, but its very hard to reproduce, also it doesnt care which option is changed.
  3. chargeR

    Homepage refresh

    You guys only looking for your side of view. Imagine an old battleforge player who Googles the game and found the dead Homepage. Yes he wont most likely join the forums. And he wont play because he dont know its still in progress. But this project needs every single player to stay alive later.
  4. chargeR

    Homepage refresh

    Its not about the missing pictures and buttons, its just not up to date. People mostly dont check the forum vor devplattform buttons and think that the project is dead.
  5. chargeR

    Battle Forge Point DvD

    @GenetixX they are pretty much worthless, you could hold one for nostalgia, but game will be completely f2p.
  6. chargeR


    @Phoenix313 i kinda disagree. There are a lot of lurkers Here, for example the last streams had around 150-250 people watching and they were announced just a couple of days before. Also a lot of people in facebook (other social Plattform aswell) are waiting till this project will be released, and, if they manage to advertise it with YouTube and mmo sites, there will be a rush in the beginning, which will probably be stabilizied later. My guess is a daily base of 1000-2000 people, keep in Mind its now full f2p, that will even bring more people into the game. Also keep the
  7. Its a big improvement, nethertheless I would make the skylords Text brighter and the top part with the shadow monsters wider, seems like cut out otherwise
  8. chargeR

    Client Download

    Pre-download has nothing to do with pre-access. I think it wouldnt be a big deal to announce a release date (when its known obviously) and make the files accessable like 3 days before. Would be a nice move since one of my friends has only a limited data Volume, would appreciate that.
  9. chargeR

    Send me Replays

    Dies anyone still have this tool? I would give it a try ..
  10. chargeR

    Send me Replays

    Does this help to play old replays that arent compatible with the current version?
  11. chargeR

    Send me Replays

    So older replays are lost?
  12. chargeR

    Send me Replays

    @Eirias Are you able to play older replays?
  13. chargeR


    Wasnt there already a thread about changing the forge with the Sandbox map?
  14. chargeR

    What hypes you the most about BF?

    Nukin people with nexus Portal, let Them rage and quit and win map then
  15. chargeR

    English Grammar Test

    88 and Iam german , what a coincidence.

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