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  1. Name: Bandit Dancer Tier & Orbs: Tier 2 Shadow Fire Type: Unit (1 medium unit) Power: 70 Hit points and Size: 900 M size Attack value and Type: 350 type Ranged Passive Abilities: Inspiring Life Stealer: Increase the effect of Life Stealer by 10% to friendly minions. This is an decent option if you want more sustain for your Bandit deck. I wanted to create a unit that heals your bandit card without going off theme for the tribe. The stats are based around Banditos but just more focused on the Hp. Name: Death Sorcerer Tier & Orbs: Tier 3 Shadow Shadow Any Type: Unit Medium size Power: 60 Hit points and Size: 700 M size Attack value and Type: 800 type Ranged Active Abilities: Deny Death: Channel a beam of undeath to prevent a friendly minion from dying. I think this card may have a few interesting uses, protect an important minion in the front, prolong how long Revenent's Doom, frenzy last and protect your unit from other effects that may kill your unit (both your and the opponent) (note the targeted unit can still take damage just not get bellow 1 hp) I was thinking about making this an 2 shadow card but i felt that it may be a little dangerous to give Shadow protection (Mostly because of Frenzy). Good Luck Everyone hope I did it right this time and I'm not late
  2. Zelda, wow, supreme commader faf, age of mythology, divinity original sin, hearthstone, warcraft 3 and warframe. Like more or less all games but these are my favorites.
  3. Probably Ganondorf from ocarina of time or handsome jack from borderlands 2. ow sry for the big pictures
  4. [quote='fatalis' pid='9805' dateline='1437944789'] [quote='xsimon113' pid='9528' dateline='1437846793'] 1.Rosario vampire 2.Campione 3.Elfen lied [/quote] You are watching only ecchi?:D btw Campion is a good choice xd [/quote] not only I also like animes like Deadman Wonderland and shakugan no shana. But I mostle read manga. (Have read 410 diffrent manga)[color=#212121][size=medium][font=Helvetica, Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, sans-serif] :) [/font][/size][/color]
  5. 1.Rosario vampire 2.Campione 3.Elfen lied
  6. Will look forward to when BattleForge starts again, but it would surprise me if EA did not try to close this project.
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